December 04, 2003

Planting Party!

I was reading the Digging in the Dirt post written by Wil at my newest favorite hangout: (a project spearheaded by Jason & Sean)

Anyway, Wil's post reminded me of something I meant to blog about two months ago but never had the time to.

A good friend of ours had been working on her house & decided the garden needed some attention. For her birthday, she invited everyone over for a "Birthday Planting Party" and people brought plants instead of gifts and helped put them in the ground for her.

So we wouldn't doom her with our blackthumbs, we brought tiki torches for her backyard jacuzzi. It was a lot of fun, especially because my contribution was being the official photographer (instead of having to, you know, plant something).

And of course for such an event, I had the perfect attire: my DIRT-TEE!

jozjozjoz = dirt-tee!

(And Yoshi tried to get me to throw it away... See!?!? I *did* have a reason to wear it!)

Posted by jozjozjoz at December 4, 2003 12:01 AM


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for the record, joz has TWO dir-tee shirts. her mom bought two and gave one to her to wear, which she did for years. then her mom gave her the other one because the old one was worn out. see, she was supposed to throw away the old raggedy one with the holes in it and REPLACE it with the new one. but did she? NO! now she has both in her t-shirt drawer. i only wanted her to get rid of the old one...

Posted by: Yoshi! at December 4, 2003 12:32 AM

Nahhh - - - can't get rid of an old tee-shirt, until it's too tattered and stained to even polish the furniture with.

(And I still want to hear what else Miz Joz got for her birthday week. No, I don't want recognition, I'm just nosey that way.)

Posted by: keith at December 4, 2003 07:21 AM

hahhahaha I LOVE IT. I love the fact that Yoshi clarified herself and called out Miss Joz. Joz, I'm sorry girl but when your mom gives you a new shirt to REPLACE the old one, its time to THROW away the old one...or make it into a rag!!! somehow i feel that just made you gasp and faint again.

Posted by: Meeta at December 4, 2003 07:27 AM

pretty girl : )

abs x

Posted by: abs at December 4, 2003 09:36 AM

Happy belated birthday!!!! :P

Posted by: michelle at December 4, 2003 10:50 AM

Adorable, as always.

Posted by: Mikey2 at December 4, 2003 11:27 AM

Great shirt...too bad it's getting to be too cold these days to wear shirts with stuff like that written on them... :(

Posted by: fran at December 4, 2003 12:00 PM

People still wear those shirts...they just say things like "Stop Staring At My Nipples" on them...

Posted by: Mikey2 at December 4, 2003 01:52 PM



In a good way, natch.

Posted by: sledge at December 4, 2003 05:23 PM

I love it and I want one! Where did you get it?

Posted by: Hunter at December 6, 2003 12:43 AM

My mom got them a few seasons ago. It was Express. But they don't make them anymore. Believe me, I looked!

Posted by: :: jozjozjoz :: at December 6, 2003 12:53 AM

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