May 24, 2005

Something is burning

Everyone is coming out of their offices to ask what is on fire.

I hope it's not the building. Eeek.

UPDATE: False alarm. Someone supposedly burned bacon. (What kind of bacon smells like burned plastic? And who makes bacon at work? We don't even have a real kitchen!)

UPDATE AGAIN: It is NOT burning bacon. People 6 floors below us can smell it. And people are going down the stairs (fire escape). Hmmm. Perhaps I should leave now.

UPDATE @ 11:30 am: So it was NOT burning bacon. Minutes after my last update, there was an announcement on the loud speakers for everyone to leave their desks and to go to the nearest stairwell and proceed to the 1st floor. They evacuated the top floors of the building to investigate the situation.

We walked down 20 flights of stairs to the street level. About 20 minutes later, as we were all standing on the street, the announcement was made that we had the all clear to go back to upstairs (via the elevators) and that it turned out that they had installed a new compressor for the air conditioning on the roof and there was a fan belt that was burning and making the smell. It turned out that everyone from the 14th floor and up had smelled it.

Anyway, all is good. No one died. And no bacon was burned in the writing of this post.

P.S. - A special thanks to J-X who came upstairs to check on us when I IMed him to say that I smelled something burning.

P.P.S - Thanks also to J-X for not spreading misinformation (like the "bacon burning" theory) and only telling me the REAL DEAL as soon as he knew it.

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Um, yeah -- maybe you should leave.
Didja get the memo?

Posted by: keith at May 24, 2005 11:36 AM

You work in a 20+ story building? Interesting!

Posted by: Michael Doss at May 24, 2005 01:40 PM

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