April 14, 2003

Our exciting Saturday night...

On Saturday night, we went out with our friends J & C for dinner at Shamshiri Grill, a Persian restaurant as a belated birthday dinner for my Hunny. The food was very yummy.

No, that is not my car in the picture. I wish.

We headed over to J & C's place afterwards for some more chit-chat and to have some tea. C went over the list of teas they had... red tea, black tea, green tea, Earl Grey, chamomile, etc, etc.

We settled on regular green tea because we didn't want anything too complicated and C says:

"Yeah, I don't know what people are thinking with some of those mixed teas. I once tried one that was supposed to be toffee tea, but it tasted like butt-shavings. Blecch."

J asked if C had actually tasted butt-shavings, but C said: "No, but evidently they taste like toffee."

Um, ew!

I don't care what anyone says. I will never be able to drink toffee tea now. Ever.


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Hmm butt shavings... Usually if I don't like the taste of something I say it tastes like ass.

Posted by: Kevin at April 14, 2003 08:51 AM

Butt shavings? Is this a reference to how much wood he thinks he has down there...

Posted by: don at April 15, 2003 05:03 AM

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