January 26, 2005

Run Your Car off of Used Vegetable Oil!

Run Your Car off of Used Vegetable!

For real! Shameless family plug time… So, yes, I disappeared for a bit. I was doing another retched film festival. But I am back, and my cousin David is in town doing a lecture on converting your car to guzzle french-fry oil instead of evil fossil fuel… Below Please find the flyer. Below that look for more of my ramblings… If you think of anywhere appropriate to repost this please do so…


Want to run your car off of Used Vegetable Oil?

Join David Rosenstrauss, founder of the Fossil Free Fuel Conversion Collective, as he leads a workshop on how to convert diesel automobiles to run off of used vegetable oil. This hand on workshop showcases the environmental benefits, political ramifications, and science behind the conversion process. People interested in having David Rosenstrauss convert their diesel automobile are encouraged to contact the organizers for more information.

Conversion Workshop – Jan 29, 2005
Noon – 5PM

Southern California Institute of Architecture
960 E Third St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Matthew Ruscigno (323) 992-8598, labikesummer2005@riseup.net
Steven Kim, (213) 219-0858, steven_kim@sciarc.edu


I am gonna be there, so why wouldn’t you go. Look, I know not all of you live in or near LA but if you do then this is something you should go to. If nothing else it will be fascinating, even if you don’t own a diesel car or a car at all for that matter. And you would be supporting my cousin, Ok? Good. –professoreric

Posted by professoreric at January 26, 2005 01:36 PM


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Run Your Car off of Used Vegetable!
Excerpt: For real! (written by Joz's friend professoreric) Shameless family plug time… My cousin David is in town doing a lecture on converting your car to guzzle french-fry oil instead of evil fossil fuel… ------------------------------------------------------...
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Man, I would so go to that if I wasn't so dad burn far away! Everyone thinks I'm crazy for wanting to do that, telling me that it sounds like way too much work. It may be at first, but I would consider it to be far more convenient once you got things going, and a lot of places will pay you for taking the used oil!

But then... I'm all for a little more elbow grease over supporting the fossil fuel industry, or really anything that hurts the planet.

Let me know if he comes to Portland! I will definitely be there if he does!


Posted by: Hed at January 26, 2005 03:53 PM

ok, will do, thanks for your interest. let me know if you have any ideas on who would want to fly him out to do a lecture there... if you know of someone i will pass the word along to him. thanks Hed. -proferic

Posted by: professoreric at January 26, 2005 04:38 PM

I listened fascinated at dinner last week as Dave told me all about converting cars and all that. it was awesome. definitely go if you can!
Dave's Cousin and Professoreric's Sister Missbrookline

Posted by: missbrookline at January 26, 2005 04:56 PM

i'm really interested in this. someone was selling their mercedes 300D, it was converted so that it will run on biodiesel fuel and i was thinking about buying it.

problem is, i'm not automotively inclined. how much of a grease monkey do i have to be for something like this? Do i need to use "used" oil or can i guy a gallon of peanut oil from costco and be ok with that?

Posted by: Howard (AiYahh) at January 27, 2005 09:17 AM

nope, howard. the real biodiesel is derived mainly from soybean oil (u.s.) or rapeseed oil (europe).

Posted by: kaydee at January 27, 2005 09:32 AM

Howard, you also might want to check out commerically available biodiesel - http://www.biodiesel.org/buyingbiodiesel/distributors/default.shtm. There are lots of folks who both make their own and supplement with the stuff at the pump.

While recycled biodiesel is a great fringe thing, it'll never be able to sustain more than about 10% of the consumer diesel vehicles. Unless we start eating more donuts and tempura.

It's cleaner than regular diesel but still adds quite a bit more nitrogen and particulates than a clean running car like a SULEV.

Posted by: cybele at January 27, 2005 01:00 PM

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