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Random Rant: Karaoke ≠ Carry-okie

How the heck did karaoke (ka-ra-oh-kaykeh) get pronounced carry-okie? Or is it carrie-okie?

I can understand if one or two people just screwed it up, but how did the wrong pronunciation gain popular acceptance?

I used to correct people — or rather help people how to say a word they are struggling with. But at some point I stopped trying.

I can kind of understand the “okie” part, but as for the “carry?” No way, no how, nuh uh.

What other mispronunciations really annoy you?

In Memory: Wai ‘Ray’ Ng

Ray NgEvery so often, I surf through Facebook and I see a heartbreaking group such as this one:
R.I.P Ray Ng we miss you (Facebook account needed to see link)

Son gives his mom night off, is slain
From The Miami Herald (May 15, 2007)

TAMARAC – For Mother’s Day this year, Wai Ng may have saved his mother’s life.

His gift to her was simple: The 28-year-old son, known to friends as Ray, offered to work his mother’s shift on Sunday at the family’s Chinese restaurant in Tamarac.

But late that night, authorities said, a gunman stormed into the almost-empty restaurant and demanded money. Before making his exit, cash in hand, the stranger fired a single shot, leaving Ng dead on the floor.

…Ten years ago, Ng’s older sister died of breast cancer. She left behind The Hong Kong City BBQ, the Chinese restaurant she had owned on North State Road 7.

Pui Ng (Ray’s Mom) took over as owner. Ray Ng dropped out of high school to help.

Even though this happened in back in May, I thought this was worth mentioning because I know so many Asian Americans work in family businesses and can relate to the hard working owners of a family business. This is one of the saddest stories I’ve heard, particularly because Ray’s mom was a single mom and had already lost one of her children 10 years earlier. Now to lose a second child on Mother’s Day is absolutely heartbreaking.

Some additional coverage at this Yelp Talk topic (Yelp account needed)

One of the good things to come out of this tragic event was that the local Chinese community joined forces with the local police departments to hold two Crime Prevention Community Forums to address the issues of protecting oneself when a crime occurs and how to minimize potential risks of a crime.

Source: North Miami Beach Police Department

What to do before, during and after a robbery.

• Make sure your business is well lit on the inside and outside.
• Make sure your windows are clear so you can see in from the outside.
• At night leave your cash register open so people can see there is nothing in it.
• Keep ruler tape or some form of measurement gauge on the door to estimate the height of the intruder.

• Never resist, don’t scream or do anything that will call attention.
• Only talk to answer the robber’s questions.
• Pay close attention to details of the intruder.
• Stay calm.

• Call police immediately.
• Do not disturb the crime scene.
• Write down everything you remember about the intruder immediately.
• Try to separate the witnesses so that each has his own story of what happened.

Ray did everything right and still lost his life. What a shame.

Even though it’s months later, my deepest sympathies go out to Ray’s friends and loved ones.

::Ray Ng Memorial Website::

What’s a little ignorance between friends?

My friend sent me a link to racewire for a post on this topic.

Adrienne Maree Brown asks:

Do any of y’all maintain relationships where one person, who has more privilege and is white, regularly says things that are remarkably ignorant? But you know they ‘mean well’?

What do you do about that? I want the Racewire readers to offer up wisdom from a perspective of awareness…do you keep such people in your life?

I sat over drinks with some friends Sunday night, we all went to college together, and they were talking about a few white folks we went to school with who have uttered an unusually high number of offensive things recently.

Now me personally, I don’t stay close to repeat offenders.

But I have some friends who do and I’m at a loss at what to advice them when they lay this burden on my shoulder.



Comments continue to pour trickle in regarding Mister Wong, the Offensive Social Bookmarking Portal. One commenter seems to be offended by the “PC BS” we “Amerians” [sic] are spreading all over the world. Various people have chimed in, stating that Mister Wong is not racist.

As Ernie mentions on his personal blog, context counts.

Earlier today, there was a brouhaha (emphasis on the “haha” part) at over a supposedly racist billboard seen on the Westside. LA radio station Power106 ran some billboards featuring their morning show host, Big Boy, on a billboard with the words “Big Boy’s got GAS!” and in smaller type “Win gas and cars all summer!”

The author of the original post is Jim Bursch, Editor of said the following:

Racist billboard not welcome on Westside

Context counts, and in this case, the context is a predominantly non-black neighborhood where referring to an adult black man as “boy” is wrong and racist. Also, there are contexts in which fart jokes are funny, but not on a public street where you see the same offensive “joke” every day, day after day.

This is just wrong.

What’s wrong is Mr Bursch calling out this billboard as racist, because the adult black man pictured is not being referred to as “boy” but “Big Boy,” a stage name and professional name he has used for years.
Continue reading ‘Context?’

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