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Racist Camera strikes again… and last day to voteCPAF.org

So the infamous Racist Camera picture is in the news today, thanks to an interview I did with Time Magazine. The story was also featured on the front page of Yahoo and is making the twitter/Facebook/digg/etc rounds again. Margaret Cho read the article and made a more serious post on her blog.

And most importantly, I gave Moye an exclusive interview and she posted it in on 8Asians.com!!!

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of the piece from Time.com

2010-01-22 - Time Magazine - Joz - Racist Camera lede

For all the people who didn’t receive the memo–
I DO NOT ACTUALLY THINK THE CAMERA IS RACIST! I DO NOT ACTUALLY THINK NIKON IS A RACIST COMPANY! < ---- LOOK AT THIS! But whatever, if I've actually gained any traffic today, then I will put it toward a good cause. Today is the last day of the Facebook/Chase Community Giving campaign & I would encourage you to please take 10 seconds to vote for the Center for the Pacific Asian Family at voteCPAF.org! If my asking you nicely to vote doesn't convince you, what about if Kim Jong-Il makes the request?!


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