November 21, 2005

Vegas, baby!

That's where I am for the next couple of days to celebrate my birthday. Thanks to Yoshi for booking us a suite and also for making the drive to Vegas. I'm so excited!

Before getting to Vegas, we stopped off in Primm to return a few items I had previously purchased at the Old Navy and Gap outlets. I bought a few new things, but I definitely returned more than I bought... so that was cool.

Tonight, we had dinner at Shibuya, which was wonderful. We wanted to dine at craftsteak, but as luck would have it, it is closed the entire time we're here. (Dinner was courtesy of BossGuy, who wanted to make sure we had a very nice dinner to celebrate my birthday while we were in Vegas).

Here's me at Shibuya!

We started out with ebi and salmon sushi along with a rainbow roll.

Yoshi ordered the Kiyokushin Chicken (teriyaki chicken) with Ginger Yam Puree and Teriyaki Sauce.

I ordered the Roasted Duck Breast with “Ume” Mirin Reduction. Yummy!

Since we're celebrating my birthday this entire trip, we ordered two desserts:

The Sorbet Selection: Yamamomo Peach, Lychee, Apricot Ginger, Pepper Red Berry and Black Sesame Toffee


Yuzu Mandarin Brulee with Vanilla Mochi and Strawberry Citrus Compote

We're staying in a spa suite at the MGM Grand which means there is a hu-mongo whirlpool tub in the bathroom.

But tomorrow is spa day, so if it's possible, I might be spa-ed out by the time we leave Vegas.

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Wow!! Beautiful food and tasty too!

Posted by: keith721 at November 28, 2005 06:49 AM

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