November 22, 2005

Spa Day!

Here's a brief run-down of the day... sorry if you don't understand them... it's what I jotted down while I was in Vegas.

-Wake up, go to the Spa.

-Yoshi and I get Duet Swedish Massages in the VIP room at the MGM Grand Spa.

-Lounge in the spa (steam room, dry sauna, Jacuzzi, COMFY lounge chair in white robes). Snacks and juice (apples, bananas, granola bars) and lots of water! (No, I didn't get spa-ed out... I could do this again... real soon!)

-Up to the room, check email briefly. I couldn't plug into the network so I connected via an intermittent wi-fi connectino. For that crappy service I was double-charged $10.99/day. I called and complained and they credited it back to the room. But that's why I wasn't able to blog from Vegas.

-Out to Aladdin. To Desert Passage; dinner at Blondie’s. Rude waitress. GIANT onion rings, Mega Touch machine! Shopping: Sephora (didn't buy anything but spent an awful lot of time there), Gap (tried a few things on, didn't like anything), Build-A-Bear (no xmas outfits allowed!), Origins (I kept getting caught on the drawer knobs so I had to leave), Footworks (Yoshi looked around, but thankfully bought nothing), 3 cookies at Nestle Tollhouse (chocolate chip, m&m, and white chocolate/macadamia nut), $15 of chocolate from Teuscher, Fossil (yoshi looked at some watches), Sharper Image (sat in a massage chair... like I hadn't had enough massage for the day... we bought some stuff but will return some of it, will keep the CDs). Gelato from Aromi D’Italia (pineapple).

-Over to Bellagio. Cold but no jacket… hence, blanket = poncho!


-Stand and watch the fountains (a snippet of Rodeo by Copland... otherwise known as the "Eat Beef" music, Your Song by Elton John, Viva Las Vegas by The King himself , This Kiss by Faith Hill, That American song). Lots of Chinese tourists. Paramedics pulling up to the Bellagio (what happened?)

-Walked through the lobby of the Bellagio to check out their fall display (those are real apples!) and took a picture of part of the display under the famous Chihuly glass ceiling.


-Back to MGM Grand. Food down at the Studio Café. Brief time at slots. Woot! We’re up for the weekend!

-More soaking in the tub before going to bed.

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