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New Years Eve in San Jose

We’re hanging out at Yoshi’s parents place right now. Yoshi is playing around online while watching sports in the living room. Yoshi’s dad just finished cooking crabs. Yoshi’s mom is making all kinds of foods for tomorrow’s shogatsu/osechi. (Yes, I’m going to go help in a bit!) I’m working right now to make up some hours from when I went to have a long lunch in Half Moon Bay.

Earlier today, we drove out to Half Moon Bay to go pick up thirteen fresh crabs off a boat! (Last year we went and there were no crabs to be found. We ended up having to settle for store-bought crabs.) While we were there, we had lunch at Ketch Joanne Restaurant and Harbor Bar (now a New Years Eve tradition for us).

Last year, we spent New Year’s Eve in SF with friends, which was wonderful. We stayed at the Kabuki Hotel in J-town, so they were piping in NHK on the TV. I’m totally disappointed right now because we searched the DirecTV listings here in SJ, and there is no Kohaku to watch! Wah!

Anyway, since I had to work today, we drove up to San Jose last night and planned to hang out at Yoshi’s parents place so I could work in their office. I’ve been pretty good for most of the day, except for the times where I have been distracted by food. Once by our trip to Half Moon Bay. Then later on in the early evening when we all got hungry again and Yoshi and I went to Super Taqueria (on our friend TM’s urging) to bring some snacks home. [Side story: Late last night, I was IMing TM and told him we were in San Jose and he would not stop bugging me about how I had to go to Super Taqueria at some point in my trip. Then he told me I had to join the I LOVE SUPER TAQUERIA!!!!! Facebook group, which I did. And then he made me an Officer of the group, even though I hadn’t been there yet. Anyway, I am happy to report that I am no longer a Super Taqueria virgin as we had the carne asada Super Taco, carnitas Super Burrito, and chicken quesadilla on flour tortilla. All we were yummy!]

Here’s a picture of me with our take-out Super Taqueria food.
Joz holds the take-out Super Taqueria food.

Here’s a picture of me being a freak with our take-out Super Taqueria food.
Joz holds the take-out Super Taqueria food while being a freak

Oh, and since I can’t watch Kohaku on TV, Yoshi was nice enough to search YouTube for a clip. Here’s Jero (African-American Enka singer!) on Kohaku:

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