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What makes a headache better?

Ice cream at the one & only Scoops.

Today I got Guava & Lychee Sorbet: two of my favorite fruits in one ice cream. It was so good I wanted more.

I also got Strawberry & Balsamic Vinegar which was more strawberry, less balsamic vinegar.

I called in sick to work because I didn’t sleep well last night and was feeling bleh all morning. The ice cream was a real pick-me-up.

I got there when Tai was putting a few flavors out for the evening. I tried the Pineapple & Jackfruit Sorbet and thought seriously about getting another scoop.

Of course, if I continue eating Scoops at this rate, I will weigh 700 pounds and you will see me next on one of those medical reality shows being interviewed for consideration for gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric Bypass Reality Show Pyschologist: “Joz, do you know why you are the weight you are today?”

Joz: “Because I loooooooooooooove Scoops. Yummmmm.”

Let’s all hope it doesn’t get to that point, shall we?

Had a wonderful time tonight at the Hollywood Bowl…

Since we didn’t subscribe to the Hollywood Bowl this year (too much going on; no time for social life or fun) I was expecting that we wouldn’t get up there at all.

Since I did some volunteer work a few months ago for East West Players (during my Spring Break), I got ahold of 4 free tickets for tonight’s performance at the Bowl: Sarah Chang plays Bruch (Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 1).

Yoshi and I met up with Professor Eric & his lovebug (don’t know how I should to refer to Eric’s sweetie pie) at Hollywood & Highland and then caught the shuttle up to the Bowl. We spread out a blanket and had a nice picnic dinner before catching a great performance of classical music with the L.A. Phil (Brahms: Academic Festival Overture; Schumann: Symphony No. 3, “Rhenish”). The only disappointing thing was that Sarah Chang ONLY played Bruch; nothing else. But at least we got out of there pretty early so I won’t be a total zombie when I go to work tomorrow.

I have been neglecting my blog but a quick update on school (like you care). I did OK (not great) on my most recent Biz Law quiz on Monday night; just one more to go until a short summer break. I stayed late to talk to my Law prof after class. Despite how poorly I’m doing in class, I really enjoy the lectures and wanted to talk to her about a few topics. The next morning she gave me a call and asked if I would be interested in doing some research for something she’s publishing. I said that I was and have plans to stay late after class on Monday to discuss. (I know, I’m a nerd. Taking on research on my summer break.)

We (OutOutBlogger and I) spent most of the past week working on our Marketing Plan (a document that was about 65 pages long by the end of it) + the corresponding 50+ slide presentation. Let’s just say that it was a lot of work put together in a short amount of time and I am very, very grateful that OutOutBlogger was on my team. I honestly can’t say the same about the other two team members, though. Luckily, the Marketing class is now officially over and we just await our grades for the Marketing Plan and for the class itself. While I think we put together a great Marketing Plan, I’d been averaging an A- in the class up until this point. I thought that I killer Marketing Plan would secure an A… but that was until I got my final exam result. It was not pretty. I guess the class did not do well as a whole; despite us all getting 20 free bonus points to start with (everyone could choose 10 two point questions not to answer and get automatic credit on the exam), the professor gave everyone another 10% added to their score after he was done scoring everything (because everyone had done so poorly). In other words, a 70% was automatically bumped to an 80%. Let’s just say that after the 10% was added, I barely had a B. So now I don’t know if I got an A in the class; though I hope I did. I really worked my patootie off for that Marketing Plan and hope that the prof realizes it.

Saying “bye” to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Hollywood

Joz ponders what to order for this farewell lunch.Even though I actually thought ahead and brought food for lunch from home today, I decided to ditch that plan and walk over to the Old Spaghetti Factory with a co-worker for one last hurrah.

We weren’t the only ones with this idea. When the doors opened at 11:30am, there was already a line at the door. As people trickled into the lobby area, people took out their cameras and snapped some final photographs in this space. It wasn’t extremely crowded at lunch, but I assume that it will be busy tonight for dinner.

I took a few snapshots… not too many, just a few to remember the space by. We had our lunch and said “bye.”

If you can’t make it for a farewell dinner, consider the auction this Saturday… where almost everything, including the 1918 St. Louis Car Co. 28′ Trolley Car, will be sold.

For more info, check out the flyer:

Photo taken by jozjozjoz on 6/19/2007

Is it evil…

…that I want to buy one of these and install it in Bossguy’s former office (where the interns have now taken over)?

h/t: scamper

Home again.

I didn’t make much progress on my reading today, but I got to rest most of the entire ride home since Yoshi was great enough to allow me the luxury of sleep by driving the entire way home.

Things I discovered today:
Sugar Free Jelly Bellys: They taste good, but don’t have the same consistency of regular Jelly Bellys… making them bleh. We actually discovered this when we tried them yesterday on the way to Vegas, but I ate the entire rest of the bag on the way home and decided I could get over the mouth feel because I like the taste of them.

-I should have paid attention when the bag said “WARNING: Consumption may cause stomach discomfort and/or a laxative effect.”

-I had a stomach ache for the last hour of the drive home.

-The bag absolutely did not have the warning that was on the website: “Individual tolerance will vary; we suggest starting with 8 beans or less.”

I’m not sure how many beans I ate but it was definitely more than 8.

Oh well, I’m home now and my stomach stopped hurting.

Now to make my head hurt with this Biz Law stuff.

Craving donuts…

That’s probably because I just made a post about America’s Best Doughnuts on and I was searching for yummy looking donut images to go with the post.

Mmmmm… donuts…

Now I’ll never get one…

Silver Surfer Quarters
In last Friday’s VARIETY, I caught the following headline and lead:

Silver Surfer U.S. quarter minted
Limited edition coin put into circulation

Hollywood really does mint money.

In an unprecedented marketing move, 20th Century Fox and the Franklin Mint have created a Silver Surfer U.S. quarter that has been put into limited circulation in advance of the release of “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.”

And it turns out they’re illegal. Even if they have to pay a fine, for Fox, this is great because it’s all kinds of free advertising. And people will go nuts for these hard-to-come-by coins.

They released about 40,000 quarters into general circulation, approximately 800 per state over Memorial Day weekend. Chances of any of these things landing L.A. aren’t too great, I’m guessing. If anyone does come upon one, I’d love to know how they got it.

I wanted one myself, but I’m not willing to fork over A HUNDRED + DOLLARS on eBay for something legally worth 25 cents.

UPDATE: I was looking for the follow-up article from VARIETY on this topic (the first article did not mention the illegality of the coins as that had not become apparent at that point). I haven’t seen it yet, however, I did notice that they removed a paragraph from the online story which was previously in the print version:

The U.S. Mint isn’t the only government agent getting into the movie marketing biz. Post offices across the country have begun displaying some 300 mailboxes made to look like “Star Wars” character R2-D2 as part of the 30th anniversary of the film franchise.

Of course this paragraph is inaccurate because as we know now, the U.S. Mint did not sanction the Silver Surfer promotion. And, as previously discussed on regarding the Star Wars mailboxes, the USPS is “an independent establishment of the Executive Branch of the United States Government” (in other words, it’s not exactly a government agent).

Photo via AP Photo/20th Century Fox

I made it through another day.

I heard about the Griffith Park fire earlier today, but I was working off-site and didn’t have a view of the fire.

Then I went to school (drove away from the fire) and didn’t catch my first glimpse of it until past 10pm. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the fire had kicked up again right around then. From the car, it looked like the whole other side of the hill was alit.

Great coverage at and stunning pictures at laughingsquid.

Props to the LAFD for all their fine work; may this fire be contained quickly and safely.

There’s nothing like escaping from reality…

…even for a few hours.

Since yesterday, I have been engrossed with the unfolding story at Virginia Tech, taking me mentally out of Los Angeles and hurting at the though of this horrible tragedy.

As someone who still is greiving over the loss of someone close less than a year ago, I can’t help but to put myself in the place of the families who have suddenly and senselessly lost someone they love.

I decided that I needed to put reality aside for a little while tonight and decided to watch a movie (one made by a major studio), one with no shootings and explosions. So that’s what I did.

And for 2+ hours (I watched all the special features on the DVD, too), I escaped the reality of the last two days, a job I’m not happy at, and the loss of losing my Dad last year.

So this is a “thank you” to Los Angeles, indeed “Hollywood,” and everyone who makes movies. Sometimes I forget how wonderful it is to (temporarily) forget my woes.

There’s a no cross-posting rule on…

…so sometimes I write about stuff I’d normally put on my personal blog and put it there instead.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the building across the street from my office building being transformed into a giant Transformers ad on I’m really excited about this and even got some scoop about what it’s going to be like when it’s done.

I even posted a picture I took of one side of the building. See?

The Transformers Building is coming!

Anyway, Markland told me that my post got linked by defamer and they used my photo, too!

Short Ends: Billboardtron Transforms From Former Office Building Into Giant Movie Ad
· The shell of the 360 building at Sunset & Vine is getting a second skin, courtesy of Transformers. It’s more than meets the eye! Just like a building that was once insulated with asbestos!

Today, there was a major windstorm in LA… lo & behold the Transformers wrap on one side of the building was ripped off by the wind. Defamer posted pictures before I was able to get to it, but in this post they linked to an old post I’d written about that same building (when it caught on fire a couple of years ago).

Anyhoo, I went this afternoon to try and see if I could find a remnant of the billboard, but the smaller pieces had already blown away and been picked up.

Got a nice call from the BossMan today.

Not Bossguy.

BossMan, from the days of yore.

So strange. I haven’t heard from him in years, he calls out of nowhere, say “hi” and asks me a bunch of questions and “jumps off the line to another call” right when I’m about to ask him what he’s been up to.

I’m so glad I documented the absurdity of BossMan on my blog.

UPDATE: Ahh, the plot thickens. I now know why the BossMan was thinking about me. The person who is currently in my former position gave him surprise one-week notice. I don’t think he wants me back (he can’t afford me now anyway), but he was probably wondering if I knew anyone for the job.

Weekend round up…

I just wrote a post for about the Rose Hills Columbarium, which is where my Dad’s ashes are interred. Check it out if you are interested.


  • To Rose Hills for a chanting service for my Dad with my brother
  • Brother and I went to visit Grandma/have lunch in Alhambra (Kang Kang Food Court)
  • Hung out at Grandma’s for a bit
  • I went back home, watched TV and played some Sims
  • Sunday

  • Woke up fairly early
  • Did laundry
  • Put dishes away
  • Vacuumed
  • Made meatloaf
  • Washed dishes
  • Swung by to drop off something for cousin Nina and her daughter Ashley (first time I’ve seen Nina with bulging belly for baby #2; also saw cousins Sarah and Daniel)
  • To Orange County to see my brother
  • Dinner at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney with Bro & Yoshi
  • Dessert from the Jazz Kitchen Express: Beignets and Bread Pudding
  • Back to the house to take care of a few things with Bro
  • Called Mom with Bro
  • Filled out our census survey
  • Back to L.A.
  • Blog
  • Oh and even though I don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you had a good one.

    My heart is broken again, I have no energy for an 8 clap

    Dear Bruins,

    I know y’all were the underdogs, but dammit. What happened?! I can’t believe you let this dude run you down like that.

    I’ll still wear my blue and gold on my sleeve but right now it’s all gnarly from the tears and snot and all.

    This was not the way it was supposed to go down in Atlanta… stop breakin’ my heart, boys.

    Let’s go all the way in ’08, ok?


    The dangers of being home alone

    Yoshi has been out of town since Wednesday and doesn’t get back until this weekend.

    In the meantime, I have:
    -Not done the dishes
    -Not taken out the trash
    -Not done the laundry
    -Not gone to bed at a decent hour
    -Not been eating healthy foods
    -Not made the bed (even once)
    -Not put anything away upon coming home from work (dumped everything by the front door as soon as I walked in)
    -Not worked out

    Granted, even when Yoshi is around, I don’t usually do the dishes or go to the gym. But I do sometimes do the other things.

    I am only admitting this because by the time Yoshi gets home, I must make sure I do all those things.

    Well, I can’t go back and eat better, but I will starting tomorrow.

    I got sent home from work today* after lunch…

    …because I’m “sick.”

    Actually, at that point, I wasn’t feeling sick yet. Just tired. But I was pretty crabby all morning to the Bossguy. No wonder he sent me home. I wouldn’t want crabby me around the office if I were him, either.

    I came home, napped, and was supposed to go to a LA Blogger party, but was sneezy and ucky feeling by that time and decided I’d keep my germs to myself. So I missed out on seeing a bunch of people I’d been looking forward to seeing.

    Sucks. Going to bed now.

    *Today = Tuesday, March 6, 2007

    Post made to today

    I am embarrassed that I spent well over an hour researching writing it, formatting, it and posting it. I can be such a nerd.

    It’s #16 of the Top L.A. Legends series: Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite (aka Jamie Lee Curtis has a teeny weenie)

    In other news, my browser history for the last two days looks like I am a Jamie Lee Curtis stalker who has a deep curiosity for herms, merms, and ferms.

    I swear it ain’t so.


    Will the choppers please stop circling above our house?

    I don’t care what Oscar party is going on near us.

    IT’S 1:35AM… GO AWAY!

    I would like to thank the Academy

    For what?

    I dunno. But I thought I’d thank them since everyone else was.

    Too bad I didn’t get one of those shiny trophy-thingies, though.

    (First time in years that I’ve watched (most of) the Oscars. Now for a bunch of homework.)

    This happened on Tuesday, 1/23/2007*

    I got trapped in the elevator at work for 3 minutes while trying to leave the office.

    I am fine and despite momentary trauma, which persisted a few hours after getting home, I have mostly forgotten about it. But now I shall give you a play-by-play so I can re-live the horror and terror.

    As we know from previous posts on my blog, the elevators in my building can be a little temperamental.

    Sometimes when the parking lot is crowded, you have to leave your keys with the attendant so they can stack park the vehicles. As I was leaving the office last night around 6:30, I went down to the main receptionist’s floor to retrieve my keys. Unfortunately for me, the keys had not been delivered yet and were probably still down in the parking lot.

    I had my jacket in my arms, a bag of food in one hand, my purse in another, and was dragging my (ok, it’s actually yoshi’s) rolling laptop case with me (my hundreds of pages of reading was inside). I got back into the elevator and pushed the button for my parking level, hoping to get down there before the attendants got into the elevator to come UP with my keys. (I hate criss-crossing them and having to come back up for my keys.)

    The elevator doors closed and I found myself staring at the Captivate screen’s news headlines. About 30 seconds later, I realized the elevator wasn’t moving. Talk about a captive audience.

    I pushed the parking level button again and it didn’t light up; I was hoping that the elevators were on “night mode” and that it would automatically take to the 1st floor lobby. Except I still wasn’t moving. So I pushed the “L” button and nothing happened.

    Then I started pushing the “Door Open” button. The doors did not open.

    The floor indicator display still indicated I hadn’t moved.

    So I pushed the button for the floor that I was on.

    Nothing still.

    Then I started pushing all the buttons. None of them were lighting up and I still wasn’t moving. Clearly, the elevator had decided to take a break with me inside it.

    I wondered how long I should keep pushing buttons until I called for help. With the knowledge that several co-workers had gotten stuck in the elevator in the past several weeks in the back of my head, I figured I should call for help.

    I pushed the “Call” button and the red light lit up. (HOORAY!) Then I could hear the speakerphone turn on and do an automated dialing sequence. Then I could hear the call getting transferred. By this time, about 3 minutes had passed.

    Then the phone connected to an operator who asked why I was calling.

    “I’m stuck in the elevator!” I screamed at her.

    At that moment, the doors magically opened. My inadvertent hero was my co-worker D who had awakened the elevator gods by pushing the down button from the floor I was on.

    I know I was only in there for like 3 minutes, but it was 3 very unhappy minutes. And when the doors opened I clearly had a panicked look on my face because D was like “Are you ok?”

    Meanwhile the elevator operator lady was also talking to me.

    I was really confused for a split second because D and I work on a different floor and I thought that the elevator had gone up to our floor and I didn’t feel it. Then I realized that D must have also come looking for his keys at the main receptionist desk and that I really hadn’t moved.

    I yelled a very unintelligible, “The doors opened, I’m getting out!” and I ran out of the elevator with all my stuff, with the elevator operator lady getting worried because she had no idea what I was saying. “Are you there? Are you ok?” she kept saying. To be fair, I’m pretty sure what I actually yelled was, “Doors! Open! Out!” I may or may not have also yelled, “Bye!”

    D and I stood in the elevator area for a while and we realized the elevator wasn’t moving and the lady was still trying to talk to me. D went inside (while I held the door open) and said, “The doors opened, it’s ok.”

    The elevator operator lady’s direction to us was “Ok, good. Don’t get back in the elevator.”

    Thanks for that advice, lady. I’m way ahead of you on that one.

    We tried to call for another elevator, but then the defective one stayed open and none of the other elevators would stop. So D decided to go back in and push buttons. Miraculously, the light for the first floor lit up for him and he jumped out of the elevator car. Then we called for a different elevator car and got on the next one that showed up.

    On the way down, we were talking about what happened and people from some of the other companies that work in the building started chiming in with “I keep hearing about people getting stuck in these elevators.” (Funny, there’s no mention of broken elevators at the NBS Building on Studio 60…)

    We had to go all the way down to the first floor and then change elevators to access the parking levels since the elevators were now on “night mode.” Luckily, our keys were still downstairs when we got there and we could leave right after that.

    D said it best when he said, “They make it really hard for us to leave this building, don’t they?”

    People have suggested that I take the stairs and I would totally do it except that the parking levels are inaccessible via the stairs (they are locked). I can either go down the stairs to the 7th floor and take the elevator down to the parking level (not a good idea because I tried this several times and the elevators were full by the time they got down to the 7th floor) or I can take the stairs to the street level and end up OUTSIDE THE building, re-enter the building and take the elevator up to the parking level (no thanks, I’d really like to minimize my time on the streets of Hollywood at night, thankyouverymuch). Either way, taking the stairs is extremely inconvenient. And if I have a lot of stuff or a heavy rolling bag, the stairs are probably not a good idea. And I happened to be wearing high heels, too.

    The point is that so long as I’m working in this building, I’m pretty much stuck taking the elevators.

    At least I wasn’t really trapped in the elevator; it wasn’t broken, and it didn’t fall while I was in there. If it that had actually happened, maybe I could’ve scored myself a $20 gift card at The Coffee Bean. For what it’s worth, I’ll take not being trapped. And I don’t drink coffee anyway.

    Regardless, I’m thinking it might be a good idea for me to leave an offering or two to the elevator gods from time to time.

    *But I wrote it on 1/24/07.

    Any storytellers out there?

    If I wasn’t already up to my neck in a billion and one commitments in the next few months, I would totally do this. I’d love to know if any bloggers take part in this and move their stories from their blogs to a “storytelling experience.” Since it focuses on downtown L.A., I think this is a natural for the good folks at martini republic, blogdowntown, mayorsam, boi from troy, and of course, LA City Nerd.

    During a two-day workshop, participants describe memories and exchange stories of downtown L.A. – stirring images, remarkable people, and distinctive sites, sounds, tastes. Working with and guided by Cornerstone’s professional writers, actors, facilitators, and directors, participants weave this remarkable collection of stories together and at the end of the process, share with friends, family, and invited guests.

    Space is limited. Sign up by February 5, 2007.
    No prior storytelling experience necessary, must be at least 18 years old to participate. Participants are responsible for own parking costs.

    For more info:
    L.A. STORYTELLERS: A Collection of Downtown Memories
    A collaboration between Active Arts at the Music Center and Cornerstone Theater Company

    Brrrrrrrrrrr! It’s freezing!

    Really! says so, too!

    It's freezing in LA!

    New Year Day Mayhem

    We rang in the New Year quietly, at YoshiMom’s home with both YoshiParents. It was nice to stay in and have a peaceful evening, watching TV, napping, and helping with cooking (or rather, staying mostly out of the way).

    We slept in, but once we were up, we had lots to do. Our first stop was near San Francisco for a late lunch/early dinner, Japanese Osechi. There was a fabulous spread of delicious food, including some of the crab we picked up at Half Moon Bay a day earlier, fresh sashimi (maguro and hamachi), butter mochi, and lot more. I forgot to take pictures this year, but believe me, it was a lot of food. All of it very yummy!

    Around 6pm, we left this gathering and headed toward Sacramento to another New Years Day gathering; less osechi-style (though there were a few more “traditional” dishes), more potluck-style. By this time, I was too full to eat. Except for more butter mochi, of course. We had a great time catching up with everyone we hadn’t seen since last New Years Day. Later on in the evening, I did go back for another round of food, and also got to play the bowling game on the kids’ Nintendo Wii. I officially want a Wii!

    Anyway, after this incredibly long day, YoshiMom drove us back to San Jose (but I kept her company and talked the whole way home).

    Today we slept in (again), but we drove back to L.A.. I had to promise not to drive too fast and stayed under 80 (most of the time). I did get caught (by Yoshi) driving 85, but I was only doing that to pass someone and also had my foot off the pedal when I got caught. We were going to stop by the Gilroy Premium Outlets, but (wisely) skipped it. As if the entire trunk and backseat full of stuff wasn’t enough!!!

    Anyway, I always love seeing everyone on New Year Day, but I’m also glad to be back in our messy home again.

    Oh yeah, the diet begins officially on Wednesday, January 3.

    I feel out of it.

    I don’t know if it’s the weather, or that I’m worried about Grandma, or that I’ve been home alone for the last couple of days, or what.

    I feel blah.

    I did a lot today though, despite the blahs I felt all day:

    -Called iRobot and ordered a replacement battery for Rooben, our Roomba.

    -Picked up four days worth of mail from my mailbox. Three boxes to sign for, plus our mailbox was completely full of mail/magazines.

    -Went to the office.

    -Went to the DMV to take care of my Dad’s registration for his car (we didn’t know where the paperwork was for his car and we missed the chance to file for Planned Non-Operation, so I had to pay the registration for a car that hasn’t been driven in 6 months).

    -Went to a author get together. Bowling at Pickwick Bowl in Burbank. Except I didn’t bowl. Saw Jillian, 5000!, Markland, Cybele + her Man, Mack Reed, and Will Campbell: Answer Man. I haven’t seen any of them in ages. I hope that by showing up to one of these things once in a while, I don’t get kicked off of for lack of posts. We did do a White Elephant Gift exchange, though. My submission was an “Old School iPod” (portable CD player), a Pooping Snowman candy dispenser, and a roll of Sudoku toilet paper. I brought home the CD soundtrack of “The Queen” (not Queen) and a 2007 Chippendale’s calendar, with DVD. (Some lucky person is the probable eventual recipient of the calendar.)

    Merry Christmas!

    I’m not Christian, so I only kind of celebrate Christmas.

    I love Christmas carols and don’t mind having a tree (gotta find a good plastic one, because I don’t like the idea of getting a real one). I don’t really do gifts, but I did give a few and get a few, too. Oh, and I decided to totally forgo the holiday cards this year… too much to do, too many mixed emotions… thanks to everyone who sent to us, tho!

    As for Christmas day, we inadvertently celebrated a Jewish Christmas: Chinese food and a movie. My brother and I met up in the afternoon to go visit my Grandma in the hospital. After that, we went to my Aunt & Uncle’s home to have dinner with them and our cousin, T, who is home from college. Since no other restaurants were open, we ended up having Chinese food at Full House Seafood Restaurant in Arcadia (yummy meal with peking duck, lobster, walnut shrimp, chinese broccoli, and peppered beef steak) and going back to their house to watch The DaVinci Code at home, plus a bunch of the special features.

    Regarding gifts, if I was on the ball, I’d have a list of things I got, but since I have more presents that I haven’t opened yet, maybe I’ll do a round-up after the New Year.

    For now, I want to thank my cousin Nina for sending me a super-awesome surprise gift: Logitech 2.4 GHz Cordless Presenter. It was on my Amazon Wishlist and it totally surprised me! I know it was a geeky thing to ask for, but I will totally use it for all the presentations I have to do at work and at school.

    Thanks, again Nina!

    Hooray our neighbors are all drunk…

    …and they are upstairs making all kinds of merriment.

    It’s a good thing I like all our neighbors.

    A few hours ago, we were also up there, eating, drinking, and singing badly to Christmas carols, accompanied by D on the guitar and T on a very out-of-tune piano.

    I played the part of music stand.

    We had to make our escape early to “go to bed.” But I guess that actually means “get on our computers and blog.”

    In other words, we are party-poopers. We’ll try to keep it to ourselves.

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