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Now I’ll never get one…

Silver Surfer Quarters
In last Friday’s VARIETY, I caught the following headline and lead:

Silver Surfer U.S. quarter minted
Limited edition coin put into circulation

Hollywood really does mint money.

In an unprecedented marketing move, 20th Century Fox and the Franklin Mint have created a Silver Surfer U.S. quarter that has been put into limited circulation in advance of the release of “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.”

And it turns out they’re illegal. Even if they have to pay a fine, for Fox, this is great because it’s all kinds of free advertising. And people will go nuts for these hard-to-come-by coins.

They released about 40,000 quarters into general circulation, approximately 800 per state over Memorial Day weekend. Chances of any of these things landing L.A. aren’t too great, I’m guessing. If anyone does come upon one, I’d love to know how they got it.

I wanted one myself, but I’m not willing to fork over A HUNDRED + DOLLARS on eBay for something legally worth 25 cents.

UPDATE: I was looking for the follow-up article from VARIETY on this topic (the first article did not mention the illegality of the coins as that had not become apparent at that point). I haven’t seen it yet, however, I did notice that they removed a paragraph from the online story which was previously in the print version:

The U.S. Mint isn’t the only government agent getting into the movie marketing biz. Post offices across the country have begun displaying some 300 mailboxes made to look like “Star Wars” character R2-D2 as part of the 30th anniversary of the film franchise.

Of course this paragraph is inaccurate because as we know now, the U.S. Mint did not sanction the Silver Surfer promotion. And, as previously discussed on regarding the Star Wars mailboxes, the USPS is “an independent establishment of the Executive Branch of the United States Government” (in other words, it’s not exactly a government agent).

Photo via AP Photo/20th Century Fox

McYummy or McYucky?

Growing up in America with immigrant parents meant we ate food that my Mom knew how to make. In my lucky case, this meant Chinese/Taiwanese foods. (No matter what, the yummiest food anywhere is food made with love by Mom!) I can honestly say that until I was 18, I had McDonald’s less than a dozen times in my life.

It’s been 10 years since I’ve been back to Taiwan and one of my favorite parts of going back is the cheap and yummy food you eat off of carts. It was always trippy to go into Taipei and people would want to take me to McDonald’s or Pizza Hut or Sizzler because people thought I preferred “American foods.” I would oblige to be polite, but aside from not liking any of these places too much in first place, the “American foods” served there tasted weird. I did not enjoy the cut corn pieces on my Taiwanese Pizza Hut pizza. And the cheese on my Taiwanese McDonald’s cheeseburger always tasted too sweet. But hey, I know they’re catering to “local tastes,” so whatever. The point is, eating at a McDonald’s while travelling didn’t seem too appealing.

Fast forward 10 years and the knowledge from Will Work For Food’s post about special McDonald’s foods from around the world. Here’s a sampling:

* McDonald’s sells chicken and pork burgers, fried chicken wings and nuggets. In some restaurants, a separate counter sells ice cream and desserts to pedestrians. Some restaurants have a section for the McCafé. Apart from the general menu, it also promotes some other foods seasonally or longer, like spicy french fries, the Shogun Burger (a pork bun served with Japanese Teriyaki sauce and cabbage), Grilled Chicken Burger, twisted macaroni breakfasts, salads, soups, pineapple or red bean sundae, pineapple pies, taco flatbreads with pork, beef or chicken, rice fan-tastic (a burger-like entree with rice patties in place of buns) and many others.

* Beef and pork products are not served to cater to Indian religious sensitivities. Chicken (that too, only non-Halal) along with fish are the only meat products used.
* The Big Mac is replaced by the Maharaja Mac, which was originally a mutton burger, but is now a chicken burger.
* In India, vegetarian and meat dishes are prepared in separate areas of the restaurant in respect for vegetarians, and cooks preparing vegetarian dishes wear distinctive green aprons.

* Teriyaki McBurger: Ground pork sandwich with mayonnaise, lettuce, and teriyaki sauce.
* Ebi-Chiki Set: 2 shrimp nuggets and 3 chicken nuggets.
* Ebi Filet-O: Shrimp burger similar to a Filet-O-Fish.
* French Fries can be purchased in barbecue, seaweed, and Italian basil flavors.
* Ume Nuggets: Chicken McNuggets with sour ume sauce for dipping.
* Chicken Katsu Burger: Breaded chicken sandwich flavored with soy sauce and ginger.
* Salsa Burger: Breaded chicken sandwich with salsa,
* Koroke Burger: Sandwich with breaded mashed potatoes, shredded cabbage, and katsu sauce. Served with or without cheese.
* Tamago Double Mac: Hamburger with 2 beef patties, pepper sauce, bacon, and a poached egg. Served with or without cheese.
* Green Tea-flavored milkshakes
* Macaroni and Cheese Burger

* Has the Bulgogi Burger (pork patty in bulgogi marinade, as of 5/07), McBingsoo(Korean Shaved Ice), as well as the Shrimp burger similar to Ebi-Filet-O in Japan. Also interesting is that there is a deposit levy charged on cups (100 Won) which is refunded on return of cup to any McDonald’s location for recycling or reuse.

* There is a Spicy McChicken burger that has chutney in it. There is also a McChutney Burger, a meatball sandwich called the McKofta, and strawberry custard pie. A pineapple-flavored sundae, pineapple pie, and a mango-flavored milkshake are seasonal menu items. Also, McArabia was recently introduced, with a chicken patty rolled up in Pita bread.

* McDonald’s sells spaghetti (to compete with local fast food franchise Jollibee), which is called, unsurprisingly, McSpaghetti. In 1993, a popular combo featured spaghetti with fried chicken wings. Also unique to the Filipino menu is the Burger McDo, a ground pork burger served with a Thousand Island dressing like sauce to cater to local tastes. Also sells “Rice burgers” chicken fillet or beef burger served in rice toasted to shaped like buns.

Personally, I’d like to try me a Maharaja Mac, a Bulgogi Burger, and the Ebi Filet-O. I’m not sure if they’re McYummy or not, but I’d definitely try them once to find out.

(See the whole post here.)

h/t: Ernie. Cross-posted at 8Asians.

I must be procrastinating.

Because I am cleaning right now.

(I have 5 chapters of my Business Law book to read and outline before a big quiz on all chapters the Monday after Memorial Day.)

Cleaning out my purse again.

This would be the second time I’m cleaning out my purse this year. (Last time was in March and boy did I have a lot of crap in there.)

I love handbags but since I’m so hard on my purses, I protect most of my nice purses inside plastic bins in my closet and only bring them out for special occasions. For day-to-day use, I’ve been carrying around a cheapy black Guess handbag (given to me by a friend) which was small and very durable. (I’ve been using it since the latch on my vintage brick purse broke.) Anyway, I decided this weekend that it is time for a purse change. So I shall clean out my old purse and blog about its contents.

(My new purse is one I picked up from Annika at the yard sale last Saturday. I’ll post pictures of the purse later. Maybe.)

Outside pocket:
-$2 cash
-A 39-cent stamp
-A 24 cent stamp (used for postcard mailing while traveling last month)
-Brown elastic hair band
-Miscellaneous receipts
-Digital Camera
-Twin Tip Black Sharpie

Inside pocket:
-Make-up satchel
-DVD of Pan’s Labyrinth
-Bag of Wrigley’s Airwaves Blackcurrant flavour gum (has Chinese writing on the package, so I wonder where my Mom got this)
-A bag of miscellaenous supplements and vitamins
-A little bottle of allergy meds
-A Chocolate Strawberry Vertigo Candy & Chocolate Flavored Pop (yes, it’s mockolate. Given by Cybele as sustenance at the yard sale… thanks, Cybele!)
-AMC Theatres Annual Pass
-Flyer for a seminar I was thinking about attending
Tempa-Dot Thermometers (don’t ask, because I won’t tell you where I got these and why I’m carrying them around)
-Coupon for $1 off Propel Powder Packets at Pavilions
-Paper coaster from Outback Steakhouse
-Paper with random handwritten notes and phone numbers
-Business card for Fresh Fire Kabob at Hollywood & Highland (where we had a quick bite to eat one day last month)
-Bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 45
-More miscellaneous supplements
-Bag of Benadryl cream, DayQuil, cold medicine, and Lipton Green Tea To Go mix
-Borders gift cards
-$2 more in cash
-Travel-sized Oral-B Satin Dental Floss
-Black Marks-A-Lot Permanent Marker
-Mechanical Pencil
-Orange highlighter
-Dentist Appointment Reminder Card (for appointment in August)
-Hand santizing spray
-Pavilions grocery store receipt
Butler Gum Stimulator (hygenist thinks I need to massage my gums)
-Beige elastic hair band
-CVS receipt
Crystal Light On The Go – Cherry Pomegranate Immunity (prevents me from getting voted off the island)
-A bottle of bubbles (Miracle Bubbles, no less!) from Markland (picked up at yard sale)
Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser 526 50 (the best!)
-Mini stapler
-Emery board

Inside pocket:
-Pink mechanical pencil 0.7 (out of lead and I can only find my 0.5 lead)
-Pepperdine retractible ball point pen
-Misc business cards (mine and others’)
-Cranberry Ricola cough drop
-Two lipsticks
-An electronic hotel room key from Bally’s (I think it was from our Vegas trip in January)
-Paper clip
Fingerbowl Moist Towelette from Royal Paper
-Beaded cell phone case
-1 GIG USB Flash Drive
-Pink highlighter

All in all, the purse isn’t that bad, compared to last time. But it was still due for a cleaning.

The only bad thing about the new purse is that it’s a lot bigger; may be tempting to put all kinds of stuff in there… at least the old one was small and therefore the mess was manageable. If my new purse starts getting out of control, I might go back to the old one.

Oh yeah, for the record I sold approximately $70 worth of stuff at the yard sale last weekend. Considering I only brought like 10 items, it wasn’t bad. Plus, I got to hang out with my pals all day.

The countdown to August 28, 2007

What’s August 28?

It’s the release date of HEROES SEASON 1 on DVD (and HD DVD, but I don’t have that)!

Can I put it on my Amazon Wishlist yet?

Marketing Class Surprise

I just got back from my first marketing class, where I was surprised to find a friend was also in the same class. Joz OutOutBlogger, whom I’ve known for about 10 years personally, is in the same class by total coincidence. She’s I’m in her my last year in the program, while I’m she’s still in the first year, so it’s kind of bizarre timing, but I she had to skip ahead to this class, because the other two classes I she wanted to take weren’t offered. Small world! [On the other hand, I am taking this Marketing class late, because I had put it off a couple of terms.]

We’re even on the same team which consists of four Asian women, also a coincidence. Can’t wait to get started!

Also I would like to note that I’ve she has blogged about this before she I (superblogger) got the chance. Hahaha!

Note: jozjozjoz was too lazy to write her own post, so she copied and pasted what OutOutBlogger wrote and edited it to fit. The only sentence that Joz wrote by herself was the one in [these].

Another Note: jozjozjoz is curious what kind of google ads pops up in a random post like this. Sorry if there are any offensive “Date Asian Girls” ads above this.

May Day!

Well Spring Break is officially over. It was nice while it lasted, but I had a huge list of things to do in April and I didn’t accomplish too many of them.

Now I am facing various new work pressures, a bunch of family stuff to handle, and a new semester of school. Hooray!

I’m officially in my last year now; I just started classes last night and am in class before another class starts… I’ve got a scary and horrendous Monday-Tuesday night class schedule. This means my weekends are officially also destroyed due to homework and reading that will need to be done before class.

If I blog less, you know why. But I have still got to find time to post the occasional message to and 8asians.

It’s 3:30 am and I’m still up.

No wonder I’m tired.

I’ve been up all day since 8:30am on Saturday, save for a 40 minute nap I took at 11am.

I wrapped up the day by visiting with my cousins and hogging the Wii to attempt to learn how to play tennis. I am really terrible at it. And a hazard to myself. I whacked a chair mid-swing and now there is a chunk of skin missing from one finger and another finger is totally red, swollen, and sore.

And I think my arm is going to be soooooooooore tomorrow from all the flailing I did.

But it was fun.

Why Asians are Better at Math

Dave Chen wrote a thought-provoking post entitled “Why Asians are Better at Math.

He cites a BBC article which compares questions from British and Chinese math tests. Says the article:

A glance at the two questions reveals how much more advanced is the maths teaching in China, where children learn the subject up to the age of 18.

Dave uses his own experiences as an Asian American to speculate upon the reasons he believes Asians are better at math:

1) Their parents
2) Their curricula are the hardest in the world
3) Their schools are oppressive, draconian environments from which there is no escape

While I do agree with Dave’s assessment overall, I wonder if there is more to it? One article suggests that Chinese language and English language speakers calculate problems differently; that language seems to have a role in this. We could probably make this list miles long, but I think a key factor missing from the list is effort. I think Asians just try harder and put in more effort (than say Americans). Yes, that may because their parents expect them to, because the of the level of the curriculum, as well as the oppressive school systems… the end result is more effort put into math, in my opinion.

Heck, remove something as subjective as effort, what about time? I’m sure we could pull up studies about how many more hours Asians spend in school, doing homework, or even practice calculations. (Did you ever have to do practice calculations? My Mom used to buy math workbooks and made us do tons of problems on top of our regular homework.)

(On a sidenote, Dave’s post has 732 diggs as of right now and a ton of comments there… first comment: “Too bad math doesn’t help when you’re behind the wheel.” An Asian driver joke. Nice.)

I’m sure there’s more I’m not even thinking of right now. What other reasons contribute to Asian excellence in math?

As an Asian American, I grew up with parental expectations to excel in school. I did well in math, compared to my cohorts, but I always knew in the back of my mind that I wasn’t a math genius. It didn’t come easy and I definitely had to study for my grades. I knew that if I had been going to school in Taiwan; my “stellar” math performance in the US would land me at the back of the remedial class there.

I’m not sure it’s worth arguing whether or not Asians are good at math; I think there is enough evidence that shows that students from Asian countries regularly outperform Americans, including Asian Americans. That said, how does this supposed “Asian Mathematical Superiority” (my words not Dave’s) affect Asian Americans who were educated in the United States? There is evidence that Asian Americans outperform students of other races in the U.S. I believe this goes back to parental expectations; I spent my after school time studying, not watching TV. I imagine many second generation Asian Americans probably had immigrant parents who enforced rigorous studying more akin to what they had experienced in Asia. I wonder how third and fourth generation Asian Americans will fare, especially if second generation Asian Americans are more lax with their expectations?

I, for one, sometimes feel like a mathematical idiot, never having taken a class beyond calculus, especially since my major in college was based in the humanities. When I started business school, I struggled with basic calculations because I hadn’t used any math since high school (and any math I needed at work or otherwise was done by Excel or a calculator). It upsets me when people say “Oh you’re Asian, you’re good at math,” because it frankly makes me feel like some sort of fraud or maybe some sub-par Asian. I know I shouldn’t feel this way because I’m basically acknowledging some sort of Model Minority complex, but then I wonder, shouldn’t I expect more of myself? Clearly, I think to myself, if I had just put some more time and effort into math, I wouldn’t be such an math dummy.

I don’t think Asians are “inherently good at math.” I think most Asians work their asses off and develop their skills through good study habits and time and effort spent on math. Yeah, there’s that annoying math savant who can recite pi out to the ten-thousandth digit and tell you the square root of any number you name, but if you want to talk “ASIAN MATH SKILLS: NATURE VS NURTURE?” I would put a big ol’ “X” on the nurture column.

What do you think?

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::An Analysis of the Factors That Impact Academic Achievement Among Asian American, African-American, and Hispanic Students:: ::Motivation and Mathematics Achievement: A Comparative Study of Asian-American, Caucasian-American, and East Asian High School Students:: ::Confucian Work Ethic (1983 Time Article):: ::The New Whiz Kids (1987 Time Article):: ::Behind the High Achievement of East Asian Students::

Boo to hives.

I got hives all over my neck and behind my ears today.

Yoshi noticed them after I got home from work. Until then, I didn’t know anything was wrong. After then, I was itchy.

I took two Benadryl and fell asleep within half an hour.

Remind me to take some Benadryl the next time I have a hard time falling asleep.


On the bright side, I did awaken in time to see Heroes. I thought the episode was a little boring, but mostly because I already anticipated everything that was going to happen. Except the part at the very end with Future Hiro. Rawr!

The Bossguy had strep throat this weekend.

On Monday, he called in sick, saying he was going to the doctor for some antibiotics.

On Tuesday, he was out of the office, although I could tell he was feeling better because he kept calling me in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, he came into the office, swearing the doctor said he wasn’t contagious anymore.

Tonight, my throat don’t feel no good. This had better be pyschosomatic. Because I will be mad if he gave me his germs.

George Takei on "Thank God You're Here"Oh, on a separate note, I watched George Takei on “Thank God You’re Here” tonight. This is the second episode of TGYH I’ve watched and so far, George Takei was the best thing about it.

But then again, I might be a bit biased.

I’m (temporarily) done with my taxes…

By “temporarily” I actually mean “not at all done.”

However, my extension has been filed.

I’m such a freakin’ procrastinator.

I’m so glad it’s Friday…

… Hooray for the weekend, no?!

There’s a no cross-posting rule on…

…so sometimes I write about stuff I’d normally put on my personal blog and put it there instead.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the building across the street from my office building being transformed into a giant Transformers ad on I’m really excited about this and even got some scoop about what it’s going to be like when it’s done.

I even posted a picture I took of one side of the building. See?

The Transformers Building is coming!

Anyway, Markland told me that my post got linked by defamer and they used my photo, too!

Short Ends: Billboardtron Transforms From Former Office Building Into Giant Movie Ad
· The shell of the 360 building at Sunset & Vine is getting a second skin, courtesy of Transformers. It’s more than meets the eye! Just like a building that was once insulated with asbestos!

Today, there was a major windstorm in LA… lo & behold the Transformers wrap on one side of the building was ripped off by the wind. Defamer posted pictures before I was able to get to it, but in this post they linked to an old post I’d written about that same building (when it caught on fire a couple of years ago).

Anyhoo, I went this afternoon to try and see if I could find a remnant of the billboard, but the smaller pieces had already blown away and been picked up.

Got a nice call from the BossMan today.

Not Bossguy.

BossMan, from the days of yore.

So strange. I haven’t heard from him in years, he calls out of nowhere, say “hi” and asks me a bunch of questions and “jumps off the line to another call” right when I’m about to ask him what he’s been up to.

I’m so glad I documented the absurdity of BossMan on my blog.

UPDATE: Ahh, the plot thickens. I now know why the BossMan was thinking about me. The person who is currently in my former position gave him surprise one-week notice. I don’t think he wants me back (he can’t afford me now anyway), but he was probably wondering if I knew anyone for the job.

The domain is being auctioned off…

…and I can’t afford it.

It’s being sold on and right now, it’s up to $5k.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on it for almost 10 years now. I should it bought it way back in 1997 when I looked it up and it was still available. Ahh, hindsight.

Sigh. If I’d known it was going to go on sale, I’d have thought about a fundraising campaign.

When I had made an offer on this domain a few months ago, my offer got rejected and they came back with a counter offer of SEVENTEEN THOUSAND dollars!!! What-e-ver. I said, “No you pricing gouging dickwads,” (ok, I actually just said “no”) and went on my merry way.

I got a notice yesterday that this public auction was going on for and I guess anyone who made a previous offer got notice about it. Well lookie here. At $5k, the reserve has been met. Guess no one could pony up $17k for the domain.

Sigh. I still want though.

More fortune cookies…

We had lunch ordered in from Kung Pao Kitty today.

I didn’t eat all my food (leftovers!) so I decided to eat 3 cookies instead.

Here they are:

  • You are a true friend.
  • You will soon bring joy to someone.
  • Health and happiness are in your destiny.
  • No more fortune cookies for a while. They’re too sweet. But I like the crunchy noise they make in my head when I chew.


    My last paper (for this semester) is done and into FedEx before the 6pm deadline!

    Woot woot for the Joz is on Spring Break Express!

    Boy, I ate a lot of fortune cookies…

    …and left the fortunes sitting around my desk…

    Here are some of them (I’ll omit the “lucky numbers”)

  • You will win success in whatever you adopt.
  • You will receive some prestigious prize or award.
  • Treat yourself to something of quality.
  • A letter of great importance may reach you any day now.
  • Soon, a visitor shall delight you.
  • You’re interested in higher education whether material or spiritual.
  • You are guided by silent love and friendship around you.
  • Note: I did not eat these all at once. This is probably several months worth of fortunes.

    My heart is broken again, I have no energy for an 8 clap

    Dear Bruins,

    I know y’all were the underdogs, but dammit. What happened?! I can’t believe you let this dude run you down like that.

    I’ll still wear my blue and gold on my sleeve but right now it’s all gnarly from the tears and snot and all.

    This was not the way it was supposed to go down in Atlanta… stop breakin’ my heart, boys.

    Let’s go all the way in ’08, ok?


    With an hour to spare before having to get up and shower…

    I’m done with my final paper!

    (Too bad I was too lazy to go back and proofread it; hopefully it’s ok)

    Sleep now.

    It’s 5am and I have to get up by 6am to get ready.

    My ride is coming at 7am so we can get to campus by 8am.

    Ew. Barf.

    (If you read the previous entry, “Ew. Blood.”, you know where this story is going. I am going to put this up for a vote. If you would like me to recount the TMI details of my bodily functions, I might consider doing so. If you would not like me to do so, let me know as well. Depending on the “demand” for a barf story, I will decide whether or not I will humiliate myself on this blog with this story. However, I still reserve the right not to tell the story, regardless if every single person says “WRITE IT!” Fair warning. If you thought “Ew. Blood.” was gross, “Ew. Barf.” is about ten thousand times worse.) Leave your comment below.

    Ew. Blood.

    I don’t know what I did, but I slashed my right index finger and it started gushing blood.

    I obviously didn’t realize what I’d done (didn’t hurt) because I then proceeded to bleed all over my shirt. Luckily, I was on my way to the bathroom when I realized that I was a bloody mess, but the damage had already been done to my shirt. It is pretty obvious I have bloody streaks all over my shirt and left sleeve.

    After I’d figured out it was ME that was bleeding everywhere, I went to the First Aid Kit and got it all bandaged up. But I was about to go to a lunch with some other people, so I put my ugly, holey red office sweater on over my shirt so people didn’t have to look at all my blood stains while they were eating.

    I can’t wait to go home and change my shirt. I feel like I was in a freakin’ horror movie, there is so much blood everywhere.

    Messy desks = More Productivity

    No wonder my desk is a total disaster area. I’m all about productivity.

    A Reuters article published earlier this week basically says that neatness is overrated, costs money, wastes time and quashes creativity.

    I’m all about saving money, saving time, and encouraging creativity… YAY MESSINESS!

    Next time Yoshi harrasses me about cleaning my desk, I will just cite this article and ask, “WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?! WASTE MONEY? WASTE TIME? QUASH MY CREATIVITY? ALL OF THE ABOVE?!?!?!?!”


    Other (older) related articles to prove that I’m right on this one:
    ::Messy desk = ordered mind:: ::What’s Wrong With A Messy Desk?::

    I’m ok now.

    Sorry about earlier. I was just having a bad day at work and was cranky to the max.

    I came home, ate junk food, and played the Sims for like 5 hours straight to take the edge off.

    Now it’s 1am and I’ve finished some of the work I was supposed to do tonight, so all in all, I didn’t blow as much time as I’d feared.

    And you don’t have to steer clear anymore.

    I’m good now.


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