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One of the hot firemen in the elevator with me

This guy was huge. I think he was at least 6’5″

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Yay we’re home!

Since Yoshi is (still) sick, I not only drove the whole way up north earlier in the week, but I also drove the whole way home.

There is one part of the drive I don’t like to drive, but Yoshi wasn’t feeling well, so I just did it all.

I was really, really strung out during the drive down the 5, though. It was pretty crowded as there was traffic throughout and people drive like asshats.

Save for the spontaneous trip to Wal-Mart in Gilroy to get Yoshi some meds, our trip was pretty uneventful until after we got up and over the Grapevine. I’d been driving for 5 hours and we were only about 35 minutes away from home.

I was in the fast lane, but for some retarded reason, the two cars ahead of me kept hitting their brakes, slowing down to 20 mph on the freeway as the other lanes of traffic kept passing us by.

I wanted to change lanes and because I was getting stressed out and wasn’t sure if I was seeing traffic clearly in the dark, I asked Yoshi, “Can I change lanes?”

Yoshi said, “Yes,” but then I saw a car barreling down the lane I was about to change into, so I didn’t go.

What I couldn’t tell was that the car had seen me signaling and slowed down to let me in.

But I was still hesitant since the two idiots in the fast lane were still driving really slow.

“GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Yoshi yelled at me.

I was startled but then I decided that Yoshi wouldn’t tell me to go unless the coast was clear and I changed lanes.

“I couldn’t see!” I cried out. “I’m sorry! Your head was in the way and that car was barreling down and I couldn’t see the car around your head!”

And then I burst into tears.

“Don’t be mean! Don’t yell at me while I’m driving! I’m tired! I don’t want to drive anymore! I hate this! This sucks! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!”

And then the tears started streaming down my face because I was tired and I was being such a freakin’ girl for crying because Yoshi wasn’t really being mean, but just the usual cranky Yoshi… except a just little more cranky than usual because Yoshi is sick.

Yoshi was like, “Oh no! Don’t cry! I’m sorry I was mean! Do you want me to drive now?”

And I was like “No, we’re almost home. I can make it home.”

So then Yoshi left me alone and I cried while driving for another five minutes and then was better when one of my favorite Erasure songs came up on the iPod.

Sheesh. Sometimes I am such a girl. At least I’m allowed to blame it on hormones, right?!

PS – Do you like how I refrained from naming this post “How Yoshi made me cry while I was driving?”

PPS – At least the weather was nice and we did not have a repeat of the “black ice disagreement”. (Here was Yoshi’s take on the same drive home.)

“Trick-or-Treat Goodies (our way)” – A slight revision for year five

One year ago today, I was still in school, working at a different job, and worrying about the health of my then-ailing Grandma.

Today, I am graduated and staring down student loans, working a new-ish job, and still mourning the loss of my last grandparent 3 months ago. I was able to work from home today so I haven’t left the house, haven’t seen anyone in costumes, nor have I handed out any candy.

But all that is fine by me. Yoshi and I enjoyed a quiet night in and I have my own Halloween tradition here on my blog and that is to recycle this Halloween story… but this year, with some revisions.

Earlier this year, I took part in a special Mother’s Day performance at the Pacific Asia Museum called “Chinese American Stories: My Mother” and read this story on-stage. Since it was for Mother’s Day, I re-wrote some of the story to focus a little bit more about my mother and less on Halloween.

So though it’s the same story as always, it’s a “new and improved version,” dedicated to my Mom.

To anyone who has read it in previous years, I hope you’ll read it again with fresh eyes. To any first timers, I hope you enjoy.

Happy Halloween.

Joz at the pumpkin patch in 1984.  I like how my eyes are closed in this shot.  (How did 20 years go by so quickly?!)When my brother and I were kids, we learned about most American traditions for the first time either on television or in school. Since our parents had come from Taiwan to the United States only a couple of years before I was born, they pretty much learned about American holidays at the same time my brother and I did… and that was usually when I came home from school talking about something I’d learned in class.

Of all the various American holidays we’d learned about, Halloween was especially exciting because my Mom had fun with “dressing us up.” Although she claimed that she didn’t know how to sew, she always came up with costumes for us… like the year my brother was a cowboy with a little red cowboy hat and matching vest, and I was an Indian squaw complete with feathers in my hair. Having costumes meant that we were sufficiently prepared to go trick-or-treating and to come home with a bag full of candy that we weren’t actually allowed to eat, since it would “rot our teeth out of our mouths.”

My mother has a background in medicine, having gone to medical school in Japan and then becoming a pharmacist in Taiwan. Although she liked getting us in costumes and taking us trick-or-treating, she never allowed us to eat the candy we brought home because it was full of sugar and artificial flavors and colors. Since we weren’t allowed to eat the candy, the strategy was to take us out early & to give away the candy that we had received earlier in the evening. We didn’t mind having our candy passed back out again; Mom had scared us about the dangers of sugary treats and really, the candy wasn’t important to us… we just loved the costumes and going door-to-door.

One year, my Mom informed us that our cousins were planning to come to our neighborhood so we could all go trick-or-treating together. We would be going at later time than our usual “early shift.” Since our cousins actually kept their candy, Mom decided that rather than re-distributing the candy my brother and I got via our front door, instead, our lucky cousins would go home with a double-bounty of candy, theirs AND ours! That also meant that Mom would actually have to prepare treats in advance for Dad to pass out while we were trick-or-treating.

And since I was starting to have neighbor kids in the same classes with me, I started becoming concerned about exactly what candy was being given away at our front door. I still remember the day Mom returned from the supermarket, proudly announcing that she had purchased “the BEST trick-or-treat goodies” for the neighborhood kids. My brother and I excitedly went through the grocery bags but we didn’t find any Smarties, M&Ms, little Snickers bars, or even candy corn.
“Mom?” I asked, combing through the groceries. “Where are the treats?”
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I went to BarCampLA6 today

at Mahalo HQ in Santa Monica. (BarCampLA6 info here)

And I claimed my seat, not realizing I was in the way of Tanjab’s livestream.

So someone (Scrivener) accused me being a camera hog.

Joz waves on Tanjab's livestream at BarCampLA6

Joz says HI to Scrivener and PodCampHawaii from BarCampLA6!

Joz on Tanjab's livestream at BarCampLA6

Who me? A camera hog?

I have NO IDEA why he would call me that! The nerve!!!

Been really busy, so here’s something to “Tide” you over ’til I am less busy…

Har har! Get it?! “Tide” you over?!?!?

I know this Tide To Go “stain” commercial is old (Super Bowl 2008), but I just saw it on TV recently and could not stop laughing at it.

You can even go to and make a stain of yourself. For realz!

You know I don’t blog about politics that often.

But in case you’re wondering where I stand on the upcoming presidential election, maybe this button might give you a clue. (UPDATE: I made a slight revision to the button!)

And yes, you can purchase this button at the ::jozjozjoz:: cafepress store! (Scroll down to Stickers, Buttons, & Magnets)

(Thanks, Patrick!)

Shake shake shake!

Shake Shake Shake!
Shake your booty!

(Is that song stuck in your head now?! You’re welcome!)

I was working from home when today’s 5.4 Chino Hills earthquake struck. The building shook suddenly and I thought the earthquake was over, until a rolling motion followed shortly thereafter. When the shaking started, I looked over at Yoshi (we were both in the office) to see if I was just imagining it or not. Once I got confirmation it was an earthquake (and things weren’t toppling down on us), I was like “I’m going to blog this before anyone else does!” And so I made this post at LA Metblogs WHILE THE ROOM WAS STILL SHAKING. Damn, I’m hardcore. Either that, or my survival instinct loses to my blogging instinct.

I’m just glad I wasn’t on-site at my client’s location at the moment (like I was supposed to be). I’d have been up on the 18th floor of a high-rise building. Having been through more minor quakes on the 20th floor at my old job, I know that I don’t like the swaying of tall buildings, and I especially dislike the creaking noises the building makes during and after a quake.

Anyway, right after I posted and checked the USGS website for info, I tried to call my Mom because she was much closer to the epicenter than I was (her house is approx 15 miles away). I have 3 different cell phones with 3 different carriers and none of them were working. So I picked up my land line and called Mom’s land line. It was just a relief when she answered the phone and I heard her voice.

I asked if everything was ok, and she said, “I tried to call you and your brother but the cell phones aren’t working. I was drinking coffee and it spilled all over the place and something fell on the piano and dented it, but I’m ok.” Then she described what she heard and felt: a loud boom followed by an intense shaking and then some rolling. She said that she was trying to wipe up the coffee but then when the shaking continued, she decided to grab her purse and run for the door (she was already near the front door). But as she got there, the shaking stopped.

I was just glad to hear that she was fine and she said, “The only thing that happened here is that the piano got dented, but it’s ok. It was already dented.”

Yes, our piano was already dented? Yes. It was caused by a JozQuakeâ„¢ several years ago.

The joke is that it first got dented by my fat ass. If only it got dented because I had buns of steel. But no. Here’s how it really went down…

One day I was backing up around the piano (beep! beep! beep!) and I misjudged where the piano was behind me (also, I misjudged how big my butt was). I backed right into the upright piano. BOOM!

There was a big scholar’s rock being displayed on top of the piano which began to teeter and totter precariously when I hit the piano with my ass and started the JozQuakeâ„¢.

My Dad was behind me and saw the toppling the scholar’s rock begin its journey in the general direction toward my oblivious backside. Dad tried to catch it but it was a pretty big rock and it wasn’t quite close enough to me to actually hit me so he thought better of it and let it crash onto the piano, rather than potentially hurt himself in the process. (I know you’re thinking, “It’s just a rock.” But let me just say, my Dad collected only the most beautiful, high quality, and expensive scholar’s rocks so this rock was undoubtedly worth well over several hundred dollars. Let’s not mention how much the piano cost.)

My Mom saw all this happen from across the room at yelled at me not to get hit by the rock while simultaneously yelling at my Dad for even thinking about catching it. (How my Mom can yell so many things at so many people at the same time still amazes me.)

Lucky for me, the rock did not hit me and ended up on the ground. Also lucky for me, the rock was undamaged, too. But the same couldn’t be said about the piano, seeing as it just got hit by a giant rock. DOH!

I assumed my Dad was going to be mad at me and my carelessness… for almost breaking his rock (he LOVED his rocks) and possibly my back, and especially for denting up the piano, so I apologized to him right away.

But instead of being mad, he kind of laughed and said to me, “It’s OK; just as long as you’re OK. Now every time I see the dent, I’ll just think of you.”

My Dad is the bestest!

PS – For those who are wondering, the Bro is fine, too.

The Rice Fairy came and I didn’t even notice

This morning Yoshi woke up and went out the back door to put something on the back porch.

“Why is there rice outside?”


I went outside to look and sure enough, there was a 20 lb. bag of rice sitting on our back porch!

A gift from the Rice Fairy!

How did that get there!?

Then I remembered that this past Sunday, my Mom had stopped by to leave me a bunch of stuff while I was working and left some things back there for me… but because the bag of rice was not in the same area where the other stuff was, I somehow missed it.

Anyway, thanks Rice Fairy… er, I mean MOM!

(And thanks to Yoshi for finding it!)

My iPhone burned my feet

I’ve been trying not to complain about it, but I now officially hate my iPhone.

For a while, I had a long love/hate relationship with it. I loved everything about my iPhone… except for the phone part, which I hated.

You see, I’ve had AT&T for a long time and never had problems with reception in my house with my old pink Motorola RAZR.

But once I got my iPhone, people kept complaining about dropped calls, bad reception, or going directly to voicemail when calling me when I was at home. It has gotten so bad, I am using my land line, Yoshi’s T-Mobile cell phone, or my work (Verizon) cell phone instead of my iPhone to talk to people.

WTF is the point of me having my iPhone if I am using every other phone EXCEPT the iPhone!?

Anyway, I got a very important phone call a little while ago and I ran outside to answer the call. (Sometimes if I stand out on the sidewalk near the street, I can get a signal, but people STILL say that I’m cutting in and out).

But I ran outside with no shoes on.

And the darn sun-baked Southern California sidewalk is freakin’ HOT in the middle of the afternoon!

I was running back an forth on the sidewalk… ow! ow! ow! My poor feet!

(I don’t even care what the neighbors must have thought if they saw me running around out there!)

I burned my footsies and I totally blame my iPhone.

When I came back inside Yoshi had no sympathy for me… just some great advice… “WEAR SHOES NEXT TIME!”

(Either I am stubborn or I haven’t learned my lesson yet, but I’m thinking I don’t need to wear shoes… I need my iPhone to work in my house, dammit!!!)

More Mom time

My Mom had an appointment nearby this afternoon and I invited her over when she finished up. I was working from home, and I was still working when she got here, so I told her she needed to leave me alone (not talk to me while I was on the computer) until I was done with what I was working on.

She went outside to water the lawn and the neighbor’s garden instead. When she came back inside, I was just about wrapping up work for the day and she had something round and dirty in her hand.

“I found a quarter!” she exclaimed. “Your neighbor came home and thanked me for watering the garden because she hadn’t done it in so long… and then I found a quarter!”*

Then she looked at the muddy thing in her hand and she handed it over to Yoshi asking, “Is this a quarter?”


(Yes, it was a quarter… Mom is up 25 cents!)

Mom and I hit the road to run a couple of errands… one in K-Town and then I convinced to come with me to check out the (somewhat) new Fresh & Easy neighborhood market in Hollywood with me. I had a $5 off a $20 purchase coupon that was expiring, so I thought I should go and check it out. The store is located just down the street from Hollywood & Highland and at 7pm, there was still a ton of traffic on the roads and it was a pain to get there.

The store itself was certainly clean: items were fresh and it was easy. But everything seemed pricey; I couldn’t bring myself to spend more than $1 on a small bunch of green onions when I am used to paying a dime or a quarter for a bunch at the Asian supermarket. My Mom said she didn’t need anything, so I said, “Let’s spend $20 on junk food!” which she agreed with surprisingly quickly.

We ended up buying boysenberry granola (mine… shut up, Efren! I haven’t had granola in ages!), blue tortilla chips (mom’s), peach flavored gummy candy (mine), white tortilla chips (mom’s), chocolate covered espresso beans (mine), a loaf of bread (mom’s), and a can of chili (mine, for yoshi). As I scanned the items (self-check out — which scared my Mom because she’d never done self check-out before), I realized the total was shy of $20… we needed to spend two more dollars to use the $5 coupon! I sent my Mom off to spend $2 more… she came back with ANOTHER bag of white tortilla chips for me.

Bingo! Total before coupon: $20.56! Final total: $15.56!

As we were leaving the store, I went to go validate the parking ticket. Except I accidentally stuck the ticket in twice (punched twice) so the validation wasn’t going to scan properly. The Fresh & Easy guy I talked to (boy, that makes him sound really slutty) said, “Oh don’t worry about that. Just show the parking attendant on your way out.” So we headed to the elevator to go down to the parking level our car was parked. My Mom was pushing the cart of junk food and as the elevator doors opened, she started pushing the cart into the elevator ahead of me but stopped abruptly when the girl inside started screaming. My Mom shrieked and jumped backwards into me.

“What happened?” I asked.

My Mom looked back into the elevator where a really loud-talking oblivious girl was yelling into her cell phone. “The girl startled me. I thought she was yelling AT ME.”

We got into the elevator when we realized the girl was just having an incredibly loud and obnoxious conversation on her cell phone. (I wonder if it occurred to her that the reason the person on the other line couldn’t hear her was because SHE WAS IN AN ELEVATOR AND GOING DOWN 3 STORIES TO UNDERGROUND PARKING?!) The girl continued her conversation (loudly and obliviously) until she walked out of the elevator on the same level we were parked.

“My heart is still beating so fast. That girl scared me!” Mom repeated.

I started insulting the girl in Chinese under my breath until my Mom gave me a look to stop it.

At the parking lot entrance, my f-ed up parking ticket wasn’t scanning properly (as predicted). The parking attendant was not amused and threatened to make me pay $6 for parking (we are supposed to get 1 hour of parking validated). No! That would negate my $5 coupon! So I asked him nicely if he could let me out since you could see the validation stamp. He debated for a second and saw the line of cars getting longer behind mine and said, “OK,” as he filled out a sheet of paper and used his super-secret letting people out card to lift the gate. Whoo hoo!

Anyway, we went back to my place after that and Yoshi was home visiting with our friend T. Mom had to hit the road, so after walking her out, I had a quick dinner and hung out with Yoshi and T for the rest of the evening.

A couple of days ago, Bossdude had said that he couldn’t write about his life in such detail (in reference to my Memorial Day post). I’m pretty sure the implication was, “OMG, Joz, how can you write about your inane life in such mind-numbingly boring detail?!”

Maybe because my life is so damn boring now that this is as exciting as it gets?

*Mandarin is in italics

Joz has a new pair of shoes!

Wow. Joz’s life must be extremely dull for her to be blogging about a new pair of shoes!


Yup, dull!

Anyway, I am going to be going on a trip at the end of June where I will be doing a lot of walking. The last time I spent good money on good walking shoes was back in early 2006 for our trip to Italy.

Over Memorial Day weekend, when we went to the mall to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, we also swung by the Walking Store so Yoshi could check out shoes. Yoshi didn’t find anything, but funny how I ended up spending $100 on a new pair of shoes for myself!

Check them out: Women’s Merrell Plaza Bandeau

They’re a little ugly, but they are super-duper comfy! They are casual enough that I can walk in them while sightseeing, but not so casual that I couldn’t wear them for a “dressier” occasion.

Sadly, I still won’t get rid of my Munro walking shoes that I bought in 2006 even though I did get a lot of use out of them. Since they’re made of really nice leather, I am convinced that if I get a nice shoe shine they’ll be ok again.


Do you want to guess where we’re headed this summer?

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

Since December of last year, I’ve gone on an out of town trip an average of twice a month. You would think that for a long weekend, I would want to go on a trip, but that would be wrong. I hate traveling during holiday weekends, when everyone else is traveling.

I had a lot to catch up with around the house; general chores and stuff. Yoshi is usually the one who cleans and stuff around the house (since I am so horribly bad at it), but I figured that I should pitch in so long as I had some “extra time.” Also, I made a mess of the kitchen, so cleaning some of the more awful messes (especially ones I cause) are really my responsibility. I should have made an appearance at Darleene’s birthday party on Saturday, but I since I am almost always using the excuse that “I’m never home” so I don’t have to clean, I figured leaving for a party on cleaning day wasn’t a good idea.

By the end of the evening, I was tired of being home all day, and I whined my way into having Yoshi go to the movies with me. We ended up stopping by the drugstore to buy a stash of candy, grabbing a quick bite of pizza, and then watching “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” at the Century City AMC*. Boy, that is a long movie! It’s a good thing I looked at the running time (2 hours, 20 minutes!) before the movie started. I decided not to drink anything until the movie was almost over so I wouldn’t have to run from the film doing the pee-pee dance.

On Sunday, I made a quick visit to see Grandma and to run a quick errand near her place before driving back to OC to spend time with my Mom. Mom had been at a friend’s funeral service in the morning and decided to get gas and groceries on the way home. I had intended to extend my cleaning streak to help my Mom around her house, but instead, she asked me for help in making potstickers. From hand chopping the nappa cabbage to folding the potstickers, my Mom let me sit on the living room floor in front of the TV (as I did when I was growing up) and fold a couple of hundred potstickers. (I watched the movie “Clueless” on TBS and then kept flipping back to CNN as they were doing live coverage of the Phoenix Mars lander.) My Mom was taking potstickers as fast as I was making them, and throwing them on to the stove as she was pan-frying them. Yum!

Joz-made potstickers

I brought a couple of batches home, foolishly thinking that I’d freeze them and save them for another day but I ended up pan-frying them myself so Yoshi and I could pig out on almost all of them for dinner on Monday night. Yum! Gyoza!

But I skipped something.

After dinner on Sunday, I took my Mom to The Block in Orange to run a quick errand and do a quick walk-through of half the mall. We stopped into Bath & Body Works and tried a bunch of fragrant lotions and stuff. My Mom had the most fun trying on the flavored lip glosses. I tried pink grapefruit. She had fruit punch, which made her lips a bright pink. With glitter. Hilarious and so much fun.

Then we stopped by the house to drop something off and headed off to catch a movie. My Mom wanted to watch “Made of Honor” (since I had described it as a romantic comedy), so that’s what we watched. It wasn’t that great of a movie, but it had its charming moments and Mom was having fun, so I had a good time. It was about 11pm when Made of Honor ended, but Mom wasn’t done yet! We walked out of the theater and she said, “Let’s see another movie!”**

“Mom, there are no movies starting at 11pm on a Sunday night,” I reminded her.

“I don’t have to see the whole movie, let’s go see something that’s already started!” she answered!

Oh yay! I was going to be theater-hopping at midnight with Mom! She headed to “Harold & Kumar,” but not wanting to have to explain any potentially gross humor to my mom, I steered her to the Narnia movie I had already seen the previous night, especially since I knew there was at least an hour of that movie left to go. We walked into as a massive fight scene was happening and since there was no context of what what happening my Mom was confused.

“WHAT is going on here with all these animals fighting?” she asked. I had to explain that the animals were the good guys and the mean looking people were the bad guys. After that, it was all good.

Of course, by the time the movie was over, it was 12:30… way past my bedtime! Instead of going back to L.A., I spent the night in OC at my Mom’s house.

When I woke up on Monday morning, I was trying to leave early, but I had accidentally popped the trunk of the car the night before and the car battery died from the little trunk light being on all night. Ooops. Luckily, no one stole any of the Cup-O-Noodles out of the back of my car while it was open all night on the street in front of my parents’ home.

Anyway, I had to go get gas, so while I was out, I stopped by the movie theater and picked up a pair of tickets for my Mom to catch a matinee of the new Indiana Jones movie. I wanted to stay, but wanted to hit the road before the mad long weekend traffic kicked in. I made it home in 35 minutes flat. Nice!

*Through my old job, I have an Annual Pass for movies at AMC Theaters, good for me + 1 through the end of this year. Sadly, the pass I had for 2007 was practically wasted on me because I didn’t have time for movies while I was in school last year. I have resolved to make VERY good use of my pass this year now that I’m done with school and while I still have a pass. I most definitely won’t be getting a pass next year.

**As always, italics means it was in Mandarin.

I am supposed to get on stage in front my Mom on Mother’s Day and I am flipping the heck out.

So one of the crazy things I got involved with promptly after graduation is this Mother’s Day performance at the Pacific Asia Museum my friend Andrea Apuy is co-directing.

It’s called “Chinese American Stories: My Mother” and since it’s on Mother’s Day, I’ve invited my Mom to see it.

That’s right… I’m getting on stage and telling a story about my mother… with my Mom in the audience! Am I insane!? I feel as nervous as I did in second grade when I was forced to enter speech contests in Chinese School (more like pronunciation contests, because we’d recite poems and stories and stuff; not usually things we wrote ourselves) and had to speak on stage in front of my parents and all the parents of all the other students. Nerve-racking!

Except now I’m doing this supposedly willingly and of my own free will. I blame the decision on the delirium due to lost brain cells during my final semester of MBA school.

Anyway, I’ll be telling a story that has been previously told on this blog, but it’s a story that was meant to be read on the page (or screen, rather), so even though the story was already written, I’ve had to do a lot of “re-working” of this thing.

Oh yeah, there is a also great cast of Chinese Americans who will also share stories for and about their mothers, so it’s not just me who will be up there. (And Taiwanese American Joz will temporarily overlook being lumped in as a Chinese American, for this performance only.)

Here’s the cast listing:
Henry Ong
Judy Soo Hoo
Anna Gee
Marshall Wong
Linda Chong
Ann Lau
Denesa Chan
Joyce F Liu
Ewan Chung
Andrea Apuy
Regina Cheng-Sheu
Elbert Traister
Howard Ho

If you come, it would be a great way to spend Mother’s Day afternoon. I suggest brunching in Old Town Pasadena, coming to the Museum and then wandering the Pacific Asia Museum for a bit before the 2pm performance.

Doesn’t that sound like a lovely way to spend an afternoon with Mom?

Flyer for May 11, 2008, Mother\'s Day performance

Chinese American Stories: My Mother”
Sunday, May 11, 2008 from 2-4pm
Mother’s Day Performance
A presentation of community, family and personal memories collected in a writing/oral history workshop by playwright Henry Ong.

Free with museum admission; call 626.449.2742 ext. 31 to RSVP.

Pacific Asia Museum
46 North Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101

Museum Admission
$7 for adults, $5 for students/seniors

Parking: Free parking is available in museum parking lot, located on corner of Los Robles and Union in Pasadena

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  • Pimpage on L.A. Metblogs (formerly by Jason Burns
  • Pimpage on 8Asians by Ernie, who gives away the milk for free
  • Oooops!


    If breaking a mirror = seven years of bad luck, what happens when you break your Hunny’s Picasso exhibit poster?

    I was walking by and knocked the picture over. It fell hard and the corner of the picture frame got me in the leg REALLY hard. I pulled away from the pain and the picture landed on the floor and shattered.

    What you can’t see is how one shard of glass “flipped” and embedded itself into the poster. The glass stabbed a hole into the poster! DOH!

    Question: Why should companies that want to promote their products send Joz to parties and give her free stuff?

    Answer: Joz will come home with the stuff she really loves, and then take pictures of herself kissing their products in bed.* (It sounds naughty, but it’s totally not.)

    Joz Loves Her New Pink Nintendo DS - 03-06-2008

    That’s right. For going to a party, I came home with a new pink Nintendo DS! (I am going to name her “DSty Rose” as in dusty rose pink. Peeeeeeeeeeeenk! And yes, I am already in love, but to be fair, Yoshi has a black Nintendo DS named “DSten” (Dustin) that I would play with frequently, so it’s not like am just mindlessly playing into the marketing ploys of Nintendo. But if Nintendo wants to believe that the brain washing worked, I’m ok with that too. I guess that just means I’m easy.

    My long-time friend Lindsay William-Ross from LAist was the hostess with the mostest last night at a Nintendo/BrandEnthusiast event called “A Girlfriend’s Guide to Gaming.” Lindsay was kind enough to include me on the guest list which included a bunch of kickass girls (lots from LAist) I’ve been wanting to meet for some time (years!)… like the beautiful Jayfader and Siel (GreenLAGirl). (Picture of the 3 of us coming soon!)

    It’s actually hard for me to get out to events in the city during weeknights, not just because of traffic, but also because of parking. I didn’t have to worry last night because the hosts provided complimentary valet service. SCORE!

    The event was held in a converted photo studio off of LaBrea and Melrose and I was greeted by the warm smiles and hugs of Lindsay… and a table full of food, snacks, candy, drinks, and wine!

    Throughout the room, there were Nintendo “hostesses” who were dressed in cute little black dresses with little satchels tied around their waists. It turned out these satchels held some fun goodies for us.

    So after coming in and having a little bite to eat, one hostess gave every guest a heavy gold charm bracelet to wear. There were four (themed) seating areas which were like modern little living rooms with modern-type couches, a coffee table and some chairs. On each table they had like 4-6 DSs sitting around and at each one there was a hostess who helped you play a certain Nintendo DS game. So I played Brain Age 2, Mario Kart, Nintendogs and Planet Puzzle League (totally addicting). (Believe it or not, even though we already have a DS in our house, I had never played any of those games, with the exception of some Nintendogs a long time ago.) After you were done playing the game (usually 15 min), the hostess would add a charm for your bracelet (from aforementioned satchel) and when you got all 4 charms you got a Nintendo DS of your own (black or pink) to take with you!!!

    And, as we walked out of the door, thinking they were done giving us things, another hostess stopped us to hand us copies of Brain Age 2! Woot!

    I had the greatest time and going to a party where I could simultaneously be social and anti-social and where I didn’t get yelled at for being rude by playing with my electronicals in public. (Hmm, didn’t mean for that to sound so dirty…)

    THANKS AGAIN FOR INCLUDING ME, LINDSAY! And thanks to everyone who put it all together for making the night so much fun for me!

    *If I do go to any parties or get any free stuff, I don’t promise kisses, getting in bed with anyone/anything, or any bedroom pictures. Basically, I make no promises… not even to go to any parties or to take any stuff!

    Two quick stories.

    It’s 5am and I am supposed to be done with my paper that is due at 6pm tonight. Let’s just say that I’m not done yet, but if I really focus, I should be able to complete it before I have to leave for work 7:45 today.

    So clearly I shouldn’t be blogging.

    But then again, I should have gotten more than an hour and a half of sleep last night, too. Since when do I pay attention to what I should or shouldn’t do, anyway?! (To be fair, I woke up on my own and couldn’t go back to sleep even though I allowed myself a longer nap than that.)

    Oh well. I promised two quick stories.

    STORY #1 (This story is for my personality twin Meeta, who probably has 10 similiar stories she could share)

    This happened on Tuesday afternoon, around lunchtime.

    Despite having packed leftover Thai food for lunch for Tuesday, I was my usual dorky self and left my lunch at home by the front door instead of taking it with me. (I blame it on being late to my doctor’s appointment, which was also my fault.)

    Anyway, by lunchtime, I wasn’t that hungry but I was regretting not having anything to put in my mouth. I hadn’t planned on taking lunch, so I just wanted to go get something quick and come right back. I figured my best chance of not getting into any trouble was to jump in the car, find the nearest drive-thru, grab some grub, and get back to my work ASAP.

    The nearest drive-thru I could find was a Jack in the Crack and so I turned into the (tiny) driveway and was met by a line of cars that wrapped around into the (tiny) parking lot. As I looked in my mirror to see if I could back up and make an escape, a car pulled in behind me and I was trapped. The parking lot was so small, there was really room for one lane of cars, so all the people parking in the lot were now trapped, too.

    “Oh well, hopefully the line moves quickly,” I thought to myself.

    At that moment, this tall, slender man wearing sunglasses and a business casual outfit walked out of the restaurant. He was heading toward the parking lot (which I was now effectively blocking completely) and then he walked toward my car and motioned for me to roll down my window. I assumed he was going to tell me which car was his so I could move out of the way a little.

    Instead, he asked for my number.


    I’ll admit, the guy was kind of cute, but I did not expect him to ask for my number.

    “Sorry,” I sputtered. “I’m married.” (So it’s not technically true, but it might as well be and really, isn’t that the most compassionate lie I could have told him?)

    “Oh,” he replied. He was going to say something else, but I cut him off. “Thanks for asking though, that’s quite flattering, but sorry…”

    “It’s ok,” he smiled at me. “You’re blocking me in, by the way.”

    I looked over at the direction of his car and I played innocent, “Oh? Sorry about that! I’ll get out of the way as soon as the cars ahead of me move.” And then the gods finally shined some luck down on me and the cars started moving. I started rolling up my window and he said, “Bye. See you around.”

    “No, I won’t!” I thought, as I pretended to focus on driving my car forward 5 feet. I saw him pull out of his spot and try to squeeze his car past mine. As he passed me, he waved at me again and I just kind of nodded at him and looked away.

    At least he wasn’t a creep and he was generally nice about it all, but when I told Yoshi about it and how I ABSOLUTELY WAS MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS and not trying to attract any kind of attention to myself, Yoshi just kind of laughed at me… because strangers are constantly coming up and talking to me (usually not hitting on me), and I am always swearing that I didn’t do anything to egg it on.

    The joke is that I’m somehow “receptive” to strangers, but many people have witnessed this happening and I REALLY AM NOT BEHAVING AS IF I ENJOY TALKING TO STRANGERS.

    The consensus is that I’m just a “freak magnet.” And I since I can’t explain it, I can’t really dispute it.

    Lesson learned: No more fast food. (Do you remember the time I went through the drive-thru at Taco Bell?!)

    STORY #2:
    I could tell a much more colorful story about my dinner with EB and how we walked down to the local pizza joint last night and ordered a giant 18″ pizza and how we are plotting our next weekend trip + my graduation party, etc.

    But instead I’m going to gyp you on the second story and give you a condensed version so I can get back to my paper.

    The upshot: I walked out of my house without my keys and we found ourselves locked out. (Ok, technically, *I* locked us both out, but it sounded better the other way.)

    By the time we got back to my house after dinner, EB had most of a giant 18″ pizza in one arm, a bag of candy and other stuff from Rite-Aid in the other arm, and I was sitting on the steps by the front door, desperately emptying out my purse in search of my keys.

    Lucky for us, Yoshi happened to come home moments after I began purging the contents of my purse on to the doorstep. EB hollered out to Yoshi to come help us and open the door and Yoshi took one look at us and said, “Y’all are out of luck. I’m going in through the backdoor.”

    Yoshi did not realize I really didn’t have my keys since it would have been a good assumption that we would have had to drive to go out to dinner. (We DO live in LA, after all…)

    “How is it possible that you lost your keys between the car and the front door?” asked Yoshi.

    “We didn’t drive!!! We walked!!!” I whined.

    Then EB started in on me because before we left the house I had convinced him that the pizza joint was only two blocks away, when it was really 2 blocks one way + almost 3 really, really long blocks the other way. “See? If we had driven instead of walking that whole long way, we would not have this problem,” he pointed out.

    Great. As if having Yoshi to tease me wasn’t enough. Now I’ve got EB and his giant pizza giving me grief, too. And he threatened to punish me by eating the candy he’d bought for me at Rite-Aid. (I pointed out to him that he’s allergic to some of it.)

    Finally Yoshi relented and walked toward us to open the front door (and so I could put everything back inside my purse again).

    And yes, my keys were sitting right by the front door.

    Where I had left my Thai food the day before.

    Perfect, no?

    I’m sorry y’all had to see that.

    I was being obnoxious when I put that horrible, horrible picture up.

    I can’t stand looking at it either, so this is my attempt to push it down below the fold.


    I know, my site should really come with a warning.

    On the bright side, I’m back from class tonight and Yoshi’s not asleep yet. Hooray!

    I had a beer during break from class tonight with two of my teammates and actually didn’t mind the last two hours of class as a result.

    Time for a shower and to head to bed!

    I should be mad, but I’m not.

    I had a long and exhausting day yesterday and since I had been up since 5am, I was pooped.

    Yoshi and I went to bed a little after 9pm… so early! I was in the middle of deep slumber when my phone started ringing loudly; the ringtone set to one of the most obnoxious ones I have.

    It 12:30am and my friend EB was texting me: Let’s go out! Want to drive to Mexico?

    Mexico? WTF?!?!

    I was planning on just ignoring him but that ringtone really startled me and though I was still tired, my heart was beating quickly and I had to get out of bed.

    I ended up calling him back to ask him what he was up to but that since I have to work tomorrow, Mexico wasn’t an option. (Yes, it was a real offer, not a “Ha ha! Let’s talk about going to Mexico but not really go” sort of thing. He means it when he says stuff like “Let’s fly to ____ RIGHT NOW!!!!”) He threw out the idea of going to a casino together, but I told him that I wasn’t planning on gambling so I’d go just to watch him play. And he’s like “That’s boring for you. Besides I might play for like 24 hours straight and then that would be really dull for you.” So we decided not to get together tonight and maybe meet up for a movie tomorrow night after I’m done with work.

    Normally, a 12:30am text message from him would not bother me… he’s one of those friends who can call (literally) anytime night or day. And there was no way for him to know that I was actually sleeping when he texted me. But it’s now 4:30 and I have watched TV, chatted online, had a snack, and learned that I have no idea how to use my new cell phone, and I’m still not sleeping.

    I’m going to get back into bed with Yoshi now and hope that I can get some shuteye before I have to get to work tomorrow.

    No, I didn’t quit.

    I’ve just been insanely busy.

    A full day of work in OC yesterday + a commute back to LA + homework etc + two hours of sleep last night + a full day at work (no lunch) + 4 hours of class = messing up the venue of the place I was supposed join kent nichols for drinks to celebrate his birthday.

    Aside from not reading one of the cases (unintentional! I didn’t know it was assigned), something was bound to give.

    Oh and my 5 year blogiversary came and went and I totally forgot to mention it.

    I don’t know if I should my first day should count as January 14, 2003 (my first blogpost at that didn’t work) or January 29, 2003 (my first post at the blog hosted at

    Either way, it’s definitely been 5 years.

    I blame this guy and this guy for this. Thanks, guys!

    The embarrassing truth.

    Time to clean my purse out again.

    Bitch Bag

    I’ve been running around using my Angry Little Girls totebag (I call it my “Bitch Bagâ„¢”) as a purse for a few months. I’m not really “into” Angry Little Girls, but this bag was really appropriate for me and I love it. Michael sent it me a few years ago for my birthday. Thank you again, darlin‘!

    Ok, so this is a really inappropriate purse to take to work, but I did it anyway and generally most people laughed at it. Most people. Whatevs! I don’t work there anymore!

    Anyway, since I am starting a new job tomorrow, I figured I should probably start using a REAL PURSE for a while, so I transferred everything into a new Coach Soho Satchel handbag that Yoshi bought me a year or two ago for my birthday. It’s new because I loved the handbag so much that I was afraid to use it.

    I won’t do a break down of everything that was in my purse because I just don’t have the time for that right now, but WOW! was there a lot of random stuff in there.

    I did it! I gave myself a tattoo*!

    *Ok, it’s not really a tattoo, and hopefully it is not permanent.

    I stayed up really late Monday night doing paperwork and was just wrapping up some stuff I had been writing (with an actual pen instead of something less hazardous, like typing on a keyboard).

    The pen is new and it’s kind of hard to make the cap snap back on so I took the pen and jammed down on it with my palm to push the cap down.

    Except that I had the cap on the wrong side of the pen and what I actually did was stab myself REALLY REALLY hard in the center of my right palm with a sharp black pen.

    Oh holy mother of all things good and evil… gawd it hurt so bad!

    This happened at around 3am, which told me that I was probably tired and should probably go to bed soon. I got some rubbing alcohol to disinfect the stab wound but considering I have ink inside the stab wound, it’s no wonder it still hurts almost 24 hours later.

    It had stopped bleeding by the time I had gone to bed, but when I woke up in the morning, my hand was really sore.

    And yes, you can see the one black spot where I accidentally “tattooed” my own hand.

    I rule.

    Yes, I do have a lot of that. (But no comment on the other thing.)

    So I was awakened not too long ago by my Mom’s friend RH (indeed, a really close family friend), who is helping us with a few things. When we talk it’s usually a frenetic conversation in Chinglish– both Chinese and English– depending on the topic.

    When we were done talking shop, she asked me how I was doing because I haven’t seen her for a while and she mentioned that she saw a recent picture of me and noticed that I had gained some weight since I last saw her. (Ahhh, there’s nothing like the blunt, tactless commentary that you’ll get from a close Taiwanese/Chinese lady friend. If it wasn’t absolutely true and obvious, I probably would have been pretty mad. Besides, it “comes from a good place,” just like it does when my Mom says similar things. Although after all these years of carping about my weight, my Mom has finally stopped with the fat comments.)

    The last time RH and I spent any time together was when my father was in the hospital. It has been about a year and a half since that time and I am not proud to say that I’ve gained something like 30 lbs since then.

    I blame it on a combination of not eating right (my fault), not exercising (my fault) and possibly a bit of the way my body is (always had trouble with weight regulation, not my fault, but this is probably the factor I have the least control over and that I blame the least for my weight gain).

    In the last two years, I have been working a full-time job + going to school full-time + lost my Dad and taken on a lot of family responsibility + learning how to deal with the grief of losing such a close loved one. Oh yeah, I don’t get a heck of a lot of sleep, either.

    The first two things alone (work + school) was enough to derail me a little bit from a relatively decent (not-quite-healthy-but-not-so-bad lifestyle), but the combination of all those things above really put me in a tailspin. I have been running around for a long time, not thinking about what I am putting into my body, not doing too much exercise, and definitely not sleeping enough to give myself the rest I so desperately need all the time.

    Ok, all that said, what does the title of my post mean?

    So RH was asking me why I had gained so much weight so quickly. She was concerned about health issues, like did I have some sort of weird immunological disease or something. I told her I didn’t think so and just said that I wasn’t really taking care of myself or exercising, etc. She asked me a bunch more questions (Had I been to the doctor? What did they say? etc) and I answered them half-heartedly.

    Then she asked me something that got my attention.

    RH: “DO YOU HAVE A LOT OF SEX?” (in English)

    “WHAT?!” I asked in Chinese, really shocked by the mention of the subject. (I do NOT talk to my Mom about such things, so I am not going to go talking to her close friend about stuff like this. As far as my Mom likes to believe, I don’t even know what sex is and I’m not planning on changing that perception for a while!)

    RH: “I said, ‘Do you have a lot of sex?'” (she repeated in English)

    Joz: …

    I sat there dumbfounded in silence, which is pretty damn unusual for me. What the hell is she bringing this up for?! What the hell am I going to say?! How do I change the topic!?!?! Arrrrgh! So embarrassing!

    Since I didn’t answer for a bit (maybe like 10 seconds, which is an eternity, especially for a blabbermouth like me), she asked the question again:

    RH: “Did you hear what I asked?” (in Chinese)
    RH: “Do you have a lot of PRESSURE on you?” (in English.)

    Joz: “Pressure?” (in English)

    RH: “Yes, pressure. STRESS. Do you have a lot of STRESS?” (in English)

    OMG! She was asking me about STRESS, not SEX! Thank god!

    Joz: “Pressure? Oh yeah, I have lots of that. You know that.”

    RH: “You shouldn’t worry so much, try to relax and not to take on so much pressure. It’s not good for your body.” (in Chinese)

    Joz: “Yeah, I know.” (Joz changes the subject quickly)

    So to recap…

    Yes, I do have a lot of that. STRESS

    (But no comment on the other thing.) SEX

    Oh gawd I love these Chinglish conversations.

    PS – The last few days excepted, I have been eating better and have dropped 8-10 lbs since the beginning of the year. I’m working on it. Really, I am.

    You know what’s fun?

    Sitting in the warm bed and typing on my laptop.

    You know what’s more fun?

    IMing Yoshi who is in the office and hearing the computer go “BING!” when an IM goes through.

    It’s also fun to type “BING!” everytime you hear the “BING!” go off until Yoshi finally logs off and comes to bed.

    Now it’s time for bed so I have to put my computer away.

    Day 2 of feeling like crap.

    With the exception of running out to the post office today, I have mostly been in bed all day.

    I also spent a few hours attempting to pay bills and cleaning off my desk.

    I played with my Nintendo DS (his name is DSten, thankyouverymuch) so much that the battery ran out.

    I hate being sick.

    I am a mess and going to bed.

    Today was my first day back at the office after a long weekend of fun and travel. Boy, was it hard to go back.

    The day started with my trying to leave the house and finding out that my car battery had died since I hadn’t moved my car in two weeks. And because I’m so awesome like that, I stole Yoshi’s car and took it to work, effectively leaving Yoshi stranded at home.

    After an hour-long conference call where I got debriefed on everything I had missed, I started to catch up on some paperwork sitting on my desk.

    At some point during the day, I got a message from a former classmate who asked me if I was going to see him in class tonight. “Oh crap!” I thought! “Classes start tonight!?!?”

    To be fair, I was technically enrolled in a class in OC that starts next week. However, there is a chance that I needed to take the class on Thursday nights (and that meant getting to class tonight). After much deliberation and also cajoling of my counselor (who has already changed my schedule approximately 5 times already in the last 3 weeks), I enrolled in a class in WLA for Thursday nights.

    That meant I pretty much had to take off early from work, go home and get my laptop, and then head across town to get to class on time. Class was not too painful, but I realized that I was started to feel stuffed up and the drugs (Yay, Day-Quil) I had taken earlier were wearing off. I started feeling like my head was really heavy and the thoughts were getting stuck somewhere between my brain and my mouth. So I tried to shut my trap.

    Anyway, by the time class was over and I had to drive home, I realized I really am getting sick. I called Dave to check in on him and was glad to have his verbal company with me on my drive home. It was hard to keep my head straight.

    Anyway, I got home and took more drugs (Yay, Ny-Quil!), took a hot shower (which cleared my sinuses), and then proceeded to poke myself in the left eye with my glasses while trying to put them on.


    I think it’s time for bed now.

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