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A Typical Sunday Night with Joz & Yoshi (Text Message Version)

Text Message Exchange Between Joz & Yoshi from 2/12/2012.

Mind you, we were both sitting at our desks, which are in the same room about 5 feet apart from each other, yet we were still texting each other.

Me: Do you like Cheetos? 9:28 PM
Yoshi: what? why? 9:31 PM
Me: I think it’s a simple question. 9:32 PM
Me: Do you? 9:35 PM
Yoshi: yes. what’s not to like about crunchy, salty, cheesy, carb-laden, fluorescent orange “food”? 9:39 PM
Me: Okay! Heads up! 9:40 PM

*I launch a snack sized bag of Cheetos in Yoshi’s direction*

Me: hahaha 9:40 PM
Yoshi: at least you didn’t manage to make it land on my head. you need to work on your aim. 9:42 PM
Me: I was NOT aiming for your head! 9:45 PM
Yoshi: just how am i supposed to categorize admission into a strip club on [a bookkeeping client’s] taxes? 9:59 PM
Yoshi: thanky for the cheetos 10:40 PM

Also, that second to last line proves that I do not have the most absurd life around here.

PS – Happy birthday, Yoshi! I LOVE YOU!!!

Why NOVA continues to be my favorite TV program after all these years…

…awesome stuff like tonight’s new episode: Hubble’s Amazing Rescue.

Yoshi calls me a nerd because I love NOVA so much, but I don’t care. Science is cool! (So is PBS!)


Hunny, did you think I would forget??!?! NO WAY!!!
It’s Yoshi’s birthday! I get to give birthday kisses to my Hunny!

Click for a BIGGER BIRTHDAY kiss!

Check it out!!! I’ve got my party hat all ready to go! Whoo!

Come celebrate this special day with jozjozjoz & yoshi by making your own birthday hat with this handy, dandy template!

Make your own birthday hat to wear for Yoshi's birthday!

Your pictures with a proper celebratory hat are welcome!

(Thanks in advance to the Blue’s Clues people for not suing me or sending me a cease & desist because I “borrowed” your silly little template for a birthday hat. Thanks also to Tak for helping a crazy, sleep-deprived chick named jozjozjoz!)

Are you feeling a bit of deja vu? That’s because I “recycled” this post from the past.

I consider it a blessing for good things to return year after year. So Yoshi just has to put up with this silly picture, yet again. :)

To the return of all good things!

I love you, Hunny!

Yay we’re home!

Since Yoshi is (still) sick, I not only drove the whole way up north earlier in the week, but I also drove the whole way home.

There is one part of the drive I don’t like to drive, but Yoshi wasn’t feeling well, so I just did it all.

I was really, really strung out during the drive down the 5, though. It was pretty crowded as there was traffic throughout and people drive like asshats.

Save for the spontaneous trip to Wal-Mart in Gilroy to get Yoshi some meds, our trip was pretty uneventful until after we got up and over the Grapevine. I’d been driving for 5 hours and we were only about 35 minutes away from home.

I was in the fast lane, but for some retarded reason, the two cars ahead of me kept hitting their brakes, slowing down to 20 mph on the freeway as the other lanes of traffic kept passing us by.

I wanted to change lanes and because I was getting stressed out and wasn’t sure if I was seeing traffic clearly in the dark, I asked Yoshi, “Can I change lanes?”

Yoshi said, “Yes,” but then I saw a car barreling down the lane I was about to change into, so I didn’t go.

What I couldn’t tell was that the car had seen me signaling and slowed down to let me in.

But I was still hesitant since the two idiots in the fast lane were still driving really slow.

“GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Yoshi yelled at me.

I was startled but then I decided that Yoshi wouldn’t tell me to go unless the coast was clear and I changed lanes.

“I couldn’t see!” I cried out. “I’m sorry! Your head was in the way and that car was barreling down and I couldn’t see the car around your head!”

And then I burst into tears.

“Don’t be mean! Don’t yell at me while I’m driving! I’m tired! I don’t want to drive anymore! I hate this! This sucks! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!”

And then the tears started streaming down my face because I was tired and I was being such a freakin’ girl for crying because Yoshi wasn’t really being mean, but just the usual cranky Yoshi… except a just little more cranky than usual because Yoshi is sick.

Yoshi was like, “Oh no! Don’t cry! I’m sorry I was mean! Do you want me to drive now?”

And I was like “No, we’re almost home. I can make it home.”

So then Yoshi left me alone and I cried while driving for another five minutes and then was better when one of my favorite Erasure songs came up on the iPod.

Sheesh. Sometimes I am such a girl. At least I’m allowed to blame it on hormones, right?!

PS – Do you like how I refrained from naming this post “How Yoshi made me cry while I was driving?”

PPS – At least the weather was nice and we did not have a repeat of the “black ice disagreement”. (Here was Yoshi’s take on the same drive home.)

Oh right. I have a thing called a blog and I’m supposed to update it once in a while…

Last week, all week during the day: Working at New Business Client ,U guess the company.

Last week, Tuesday, 9/16: Dinner in California Roll & Sushi with GP

Last week, Wednesday, 9/17: Dinner at Surya with my cousin TJ2. He gave me a belated graduation present! A limited edition 8GB 4th generation iPod nano! Whoo!

Last week, Thursday, 9/18: Dinner at Larchmont Grill with Yoshi, Sharky & Doetzi. Dessert at Crumbs and Pinkberry on Larchmont. (Bittersweet news… Sharky & Doetzi are moving to Baltimore… but Doetzi has a new kick ass position waiting for her out there)

Last week, Friday, 9/19: Supposed to go to our friend Liz’s going away party at her place in Hollywood. Liz is moving to NYC. But Yoshi was having a major allergy attack, we stayed home instead

Last weekend, Saturday, 9/20: Family stuff most of the day. Final chanting service for my Grandma. Also was the 8th anniversary of the passing of my Grandpa’s sister. Visited the resting places for both Grandmas, Grandpa, Dad and other family members, including my cousin LL’s Grandma.

Last weekend, Sunday, 9/21: Worked at the auction house for their Natural History Sale. Sunday night: I can’t remember. Oh I remember now… date night with Yoshi! Shopping, dinner, and a movie at the Century City Mall. Movie seen: Burn After Reading. George Clooney is the yum, but Brad Pitt steals the show.

Monday, 9/22: “Food, fun, ‘fros, and farewell to Liz!” party at our place. Since we didn’t get to see Lizzy off on Friday, we had some folks over for a smaller get together. And since Liz is the lovely lady who keeps my locks in check, she gave me and teebubble haircuts after dinner and while the rest of the group was Rockbanding. (Hence, the “‘fros” part of the event title… I tried to find a more appropriate “F” word for hair… but came up empty. But I win at the alliteration!)

What do you think of my new haircut?
Attempting to take a better picture of my new haircut

I took a different picture last night, but I didn’t like it that much.

Today, 9/23: Speakeasy Night at the Edison in Downtown LA. Organized by the fabulous Caroline on Crack, and accompanied by the effervescent Moye of Chopstix, 8Asians and fame. Also in attendance, the ever-awesome Tony Pierce, the lovely Travis Koplow, the ecofriendly Siel, DigLounge, Marni, Tobi, Fiona, Sam, Sarah, Esther, and a bunch of other people I’m going to have to look up when I get a moment. Vintage cocktail: English Afterthought ($14!). And tonight was a special night… cabaret something or other was happening.

Whew! There’s a round up of as many blogworthy things I can remember.

See? I’ve been busy! That’s why my blog has been neglected for so long…

Fan Death: South Korean Urban Legend or Scary, Scary Way You Could Possibly Die in Your Sleep?

Beware of South Korean Fan Death!
Maybe it’s because neither Yoshi nor I are of Korean descent and therefore immune to this awful, awful way of suffocating, being poisoned, or dying of hypothermia during our sleep, but right now I am counting my blessings.

I confess… I didn’t realize that we had been engaging in something so life threatening… sleeping with a fan on in an enclosed room. That’s right… all these years, we’ve been at risk of South Korean Fan Death!

Did you know that an electric fan can create a vortex, which sucks the oxygen from an enclosed and sealed room and create a partial vacuum inside? An electric fan chops up all the oxygen particles in the air leaving none to breathe. You might say, “Oh no, Joz. That violates conservation of matter, since indoor fans are not powerful enough to change the air pressure by any significant amount.” But CONSERVATION OF MATTER BE DAMNED! This is scary shit, yo! And the Koreans have brilliantly found a way to prevent Fan Death… a timing mechanism to turn fans off automatically before this happens.

Now, before we go any further, I remember sleeping in my enclosed room as a kid with a Taiwanese fan with a timer. My parents always told me to use the timer function so the fan would shut off at night. I always thought it was because they wanted to conserve energy and because they didn’t want to have to get up in the middle of the night to turn the fan off in my room, but maybe the Taiwanese were less informed about the dangers of Fan Death. Or maybe my parents didn’t want to scare me.

Regardless, I always loved the timer of my because I remember I would indeed get cold if I left it on all night. So maybe the Koreans know something I didn’t know then about how fans contribute to hypothermia (abnormally low body temperature). They say that a fan is left on all night in a sealed and enclosed room, it will lower the temperature of the room to the point that it can cause hypothermia. Maybe that’s because South Korean government cares more about its people than does ours; I’ve never heard of any U.S. government-issued warnings about this!

The Korea Consumer Protection Board (KCPB), a South Korean government-funded public agency, issued a consumer safety alert in 2006 warning that “asphyxiation from electric fans and air conditioners” was among South Korea’s five most common seasonal summer accidents or injuries, according to data they collected. According to the KCPB:

“If bodies are exposed to electric fans or air conditioners for too long, it causes bodies to lose water and [causes] hypothermia. If directly in contact with [air current from] a fan, this could lead to death from [the] increase of carbon dioxide saturation concentration and decrease of oxygen concentration. The risks are higher for the elderly and patients with respiratory problems. From 2003 [to] 2005, a total of 20 cases were reported through the CISS involving asphyxiations caused by leaving electric fans and air conditioners on while sleeping. To prevent asphyxiation, timers should be set, wind direction should be rotated and doors should be left open.”

SEE?!?!?! They warn their consumers that using a fan in a sealed room could also contribute to prolonged asphyxiation due to environmental oxygen displacement or carbon dioxide intoxication!

Damn those electric fans are tricky! So many different ways it could kill us in our sleep!

“Oh, but Joz…” you say. “This is ridiculous. I’ve never heard of anything like this every being reported.”

Well, maybe that’s because your sources of information might be too limited and excludes South Korean mainstream news. Fan death is accepted by many Korean medical professionals and in summer, mainstream Korean news sources regularly report on cases of fan death.

For instance, the July 28, 1997 edition of the Korea Herald, an English-language newspaper reported:

The heat wave which has encompassed Korea for about a week, has generated various heat-related accidents and deaths. At least 10 people died from the effects of electric fans which can remove oxygen from the air and lower body temperatures…

On Friday in eastern Seoul, a 16-year-old girl died from suffocation after she fell asleep in her room with an electric fan in motion. The death toll from fan-related incidents reached 10 during the past week. Medical experts say that this type of death occurs when one is exposed to electric fan breezes for long hours in a sealed area. “Excessive exposure to such a condition lowers one’s temperature and hampers blood circulation. And it eventually leads to the paralysis of heart and lungs,” says a medical expert.

“To prevent such an accident, one should keep the windows open and not expose oneself directly to fan air,” he advised.

Now, to be fair, this phenomenon is virtually unheard of outside of Korea. Locals claim Koreans are uniquely vulnerable due to a peculiarity either of their own physiology or of Korean fans. Maybe that’s why only Korean fans come with this warning:

Korean Fan Death Warning!

Lucky for us, we have cheated death in a several of ways… not only are we not Korean and none of our fans are made in Korea (yay for Made in China, for once!), we also now have a window fan which blows outside air in!

Now I can say that blogging has officially (potentially) saved our lives since my friend Chris posted about this, warning me about the dangers of Fan Death. In his words, “God only knows how many times I have very narrowly escaped those hungry jaws of death that circulate air through my hot bedroom on summer nights. Just think, if I had closed my window before going to sleep, I wouldn’t be here posting this today! I count myself blessed. Shudder to think of the horrible deaths others have endured when their friendly household fan ‘chops up all the oxygen particles in the air leaving none to breathe’–how horrible!”

Yes, indeed, Chris. I feel what you’re feeling right now.

So in the spirit of paying it forward, I’d like to take this moment to remind you, BEWARE OF THE DEATH FAN!

And now you know. And knowing is half the battle.*

*Hmm, inappropriate to reference GI Joe? Oh well.

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More Mom time

My Mom had an appointment nearby this afternoon and I invited her over when she finished up. I was working from home, and I was still working when she got here, so I told her she needed to leave me alone (not talk to me while I was on the computer) until I was done with what I was working on.

She went outside to water the lawn and the neighbor’s garden instead. When she came back inside, I was just about wrapping up work for the day and she had something round and dirty in her hand.

“I found a quarter!” she exclaimed. “Your neighbor came home and thanked me for watering the garden because she hadn’t done it in so long… and then I found a quarter!”*

Then she looked at the muddy thing in her hand and she handed it over to Yoshi asking, “Is this a quarter?”


(Yes, it was a quarter… Mom is up 25 cents!)

Mom and I hit the road to run a couple of errands… one in K-Town and then I convinced to come with me to check out the (somewhat) new Fresh & Easy neighborhood market in Hollywood with me. I had a $5 off a $20 purchase coupon that was expiring, so I thought I should go and check it out. The store is located just down the street from Hollywood & Highland and at 7pm, there was still a ton of traffic on the roads and it was a pain to get there.

The store itself was certainly clean: items were fresh and it was easy. But everything seemed pricey; I couldn’t bring myself to spend more than $1 on a small bunch of green onions when I am used to paying a dime or a quarter for a bunch at the Asian supermarket. My Mom said she didn’t need anything, so I said, “Let’s spend $20 on junk food!” which she agreed with surprisingly quickly.

We ended up buying boysenberry granola (mine… shut up, Efren! I haven’t had granola in ages!), blue tortilla chips (mom’s), peach flavored gummy candy (mine), white tortilla chips (mom’s), chocolate covered espresso beans (mine), a loaf of bread (mom’s), and a can of chili (mine, for yoshi). As I scanned the items (self-check out — which scared my Mom because she’d never done self check-out before), I realized the total was shy of $20… we needed to spend two more dollars to use the $5 coupon! I sent my Mom off to spend $2 more… she came back with ANOTHER bag of white tortilla chips for me.

Bingo! Total before coupon: $20.56! Final total: $15.56!

As we were leaving the store, I went to go validate the parking ticket. Except I accidentally stuck the ticket in twice (punched twice) so the validation wasn’t going to scan properly. The Fresh & Easy guy I talked to (boy, that makes him sound really slutty) said, “Oh don’t worry about that. Just show the parking attendant on your way out.” So we headed to the elevator to go down to the parking level our car was parked. My Mom was pushing the cart of junk food and as the elevator doors opened, she started pushing the cart into the elevator ahead of me but stopped abruptly when the girl inside started screaming. My Mom shrieked and jumped backwards into me.

“What happened?” I asked.

My Mom looked back into the elevator where a really loud-talking oblivious girl was yelling into her cell phone. “The girl startled me. I thought she was yelling AT ME.”

We got into the elevator when we realized the girl was just having an incredibly loud and obnoxious conversation on her cell phone. (I wonder if it occurred to her that the reason the person on the other line couldn’t hear her was because SHE WAS IN AN ELEVATOR AND GOING DOWN 3 STORIES TO UNDERGROUND PARKING?!) The girl continued her conversation (loudly and obliviously) until she walked out of the elevator on the same level we were parked.

“My heart is still beating so fast. That girl scared me!” Mom repeated.

I started insulting the girl in Chinese under my breath until my Mom gave me a look to stop it.

At the parking lot entrance, my f-ed up parking ticket wasn’t scanning properly (as predicted). The parking attendant was not amused and threatened to make me pay $6 for parking (we are supposed to get 1 hour of parking validated). No! That would negate my $5 coupon! So I asked him nicely if he could let me out since you could see the validation stamp. He debated for a second and saw the line of cars getting longer behind mine and said, “OK,” as he filled out a sheet of paper and used his super-secret letting people out card to lift the gate. Whoo hoo!

Anyway, we went back to my place after that and Yoshi was home visiting with our friend T. Mom had to hit the road, so after walking her out, I had a quick dinner and hung out with Yoshi and T for the rest of the evening.

A couple of days ago, Bossdude had said that he couldn’t write about his life in such detail (in reference to my Memorial Day post). I’m pretty sure the implication was, “OMG, Joz, how can you write about your inane life in such mind-numbingly boring detail?!”

Maybe because my life is so damn boring now that this is as exciting as it gets?

*Mandarin is in italics

Joz has a new pair of shoes!

Wow. Joz’s life must be extremely dull for her to be blogging about a new pair of shoes!


Yup, dull!

Anyway, I am going to be going on a trip at the end of June where I will be doing a lot of walking. The last time I spent good money on good walking shoes was back in early 2006 for our trip to Italy.

Over Memorial Day weekend, when we went to the mall to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, we also swung by the Walking Store so Yoshi could check out shoes. Yoshi didn’t find anything, but funny how I ended up spending $100 on a new pair of shoes for myself!

Check them out: Women’s Merrell Plaza Bandeau

They’re a little ugly, but they are super-duper comfy! They are casual enough that I can walk in them while sightseeing, but not so casual that I couldn’t wear them for a “dressier” occasion.

Sadly, I still won’t get rid of my Munro walking shoes that I bought in 2006 even though I did get a lot of use out of them. Since they’re made of really nice leather, I am convinced that if I get a nice shoe shine they’ll be ok again.


Do you want to guess where we’re headed this summer?

Didn’t do anything. Brain turning into mush.


I should never “do nothing” for too long because a weekend of doing nothing has my head feeling like writing a blog post is heavy lifting. Sad.

I didn’t go to the gym today (wasn’t planning to), but I will be there tomorrow. This “going to the gym” thing is scary. Who am I and what happened to the lazy-assed Joz we all know and love?

I got through almost the whole day without Guitar Hero until I broke down at around 6pm and played for like 40 minutes. But my hand is still all cramped up for all the GH from yesterday, so I was sucking royally and got yelled at by Yoshi to “STOP PLAYING!!! STOOOOPPPP!!!” I took the hint and stopped.

I screwed around online for a while today. I had Facebook scrape my entire Outlook contact list and added about 50 people on Facebook at one shot. They’ve been “approving the adds” all day. Yikes.

What else?


Ok, I’ll turn my caps lock off now, but YEAH! I’M EXCITED! (Oops. It’s going off now, I mean it this time.)

Thanks to EB for securing the tickets… so EB, Yoshi, my Bro, and I will be heading to the Alamo next weekend to cheer on my boys from Westwood. Yee haw! None of us have ever been to the Final Four and who knows if we’ll ever go again, so this is exciting even though all this travel is taking a huge chunk out of my bank account.

Yoshi is a HUGE basketball fan so this is my present to Yoshi for supporting me through my grad school program for the last couple of years. My brother is having a big birthday next week and this is my birthday present to him. EB has just been wanting to have cool people to go with, and let’s face it, who is cooler than Yoshi and my Bro? (Everyone knows I’m not cool, but people put up with me because all my friends are cool.) Oh, and I just love my alma mater, so we all have different reasons to be excited.

Have I mention that I’m excited? I may have forgotten to slip that in this post, so I just thought I’d put it in here, just so it’s perfectly clear that I’m excited.

It has been well over a decade (almost two) since I was last in San Antonio. Maybe if I can find some old pictures of myself at the Alamo, I will try to recreate them when I’m there.

More about this trip later, I’m sure. (Here’s my dopplr listing)

Written on Friday night (Saturday morning?) somewhere in Fairfax County

What a day!

I landed bright and early at Dulles, which I think was the first time I ever flew into that airport. I heard that shortly after my flight landed, many flights were canceled due to inclement weather (sleet, icy conditions). In fact, while in the shuttle to my friend’s home, we were listening to the school closure announcements on the radio.

I’m staying with my good friend Jan, who I haven’t seen in literally 5 years… the last time I was in DC (around the time I started blogging, I think). I couldn’t believe how great it was to be in the same room, instead of exchanging an email, card, or phone call with her.

My flight landed before 6am Eastern time, which would have been 3am my time, but I was wide awake by the time I got to Jan’s place, which was sometime after 7. I wanted to nap since I only slept about an hour on the plane the night before.

I did end up laying down for a few hours and woke up and took a much needed shower around noon.

I spent the entire day with Jan, who was busy working and taking a zillion calls (somethings never change) and also doing a few things on the computer. We spent the afternoon working on a side project together and by the time dinner time rolled around, we were starving. (All I’d had to eat all day was an orange!)

During the day I spoke to two of my friends. I was supposed to get together with one this afternoon in the city, but I decided not to go in since the weather was so terrible today. The other one (I haven’t seen her in 10+ years) is in Falls Church and we were trying to do dinner or drinks, but I was so distracted with Jan today, the day got away from me. Now I’m afraid I won’t see either of them on this trip and I say “phooey” to my suckage.

Anyway, for dinner, we ended up at Anthony’s Restaurant in Falls Church. It wasn’t fancy, but the portions were large, the restaurant was warm and we were able to have a long conversation and catch up on all we had missed in each other’s lives in the last 5 years.

We came home, took her little dog on a walk around the neighborhood (COLD!) and we talked some more until Jan couldn’t keep her eyes open anyway.

Needless to say, we’re still catching up.

I’m getting tired, but I decided to play with my iPhone for a bit and to take a few pictures for Yoshi. Here’s one I thought was funny…

Joz is shocked by something on the iphone

This one was for The Other Yoshi, just to make him laugh. I call it “No paparazzi, please…” but I also sent it to Yoshi, who also liked it. Hee! There’s nothing like getting complimented on photos you take of yourself with a crappy phone cam right before you are going to go to bed.

No paparazzi, please...

Yes, I am wearing my cloudy PJs already. I’m ready for bed soon.


It’s Yoshi’s birthday! I get to give birthday kisses to my Hunny!

Click for a BIGGER BIRTHDAY kiss!

(Much better than the Valentine’s Day kiss from this year, no?)

Check it out!!! I’ve got my party hat all ready to go! Whoo!

Come celebrate this special day with jozjozjoz & yoshi by making your own birthday hat with this handy, dandy template!

Make your own birthday hat to wear for Yoshi's birthday!

Your pictures with a proper celebratory hat are welcome!

(Thanks in advance to the Blue’s Clues people for not suing me or sending me a cease & desist because I “borrowed” your silly little template for a birthday hat. Thanks also to Tak for helping a crazy, sleep-deprived chick named jozjozjoz!)

Are you feeling a bit of deja vu? That’s because I “recycled” this post from the past.

I consider it a blessing for good things to return year after year. So Yoshi just has to put up with this silly picture, yet again. :)

To the return of all good things!

I love you, Hunny!

To Yoshi: A kiss from Joz for Valentine’s Day!

A kiss from Joz!


This is the picture I left for Yoshi this morning for a Valentine’s Day card.

The picture is pretty damn old, taken 12/1/2003, but I think it’s so ridonkydonk, it’s poifect for a “romantic” card, no?!


Since I have to work all day and go to class tonight, Yosh and I have to take a raincheck on our V Day festivities. Do you have any plans tonight?!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

(I love you, Hunny!)

Yoshis are the bestests

So everyone knows how awesome my yoshi is, but there is another yoshi out there who rocks my world: the other yoshi

Everywhere else, the other yoshi is known just as “yoshi” but just for me at, he is “the other yoshi”

You can find the other yoshi at his blog at

Oh, back to the point of this post (which was NOT to see how many times I could use the word “yoshi” in one post)…

Today, the other yoshi fixed a long-standing thing on my blogfix wishlist!

Find a way to import the “Lost blog archives from January 2003 through mid-August 2003.”

Using an old MT (Movable Type backup), the other yoshi was able to import almost 8 months worth of missing entries to my current WordPress blog. Yay! Now my blog is all “living” in one place!

Thanks, the other yoshi!

A perfect final day at the old job.

(Written 1/26/08 @ 12:30pm)

When I woke up for my last day of work, I was excited, nervous, and happy. At the same time, I was a little wistful and nostalgic about leaving behind a certain chapter of my life.

The day went smoothly as I closed out my accounts, passed off all my files, distributed my office supply goodies (Yes, you can have my electric pencil sharpener. No, the other guy already asked for my tape gun…), turned in all the keys to all the offices I had, and cleaned off my desk. More importantly, I cleaned off my computer, wiping it clean (well as clean as I could easily get it) of all the crap I had installed on my desktop.

For lunch, EC took me out to Magnolia where I ordered my favorite dishes: marinated skirt steak salad (medium well) + a side of brussel sprouts sauteed in butter. Yum. I couldn’t believe it was going to be our last lunch as co-workers and I got really sad because I’ll really, really miss having EC down the hall to talk to and vent at. And now we’ll have to go out of our ways to set up times to get together, which of course I don’t mind doing, but it’s just that much harder. (Side note: John Henson and Kat Foster were both (separately) having lunch there, too).

Everything went even more smoothly than I could have possibly predicted, down to perfect timing of me completing my final work project at 5:25pm, so I could ship it off to my boss in Florida before heading downstairs to have drinks with my friends at The Well. Over the next couple of hours, a bunch of people showed up to have a drink with me; I was especially grateful to the guys who stepped away for a few from their work on the box office stuff (Friday nights are hugely important) to join.

Then at 7:15, I left the bar, exactly at the time I planned. I went back up to my desk, finished the last couple of things I was doing on my computer before shutting it down for the final time. I grabbed my stuff, did a final walkthrough to say goodbye to the folks who were still there and working (but couldn’t get downstairs for drinks) and I left the building exactly on time for me to get my 8pm appointment for a massage.

That’s right. I ended it all with a relaxing and wonderful massage appointment.

On the way home, I checked a voicemail that my former Bossguy had left for me, telling me how proud he was of me for moving on to the next step of my career and how much he misses working with me. He made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with his call.

When I got home from my massage, Yoshi had dinner already prepared for me.

I went online to make this post, but my server was down for most of the night.

No matter, it meant that I could go to bed at a decent hour… with Yoshi, no less! We talked for a long time, about where our life together is going, about how fast the last seven years of bliss together has gone, and then I finally shut my eyes and fell into a deep, joyous sleep.

Life is good.

Not just a Monday off of work

Back in the day when I used to work for Bossman, we never got MLK Day off. He believed that Dr King did not work hard so that we could have an extra day off from work to go to the beach. So in compensation for our having to work on MLK Day, Bossman would select another day to take off,

While I absolutely appreciate and agree with Bossman’s sentiments, most companies just give us the Monday off in January.

That said, after our night at the Hyatt, Yoshi and I checked out of the hotel to have a bite to eat at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Beverly Hills. After that, we headed back to the reality of home.

Ahh, home. Love it.

(Written 1/22/08)

Saturday night at home; Sunday night at the Riot Hyatt

I spent all day Saturday at home trying to take care of the list of a million things to do. I tried to clean, but I just didn’t get around to doing as much as I would have liked.

Our friend Dave came over on Saturday night to keep me company and to help me set up the projector (which still doesn’t have a name) in the living room so we could watch a DVD. We ended up watching The Muppet Movie, which neither of us had seen in well over a decade. Even though Dave dozed off during one segment of the movie, we both agreed that the movie still stands up surprisingly well.

I had to work during the day on Sunday, but I was done around 4:30pm. This was roughly the time that Yoshi’s flight came in at Burbank, so I rushed myself over the hill to go do the airport pick-up myself. Since Yoshi’s stuff was covered in cat hair, we needed to go home and unpack as well as repack for our night out (remember the free night at a hotel?).

It’s a really good thing that we did not have to stay at our place on Sunday night because I really did not make a very big dent in the cleaning that needed to be done. As such, a night out in a hotel was a nice distraction from the reality of our messy place.

It did take us forever to get out of the door and over to the Hyatt on Sunset in West Hollywood (aka the Riot Hyatt). And as soon as we got there, we saw all the scaffolding and went “Uh oh, I hope the construction noise doesn’t start way early.” We got inside to check-in and they informed us that construction starts at 8am. The front desk offered to move us over to the Hyatt in Century City, but it ended up not making sense to do that. Plus, it turned out that construction wasn’t scheduled for MLK Day (the next morning), so we were in luck.

They put us in one of the newly renovated rooms, which was extremely nice. (I wrote a review on Yelp) It was so nice to spend time with Yoshi after being apart all week.

And for the record, no strangers attempted to enter our hotel room on this stay.

(Written 1/22/08)

Friday night news

(Written 1/19/08 @ 3:40am)

-Woke up early to drive to Culver City. I finally got my new contacts! I can see again!

-Came home to take a conference call. Don’t know why I was on the call, but I volunteered to take notes so I could be helpful.

-Arrived at the office in time for HS’s farewell lunch. Will miss her! It will probably be the last time I get to lunch with that group of people.

-Lots to do at work, but mostly because I have been a big ol’ procrastinator all week. Also lots of people to talk to.

-Random: I shredded 12 (yes, twelve) old checkbooks today. Can you believe I had that many old checkbooks sitting around?

-Left the office at 7pm to get a massage. The therapist kept commenting on how tight my neck and shoulders are. I am sore now, and still tight.

-Went back to the office because I left something there. Felt guilty for not finishing the item that was due on the 15th so stayed until midnight working on it.

-Right as I was going to leave, my co-worker JS (who had been in Tampa all week) showed up. He was there to meet with the night staff, but since we hadn’t talked in well over a week, we talked until past 1am.

-Got home around 1:30am

-I miss Yoshi, who gets back to LA Sunday night.

-Needed a shower. Took a shower. Feel nice and clean now. Yay!

Ok, if you got through all that randomness, here’s the news:

-It’s official! (Ok, it’s been official for a few days now, but I haven’t shared.) THIS is the good news I’ve been waiting to share: Next Friday will be my last day at my current company!

I am starting a brand-spankin’ new job on Monday 1/28!

Wednesday, Wednesday

After talking Dave’s ear off on Tuesday night, I was still wide awake. I sat down and watched a bunch of TV and the next thing I knew, it was 4:30am and I had fallen asleep in front of the TV. I went to bed, but then I was wide-awake and watched some trash (Dance War: Bruno vs Carrie Ann) on the TiVo in the bedroom. It was light out before my eyes closed.

And then the construction crew next door showed up and started banging on shit.

For lunch, C2 and I actually left the area and opted to eat at someplace other than Baja Fresh. I offered Sizzler or CPK, in honor of our late friend John Ingram. We used to go as a threesome for lunch to those places; now it’s just me and C2. We ended up at Sizzler, home of the Malibu Chicken Sandwich John loved so much. We both miss John so much.

At the office, I had a bunch of little things to take care of, but it wasn’t too bad. Tomorrow I have a conference call I don’t want to be part of, but it could be worse. After I left work, I ran a couple of errands (going to the post office and returning some stuff to Bed, Bath & Beyond). But while I was out, both of my plans (Plan A and Plan B) called to back out on getting together tonight.

I ended up at home, in my PJs, in front of the space heater in the bedroom or under the covers with my laptop because it’s so chilly in our house.

I was tearing the house apart looking for an important document, but I have resigned myself that I have misplaced it somewhere in this disaster area I call home. Now it’s worse than it was before and I still don’t have the document. I’ve got to get up early and figure out how I can get a duplicate of that thing.

What else?

While sitting in bed, I was killing time by listening to Carpenters music on YouTube. I joked that I was practicing my karaoke for the next time I see stkyrice, but what really happened was that I was searching for something else and accidentally clicked on one Carpenters video and the next thing I knew, I’d listened to a ton of Carpenters songs. On the bright side, I think I can (kind of) sing a bunch of those songs for karaoke for real now. Scary thought, no?

I don’t like going to bed alone at night. I miss Yoshi.

Crazy busy weekend

My weekends always seem to be jam-packed these days.

I honestly can’t even remember as far back as Friday. What did I do Friday night? I have no recollection! Oh wait… I do remember one thing.

Earlier in the week, Mom & I had talked on the phone about my plans for the weekend. Since I hadn’t been back to OC since Thanksgiving, she said she needed me to come visit and help her with a few things. I mentioned that I might have to work on Sunday (she had something written down that reminded us both that I was indeed supposed to be working on Sunday) so I told her I would plan to be there on Saturday.

Well late Friday night, my Mom called me to say that she was looking forward to seeing me on Sunday. WHAT?!?!? I was like, “Mom, weren’t YOU the one who reminded ME that I needed to work on Sunday?” She was like, “Are you sure? I just made plans for Saturday afternoon with some friends and can’t cancel them now.” !!!

I told her that I would still go back on Saturday, even if she wouldn’t be around as long as my Bro was around (so he and I could do stuff). Then she started trying to talk me into not going back at all. I told her we could talk about in the morning.

The next morning, my Mom called me up at 7:30am (on a SATURDAY!?!) to wake me up because she wanted me to go back to OC early so we could maximize our time together. While this was a wonderful idea, I WAS TIRED! + I WAS STILL SLEEPING! = GRUMPY JOZ! And I was not going to pay attention to anything she said to me at that hour. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get back to sleep after the call, so I futzed around the house and was looking for a few things I needed to take back to OC, including several years worth of recycling (aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass).

Lucky for me, Yoshi didn’t mind spending the day with me in OC and tagged along. It was a good thing, too, because I was so focused on driving that I wasn’t listening to the traffic report on the radio. There was a big fire on the 5 and thanks to Yoshi’s attentive listening skills, we were able to take a detour and avoid this scene.

Bro and I took all the recycling to the recycle yard and got $139.71 back in cash for it! We also ran errands which involved going to get gas from Costco, picking up movie tickets from the AMC next door, as well as swinging by the PO Box to get my ABSENTEE BALLOT for the February 5 primary. Whoo! The rest of the day Saturday was spent at the house: eating, doing paperwork, napping, and trying to keep warm.

Late that night, all 3 of us we headed back to LA where we continued to stay up even later, doing stuff at my place. Sheesh.

Sunday morning, I could not wake myself up early enough to do the remaining paperwork I still had left to do. I did drop Bro off at his gf’s place and then went off to work, as planned.

Around noonish, my Mom called my cell phone: “Are you awake? Did I wake you up?”

“Actually, Mom,” I said in Chinese, “I’ve been up for several hours now and am already at work. Did you forget that I have to work today?!” We talked about a few more things and I got off the phone.

Unfortunately, several clients overhead me speaking to my Mom and they cornered me. “I didn’t know you could speak Chinese! I didn’t know you could speak it so well! If I had known, I would have asked you about _____!”

ARRRRGH! This is why I pretend not to speak Chinese there! I don’t get paid enough to do to client service and hand-holding for the Chinese-speaking people there! I am supposed to go there, push a bunch of buttons, yell a little, and go off on my merry way! Anyway, it was nice to get some validation that my Chinese skills haven’t totally eluded me, but still.

I got home from work a little earlier than expected, but then had to finish the paperwork that I had put off from earlier in the day.

I was also distracted by the NEW COMPUTER that my brother had given me for my birthday (several months ago) and that he set up for me the previous night. Of course, I was so frustrated by not having everything on the new computer the way I wanted it that I started throwing things and grumbling like crazy.

It was late and I totally needed to go to sleep.

Can I have another weekend to recover from my weekend?

Yay for free nights at a hotel!

One of the good things about traveling a lot is that sometimes the frequent customer points finally catch up to you!

Even though I prefer to stay at boutique hotels instead of chain hotels, I have had a free night at a Hyatt to use for about 2 months and the darn thing expires at the end of January. Was going to use it for New Years in SF, but we didn’t book it far enough in advance.

Lucky for me, MLK Day is coming up soon and I was just able to redeem the free stay for me and Yoshi to enjoy!

Yay! I can’t wait!

Home alone and cold and lonely.

Ok, it’s not all that bad. But I am trying to play up the sympathy factor here.

Home alone!



No Yoshi to snuggle with and keep me warm!

Is it working?

Or am I just sounding whiny?

Ahh, who cares! Another evening that I get to lie in bed and play around on my laptop. It’s a luxury that I won’t have much time for as the semester ramps up.

This morning I had an appointment with my chiropractor. I hadn’t seen him in months and he made some comment about my neck and shoulders being tight. So I’m getting a massage tomorrow night and then I go back again next Monday for another adjustment. I can’t wait for my massage! I need it in a big way!

Last night Yoshi and I had dinner at our friends L & S’s home. It was so lovely to spend an evening with them and the food was so good, too!

While we were gone to Northern California last week, I’d left my car on the street and the battery died. We had to get the battery jumped by AAA and so after that I was sitting in the car and waiting for Yoshi.

I snapped this picture while sitting alone in the cold, dark car. I’m also wearing Yoshi’s coat.

Sitting in the car in the rain.  In the dark.  In the cold.

What do you think? Do you like my wet, messy, windblown hair? Can you tell I’m hungry? Heh.

PS – I finally updated the “Happy 2008!” post with a picture. Check it out!

You know what’s fun?

Sitting in the warm bed and typing on my laptop.

You know what’s more fun?

IMing Yoshi who is in the office and hearing the computer go “BING!” when an IM goes through.

It’s also fun to type “BING!” everytime you hear the “BING!” go off until Yoshi finally logs off and comes to bed.

Now it’s time for bed so I have to put my computer away.

Go Stanford!

This morning we got a call from our friend Dave (who lives in L.A. but is up north visiting his family) to see if we wanted to join him and his family at a Stanford Women’s basketball game at Maples in the afternoon.

Heck yeah! I love rooting for the tree!

Anyway, Dave was nice enough to get us tickets AND to sneak us into the awesome section where his family sits, just 3 rows behind the Stanford bench. (Thanks, Dave!)

It was not the most exciting of game since Stanford pretty much blew University of Washington out of the water, but it was still a lot of fun. The final score was 77-42. We did a little shopping at the Stanford Shopping Center and then headed back to San Jose where Yoshi’s parents took us out to dinner at By-Th’-Bucket Bar & Grill where we gorged ourselves and came home with tummy aches. (And I was being so good on this trip until now!)

After we got back, Yoshi was trying to take a nap, but I was goofing around taking snapshots of us. I don’t think Yoshi appreciated the hundreds of flashes that went off while I was doing this. Hee hee!

Later, Yoshi’s Mom was peeling hot chestnuts so I went to go help and we all watched a few episodes of Jeopardy! on TV.

Now it’s time for sleep because tomorrow will be a long day and we won’t get much rest tomorrow night, either!

Mochi Mochi Mochi!


I usually don’t get to join Yoshi’s family until right around New Year’s Day, so I have never been able to take part in their family’s mochitsuki or mochi pounding (usually a few days before New Years) until this year.

Last night, Yoshi’s mom soaked 5 lbs of sweet glutinous rice (mochigome) before we went to bed and then we got up early this morning to pick up Yoshi’s Auntie J (who also soaked another 5 lbs of rice). We headed over to San Leandro where Yoshi’s Aunt & Uncle (D & K) hosted the mochitsuki in their beautiful home and (especially) kitchen. Another Uncle & Aunt were there when we arrived, probably with more soaked rice.

To be honest, there was no ACTUAL pounding of mochi as there were two mochi machines running which replaces the need for anyone to have to pound the mochi with a wooden mallet (causing wood splinters) or anyone to risk getting their hands smashed by said mallet while flipping the mochi.

That said, the mochi still needed to be shaped into rice cakes while HOT HOT HOT so we all sat around the counter while Aunt D pinched off pieces of the hot mochi and threw it at us to shape. Some of the ones we made were filled with red beans (yuck!), but most of the ones we did were plain.

Can I just say that fresh mochi is yummy?!?!?


Anyway, I can’t remember how many batches we did, but after a full day of mochi making, I was tired and I fell asleep in the car as Yoshi, Yoshi’s Mom, and Auntie J went to Costco to pick up a few things. After that, we had dinner at Mimi’s Cafe, swung by dropped some things off in Campbell at Yoshi’s cousin’s family’s place (we were introduced to the High School Musical game on Wii by the two older nieces), before finally get back to Yoshi’s mom’s place in San Jose.

So moch-i (much-y) fun!

I made it to San Jose!

I left LA around 5pm tonight and despite accidentally taking the 99 instead of the 5 and getting lost in Bako (I almost called you for help, LL!) , I made it to Yoshi’s parents house a few minutes ago. My Bakersfield adventure only sidetracked me for about half an hour and took me about 30 miles out of the way (oops), but luckily I realized my mistake at the same time Yoshi had called to check to see where I was.

When Yoshi and Yoshi’s parents realized I was lost, all 3 of them were trying to identify where I was. 3 people, 3 computers. Yoshi was looking on google maps; Yoshi’s Dad also mapped me the old school way: with an honest to goodness fold-out paper map!

Anyway, I stopped just once for a break and a snack and got a chance to catch up with friends on the phone (yes, I was using a handsfree device).

Right now I’m just trying to unwind and check messages. Yoshi + parents are screaming at the basketball game on TV.

Tomorrow I get up early to go pound some mochi.

And despite how dirty that sounds, I swear it’s not.

PS – I’m in the SJ area from now until New Years Eve and then we go up to SF for NYE. If anyone wants to get together, drop me a line.

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