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Happy 2008!

(Annual Happy New Year photo coming soon…)

Happy New Year!  It's 2008!

This picture was actually taken on December 30, 2007 in San Jose at Yoshi’s Mom’s place. I was lying in bed and goofing around with the camera.

Go Stanford!

This morning we got a call from our friend Dave (who lives in L.A. but is up north visiting his family) to see if we wanted to join him and his family at a Stanford Women’s basketball game at Maples in the afternoon.

Heck yeah! I love rooting for the tree!

Anyway, Dave was nice enough to get us tickets AND to sneak us into the awesome section where his family sits, just 3 rows behind the Stanford bench. (Thanks, Dave!)

It was not the most exciting of game since Stanford pretty much blew University of Washington out of the water, but it was still a lot of fun. The final score was 77-42. We did a little shopping at the Stanford Shopping Center and then headed back to San Jose where Yoshi’s parents took us out to dinner at By-Th’-Bucket Bar & Grill where we gorged ourselves and came home with tummy aches. (And I was being so good on this trip until now!)

After we got back, Yoshi was trying to take a nap, but I was goofing around taking snapshots of us. I don’t think Yoshi appreciated the hundreds of flashes that went off while I was doing this. Hee hee!

Later, Yoshi’s Mom was peeling hot chestnuts so I went to go help and we all watched a few episodes of Jeopardy! on TV.

Now it’s time for sleep because tomorrow will be a long day and we won’t get much rest tomorrow night, either!

“Trick-or-Treat Goodies (our way)” – Fourth time around

It’s almost 6pm, I’m late for class, I’m going to be stuck in traffic, and I haven’t seen a single Halloween costume all day (been stuck at my desk).

Aside from my Grandma being in the hospital, I’m just not in a Halloween-y mode.

But it’s becoming a Halloween tradition on my blog to recycle this Halloween story. To anyone who has already read it, I hope you’ll read it again. To any first timers, I hope you enjoy.

Happy Halloween.

Joz at the pumpkin patch in 1984.  I like how my eyes are closed in this shot.  (How did 20 years go by so quickly?!)When we were kids, we learned about a lot of American traditions for the first time on television or in school. Since our parents came to the United States only a couple of years before I was born, they learned about American holidays pretty much at the same time my brother and I did.

Halloween was something fun and exciting because my Mom understood the concept of “dress up” and although she claimed that she didn’t know how to sew, she always came up with costumes for us for Halloween so we could go trick-or-treating and come home with a bag full of candy that we were later not allowed to eat, since it would “rot our teeth out of our mouths.”

Since we weren’t allowed to eat the candy we got from trick-or-treating, often the strategy was to send us out early & to give away the candy that we had received earlier in the evening. We didn’t mind; that was just the way we did things.

As we got old enough to go to school (and have neighbor kids in the same classes with us), we began to become concerned about what candy was being given away at our front door. One year, my Mom informed us that our cousins were planning to come to our neighborhood so we could all go trick-or-treating together. Although this was exciting, it also meant that Mom would actually have to prepare treats in advance for my Dad to pass out while we were out.

I still remember how horrifying it was when Mom returned from the supermarket, proudly announcing that she had purchased “the BEST trick-or-treat goodies” for the neighborhood kids.

My Bro and I excited went through the grocery bags but we didn’t find any Smarties, M&Ms, candy corn, or little Snickers bars.

“What? Where? Mom?”
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I’d like to give a shout out to my old friend Insomnia…

Hi, Insomnia!

Weren’t you around not too long ago?

I know you get bored and all, but I kind of need my sleep.

Just so you know, it’s no kind of fun for you to visit me in the middle of the night on a Saturday night. If I’d known you were going to come around, I’d have made plans to stay out all night.

Instead, I’ve just been putzing around since 1am hoping you’d leave me alone for the night. It’s 4am and I’ve got to work in the morning.

Come by when I’ve got a project to stay up for; or maybe a final to study for.

You’re not welcome when I’ve got to work on Sunday, k?

Thanks, buh bye.

Actual email received today…

… from a car detailing vendor that I used to use.

My edits are in italics, but the emphasis (no change) is in bold.

Dear xxxxx,



PO BOX xxxxx


I saw that they changed it later, but OMG.

I could not stop laughing about it.

I guess it’s a good thing that these people are detailing your car. I mean, if they’re incontinent and driving your car at all, at least you know they’ll clean up after themselves.

Eye am so glad everything is ok.

Eyelid.  Before.
Photo of my eyeball + contact courtesy of me, March 31, 2005

So for a couple of months now, I’ve been having minor vision problems.

Specifically, I had something floating in my line of vision (looks like a black speck) since June. At first I always thought there were gnats flying around my head; I was constantly swatting at imaginary flying things in front of my face. After a little while, I figured out it was my eyes. I thought it was due to lack of sleep, but since the spot didn’t go away after a few days, I made an appointment with my ophthalmologist to make sure it wasn’t anything scary like a retina detachment.

Since it was just one floater, I wasn’t too worried and when I went into see my eye doctor, I got seen by a visiting doctor who looked all over and thankfully couldn’t find a retinal tear or, worse yet, a retinal detachment; just the floater. He said that due to my extreme myopia (nearsightedness), this wasn’t too uncommon and that the floater was in my vitreous humor and that more likely than not it would settle over time. I was to return for a follow up in six weeks, but of course, if I experienced any symptoms of a retinal detachment, to call right away.

Six weeks passed and thankfully, no major changes except I saw some occasional flashes and the floater got bigger (but blurrier). But it didn’t settle. So I went back for my follow up, as directed.

Since I figured they would dilate my pupils again, this time I got smart and got Yoshi to come with me so I wouldn’t have to drive home with blurry vision.

This time, the regular ophthalmologist (not a visiting doctor) saw me and right away she said, “Oh look, I see your floater.” But then she got really upset because she saw some something else and some “elevation” which would typically indicate a retinal tear or detachment. She asked me, “Did I see you last time? No way I would have missed this. Did (the other regular doctor see you)?”

“No!” I said, not wanting the other regular doctor to get in trouble. “The visiting doctor saw me and said everything was ok.” (Incidentally, it was the other doctor’s birthday that day and she had just received a huge arrangement of flowers from her boyfriend. Wouldn’t have been nice for her to get in trouble on her birthday.)

Now I was getting a little panicked and she said she was going to put a giant contact lens thing in my eye to get a closer look. She was extremely thorough and kept looking and looking for a tear because, as she reminded me, “if it’s a tear, I can zap you right now. I have a laser in the other room.” Yikes! Eye zapping?!??!

After 25 minutes of looking for the tear, she started to wonder if I’d had a tear or detachment and then (lucky break for me) my eye started healing itself on its own. She said she couldn’t see anything wrong and chances were everything was fine now, but she wanted me to get a second opinion. She called over to the retina specialist doctor she personally went to and got me an appointment for “as soon as you can get there in Friday traffic.” She started yelling at Yoshi “Get directions! I’m getting on the phone so that Joz gets seen today!”

And out we ran to head over to the L.A. office of Retina-Vitreous Associates Medical Group. (Nice name, eh?)

So now I’m a little freaked out, even though my doctor had said everything was probably fine. Both my eyes were dilated and I had to wear those ugly “instant sunglasses” (they’re called “slip-in myds”) when we exited the building and headed toward downtown. In my hand, I had a referral form with my information filled out at the top and the reason for the referral: RETINAL DETACHMENT. Zoiks! (I was slightly comforted that my eye doctor said that she was going to write that to “make it sound more dramatic so that I could get seen right away.” But still.)

When we got to the Retina-Vitreous office, I filled out the paperwork even though I had a hard time seeing. I asked what my appointment time was and the lady behind the counter said, “Your appointment is for ‘As soon as you get here.'” Yikes!

I waited for a short while and then I had to go for a little intake session. The guy made me do some vision tests (Can you see this?). (I we seeing 20/20 out of my right eye and 20/25 out of my left eye). Then he gave me some numbing drops (which burned) and then took my eye pressure by poking me in the eye with a tonometry device (similar to this Tono-Pen). Surprisingly, getting poked on the eye with this thing didn’t hurt (maybe it was the numbing drops), but then he had to dilate my pupils AGAIN, even though I’d already had them done at my first doctor’s office.

After sitting around for a while, I got moved to the doctor’s office (I asked Yoshi to wait with me) and Dr Boyer peered into my eyes with a bright light (via the slit lamp). He agreed that my doctor was right to have me come over; he could see the elevation that she saw and said that it was understandable why she thought I might possibly have a detached retina. He said what I had was white-with-pressure (WWP) and white without pressure (WWOP), not a retinal tear or detachment.

According to Page 83 of Clinical Pathways in Vitreoretinal Disease By Scott M. Steidl, Mary Elizabeth Hartnett:

White With Pressure, White Without Pressure
These terms describe geographic areas of whitening in the midperipheral, equatorial, and peripheral retina. During indirect ophthalmoscopy without scleral depression, these areas are described as white without pressure. When a white reflex is detected with scleral depression, it is termed white with pressure.

All this means that my retina is OK, but I’m still at higher risk for a Giant Retinal Tear, but that as of now, things are ok. I just have to keep my eyes peeled (no pun intended) for any symptoms.

Thanks to Yoshi for being my chauffeur across town, and also for taking me out to dinner in Little Tokyo afterwards. Thanks also for feeding me guava gelato from Mikawaya. Yum.

This post was brought to you via Google.

Thai food + the Prof

Professor Eric and his beau called up while driving back from Vegas asking if Yoshi and I were free for dinner. Even though we’d made a date to go see a movie, we knew that Eric was going to be traveling for a few weeks, so we decided to go out to dinner with the boys instead.

Anyway, we had a lot of yummy Thai food at Palms Thai and since Thai Elvis was off for the night, we could actually have dinner conversation.

The topic turned to crazy things we’ve seen on YouTube, so then Eric came back to our place so we could show each other the videos we’d been talking about.

(WATCH IN ORDER BELOW; you’ll need about 35-40 minutes to watch all of them in their entirety)

Of course, there’s the oft-watched Filipino Prisoner “Thriller”

Then there’s the Algorithm March (with NINJA!) by Pythagoras Switch

Now that you know what the Algorithm March is, let’s go back to the prisoners in Cebu who will do the WORLD RECORD Algorithm March with almost 1000 inmates:

What is this Pythagoras Switch thing anyway? It’s a Japanese educational television program. Rube Goldberg devices appear during the beginning, ending, and between each segment and are called Pythagorean Device (ピタゴラ装置, Pitagora Sōchi) in the program. Here is a good compilation of such devices:

Of course, Eric had mentioned a Daft Punk concert he attended, so we had to share the Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger:–Nw

Eric topped that by showing a crazy video called the Battle at Kruger, the wonder of nature at its very best:

I topped that with a video about an inappropriate office gesture: (Ewwwwwwww! Boys are gross!)

We ended the night with a Japanese Nike Commercial:

So anyway, if you’ve watched all that, thanks. And watch out for the people in colored jumpsuits running after you.

Guess who locked herself out of the house this morning?

Guess who was running late to work at the time?

Guess who is still locked out of the house because she didn’t have time to bug the neighbors before dashing off to work?

Yoshi is out of town as of yesterday, so when I get home, I’m going to have to bug the neighbors who have an extra key to open the door for me.

I feel like such a doofus…

UPDATE: I was able to call my neighbors and they had an extra set of keys to let me in the house. I got in about 7:45pm…

Favorite phrase actually used in a meeting today (not by me)

Jiggery-pokery rocket science”

Used during an IT meeting as shorthand to describe some complex formulas and derivatives.


So much happening, yet so little to report.

Let’s see:

-Slowly progressing on HP7; should be done before the end of the week. I’m about halfway through now.

-Mom called this morning around the time I was supposed to be getting ready for work and we talked for 20 min. Last week we had sent her a package and she’d let me know that she received it. I sent her some pictures, mostly old pictures, but a couple of new ones. She said that the one of me and Yoshi (taken in a photo booth a few months ago in Santa Cruz) made her laugh.

-Work is work. I’m finally starting to feel situated in the new gig even though it’s been more than a month. Usually I fall right in and hit the ground running.

-Today was Freecycle/Craigslist day. There was a bunch of old furniture I needed to get rid of (this was not my personal furniture). One of the loveseats I gave away (the brown one) belonged to my grandparents. The guy who picked it up couldn’t get over why I was giving away such a nice piece of furniture. It was a nicely made piece of furniture and I was a little sad to get rid of my grandparents’ stuff, but at least it felt good to know it was going to get new life with someone who appreciated it. (If you’re curious about what I gave away, check out the pix on flickr: coffee table, end table/cabinet, brown loveseat, purple and teal loveseat. Actually the coffee table set cleaned up pretty nicely after I took all the junk off of it.) Anyway, I couldn’t believe how many responses I got for all this stuff and the best part was that I knew that this stuff wasn’t just ending up in a landfill & that someone else was going to get use out of it. And everyone who I made appointments with to come pick stuff up showed up on time and followed directions (bring someone to help carry down the stairs). Rawk!

-Went carb crazy today. Had lunch at Fabiolus today and had an order of Penne alla Siciliana (my favorite). Then for dinner stopped by Noodle World and got two orders of rice noodles to go for me and Yoshi. Also got a frozen Lychee slushee drink, too. Yum.

-Got my grade for my Business Law class… whoo hoo! An A-! In this case, I am pleased about the A- because knowing the grading scale, it was an uphill battle to even get an A- and an A is damn nearly impossible. (Still upset about the A- in Marketing, though). Unfortunately, getting another A- (instead of an A) drops my GPA down still further to a 3.900. My semester GPA is a horrid 3.700. Yikes! If I had just taken classes with some other professors, I know I would have gotten two solid As. Oh well. That’s life. I’m actually quite glad I didn’t get the B+ in Biz Law, though. I can still say I’ve gotten all As in grad school. (A-s are still As!)

Here’s to an A day tomorrow! (We are taking a company fieldtrip to the Arclight and watching the Bourne Ultimatum tomorrow afternoon!)

Another long day.

Even though I’m on “summer vacation,” I’m not really getting much time to rest on my laurels.

The only good thing is that I don’t have to read any more Business Law or Marketing textbooks for a while and I can spend my time catching up on Harry Potter instead.

I got my grade back from Marketing and got a disappointing A-. This brings my GPA down even further to 3.925. Blah. I’m scared to get my Law grade back because I struggled with those quizzes all semester. It’s not like me to not get solid “As” so this is frustrating; especially since I spent so much time, effort, and energy on both classes.

Bleh. I don’t want to think about it anymore; I’m so disappointed.

Anyway, Yoshi and I spent the day doing more work on our never-ending project (don’t ask) and then (even though we were already exhausted) we went to a friend’s “welcome home” party in the Inland Empire. Our friend is finally home from the hospital after a few months recovering from a horrendous waterskiing accident on the Colorado River. I don’t really know the details of what happened but the upshot is that her left leg was so mangled in this accident that they couldn’t save it; they had to amputate below her left knee. She was airlifted to a hospital in Vegas where she had to have numerous surgeries and 18 transfusions. Anyway, she’s recovered enough to go home and her family threw a party so her friends could come visit. A lot of our friends had gone out to Vegas to visit her in the hospital but we’ve been so swamped we weren’t able to see her until tonight.

It was really odd to see her minus part of her leg, but she was in good spirits and happy to see everyone. And she let people (not me) try out her wheelchair while she was sitting on the couch. Of course, we’re just glad to see her home, healing, and in a good mood. She’s a total goofball, but with such a life-changing event like that, she seems much more grounded than she was before. I totally admire her spirit and was glad we went to see her. Plus I met a few cool people there, too. (The hour+ drive home back to L.A. sucked, though.)

Anyway, all this activity all day basically meant no real progress on Harry Potter 7; I’m only on page 150 or so. I actually started reading HP7 (in bed) last night after finishing and blogging about HP6. Yoshi rolled over at 3:30am and gave me an evil glare and said, “Put the book away and go to sleep.” Whoa. Something about that look told me Yoshi meant, “I am not kidding; I’m going to punch you if you don’t turn the light out RIGHT NOW.” I sheepishly shut my book and turned out the light.

And with that, I must go to bed again. Of course, I’m taking my HP7 with me, but who knows how many pages I can get through before I get “the look” from Yoshi again…

What makes a headache better?

Ice cream at the one & only Scoops.

Today I got Guava & Lychee Sorbet: two of my favorite fruits in one ice cream. It was so good I wanted more.

I also got Strawberry & Balsamic Vinegar which was more strawberry, less balsamic vinegar.

I called in sick to work because I didn’t sleep well last night and was feeling bleh all morning. The ice cream was a real pick-me-up.

I got there when Tai was putting a few flavors out for the evening. I tried the Pineapple & Jackfruit Sorbet and thought seriously about getting another scoop.

Of course, if I continue eating Scoops at this rate, I will weigh 700 pounds and you will see me next on one of those medical reality shows being interviewed for consideration for gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric Bypass Reality Show Pyschologist: “Joz, do you know why you are the weight you are today?”

Joz: “Because I loooooooooooooove Scoops. Yummmmm.”

Let’s all hope it doesn’t get to that point, shall we?

Somebody in my office is way too chipper for a Monday morning…

I distinctly hear whistling coming from an office down the hall.

If I’m not mistaken, the tune being whistled is “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

Ahh, yes.

Classic GNR.

Random. And annoyingly catchy.

Damn the mystery whistler.

Someone please explain…

…why I can’t stop playing this old game based on an adult PC game: NANACA†CRASH Game.

Nanaca†Crash is a Flash game which uses characters from an adult PC game called Cross†Channel (warning, link is not work safe). Nanaca†Crash is not itself an adult game though; it’s similar to the “penguin launching” game which was popular on the Internet a while back.

I’m not sure why the link is NSFW, but I didn’t go very far to investigate.

(I totally blame this on Scamper)

High score as of 7/28/07: 4889.94m

Whoa tired.

Stayed at the office tonight til almost 11pm working on the group project due on Tuesday.

OutOutBlogger and I are going to work most of the day tomorrow on it, but I wanted to do as much as I could to it to get it closer to a finished state.

Unforunately, we’re still a ways away.

I know this post was poorly written, but I think I did a better job on the paper… well, I hope, anyway…

Excitement at work today

The fire alarm went off (for real, not a drill) on our floor at the office around 5pm today. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had planned to stay late to get stuff done, I’d have totally left at that time.

The gal in the cube next to mine had a microwave popcorn accident. She tried to tell people that it was a false alarm and that she was really sorry, but since the fire alarm had activated, the floor wardens had to evacuate our floor.

They were running around screaming at people to leave their desks, “PLEASE EVACUATE THE FLOOR IMMEDIATELY! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”

As I was walking toward the stairwell, I saw the guilty party and her friend trying desperately to get the smoke to dissipate.

As I headed down the stairwell, I decided to stop by the floor below us (where the main receptionist was) to let her know it was a popcorn incident. She was busy fielding phone calls from people panicking about the fire alarm. She already knew it was burnt popcorn, but she had to tell people on our floor that they were instructed to evacuate anyway. Since I was from that floor, she told me I should probably go check in with my floor warden downstairs. This other guy from my floor and I decided to take the elevator (since we were technically on the main floor and the alarm had not been activated there: the doors to the elevators hadn’t been shut off to us).

The stupid thing about our fire drills is that they tell us to go down a few floors and check in with our floor wardens. (In a real fire, I’d say we should get the heck out of the building and then check in.)

We went down a few floors in the elevator and the doors popped open: most of the people from my floor were standing on the fire drill floor wondering what to do next. There was no floor warden to be seen anywhere. Then they all pointed at me and said, “HEY! WHY ARE YOU IN THE ELEVATOR! WE ALL WALKED DOWN FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS!” I shrugged them off. We got out on that floor to figure out what to do next.

I told everyone there (they were from the other side of the building, away from the popcorn smell) what had actually happened and everyone was relieved it wasn’t a real fire. But we still were standing around wondering if it was OK to go back up, especially since there was no floor warden around.

Then the elevator doors opened and a car full of people from our floor were headed back upstairs, “FALSE ALARM!” someone yelled from inside the crammed elevator. “You can go back upstairs.”

We caught the next elevator up and were indeed greeted with the smell and smoke from the burnt popcorn. The folks from the other side of the building started running around my side of the building yelling, “WHO’S THE CULPRIT!? WHO BURNT THE POPCORN! SHOW YOURSELF!”

But the gal who had done it had already left the building. She had been making herself a snack for the ride to go pick her son up from daycare and couldn’t stay late. I had seen her as she was heading toward the elevator she said, “I knew my popcorn was burnt… I shouldn’t have opened the microwave… I should have thrown it away!!!” (haha! I laughed at that!)

Two hours later (when I was still in the office), she IMed me and asked, “Does it still smell there? I feel so bad.” I told her that it did still smell a bit, but not to feel bad. A similar thing had happened recently on a different floor of our building.

But if we get our popcorn popping privileges banned, I might get a little peeved.

Now I’ve got to wash the burnt popcorn smell out of my hair…

Ha! Fooled it!

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

This thing says my blog is rated G! That’s because all the profanity is in the archives! Ha!

It did notice that I had two drug references and one instance of “bitch” on the page, though. I guess that still counts as G rated…

Saying “bye” to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Hollywood

Joz ponders what to order for this farewell lunch.Even though I actually thought ahead and brought food for lunch from home today, I decided to ditch that plan and walk over to the Old Spaghetti Factory with a co-worker for one last hurrah.

We weren’t the only ones with this idea. When the doors opened at 11:30am, there was already a line at the door. As people trickled into the lobby area, people took out their cameras and snapped some final photographs in this space. It wasn’t extremely crowded at lunch, but I assume that it will be busy tonight for dinner.

I took a few snapshots… not too many, just a few to remember the space by. We had our lunch and said “bye.”

If you can’t make it for a farewell dinner, consider the auction this Saturday… where almost everything, including the 1918 St. Louis Car Co. 28′ Trolley Car, will be sold.

For more info, check out the flyer:

Photo taken by jozjozjoz on 6/19/2007

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd…


Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo*, indeed.

I’m not sure if these goats are used to clear property, but residents rounded up a herd of goats Thursday that wandered into the Mountaingate (Sepulveda Pass) area.

A homeowner saw the goats in the street and asked some nearby workers to help.

The residents and workers tied the goats — about 12 of them — to trees. They plan to watch after the animals until the owner arrives.

“I just watch over them with my golf club,” said resident Kioko Morganstern. “If a coyote comes, or whatever, I’ll protect them. I will watch them, for tonight.”

Animal control officials said they could not guarantee when somebody would arrive to get the goats.

Photo taken from (x-posted on

*Sorry if the song is stuck in your head now.

Squirrel attacks aren’t funny.

Oh wait.

Yes, they are!

RODENT ON THE RAMPAGE: Squirrel Assaults Three Before Being Killed By Pensioner

I love these headlines:
Three injured as squirrel goes nuts
Crutch stops squirrelly squirrel
Angry German Squirrel Injures Three People
Psycho squirrel attacks Germany

This is a shocking incident, considering it’s been less than a year since a family of squirrels stormed a German house.

Damn those angry German squirrels. They need to chill.

Consumating’s Photo Contest

Everyone has shoes, but only the cool have Fly Kicks. Show us!

Vote for me at Consumating! (No, you don’t have to vote for me. This just automagically gets included when I do these things at Consumating.)

I haven’t done the Consumating thing in a long time. And that picture is ollllllllllllllllld.

Is it evil…

…that I want to buy one of these and install it in Bossguy’s former office (where the interns have now taken over)?

h/t: scamper

And now…

The TV (and cable box) is gone, too.

It has nothing to do with the corporate mandate, just changes happening at the office.

No more COSBY SHOW re-runs at lunch for me.

This was not written when you think it was written.

This is actually being written at 11:54pm on Friday night, June 1, 2006.

But I won’t really be around this weekend, so I am writing ahead and scheduling this go to up later.

Earlier this week, a monumental event happened, quite possibly the pinnacle of my blogging career to date: my cousin Nina chose me to be featured on her blog in her popular Focus on a Friend series.

But for me, she changed it to Focus on a Cousin.

I feel so special!

Thanks, Nina!

He’s more than meets the FRY!

Move over R2-Pota2, a new tuber is in town.

Today is a day of true celebration. I present to you:


It's Optimash Prime!

He has spent many a year as the tough Optimus Prime of the Transformers.

But today he has finally transformed into his true potato form.

It’s no half-baked idea; he’s truly made his peace with his inner spud.

Let us all celebrate (for $9.99, you can get your own Mr. Potatohead Optimus).

::Write up by Scott Chitwood, SuperHeroHype:: ::The official Playskool site:: ::Optimash Prime review and pictures::

Photo by Scott Chitwood, SuperHeroHype

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