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Because I am lazy and am busy and am lazy and don’t know how and am lazy, there is a lot of crap that needs to be done to my blog that never seems to get done. Some of these things are ways to improve the “jozjozjoz experience” which have been suggested by other people. Other things are just random crap I want because I like things a certain way.

Now that my blog has moved to WordPress from MovableType, all kinds of stuffs is wonky. (Don’t make me check my grammar. That’s the way I meant to say it.)

Anyway, in no particular order, I’m putting together a wishlist of fixes I want for my blog.

And I will hope that a blogfairy or two will come and grant my wishes.

  • Fix/add RSS feeds so that everyone subscribed to my old feed doesn’t have to update their subscription to know that I’ve moved. See this.
  • Find a way to bring my the “original” layout of my blog including the picture with my oogly little doggie doing the “brain barf face” as a skin. (Thanks to gingersmack for creating the original layout.)
  • Keep a “nice, plain, simple” skin for people who don’t like my oogly little doggie.
  • Bring back the eggplants!
  • Speaking of eggplants, put a little icon (it used to be an eggplant) back up so that you get a little icon in front of my URL in your browser.
  • Do something about a photo gallery; I miss my random rotating photos. (Use my flickr feed?)
  • Compile all the wonderful photos that my friends have taken of jozjozjoz signs all over the world in its own little gallery. Link back to my friends.
  • Turn the giant list of Archive links into some sort of drop-down thingy.
  • Install a spam killer thing in Word Press. Less than 1 week at the new place and I’ve already been spammed. (Daniel suggests this.) See also this and this.
  • Done by jozjozjoz 6/11/2006; installed Spam Karma 2.

  • Find a way to import the “Lost blog archives from January 2003 through mid-August 2003.”
  • Done by the other yoshi 2/12/2008; imported from an old MT backup.

  • Fix old permalinks/images
  • Figure out how to deal with my blogroll.
  • Fix the template so that you can see the author of the post, as well as the time of the post.
  • Come up with appropriate categories.
  • Categorize uncategorized posts.
  • Figure out a way to put Google AdSense up so my site can at least pay for itself.
  • If not ads, then put up a Tip Jar (via paypal?). Or something.
  • Win the lottery so I can afford to buy michael something nice and frilly.
  • If you’d like to apply to be a blogfairy, please inquire within. Magical powers a requisite. Tiara preferred but not required.

    The Management

    ::may 2006::

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