February 02, 2003

Those Amazing Taiwanese Reporters...

As far as I can tell, my dad spends most of his days online on his laptop reading Taiwanese newspaper websites. Dad is the ultimate news junkie. There are piles and piles of old papers stacked neck high in the garage. There are few things he loves more than Taiwan and the news. Taiwanese newspapers are the ultimate combo for Dad.

Anyway, I was at my parents' home this weekend in Orange County, visiting family for Chinese New Year (Happy Year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat) and was just waking up when I heard my dad leave the garage and head into the living room to turn on the TV... LOUD. I could not hear what was on TV, except that it was (surprise) the news.

I got my butt out of bed, brushed my teeth and went into the living room to see what earth-shaking news had occured for my dad to get off the internet and watch it on TV. It was then that my dad told me that the space shuttle Columbia had blown up. I was shocked and horrified.

What I am going to tell you next is not meant at all to trivialize this tragedy, but rather to share with you what I have to go through with my Dad being my dad.

After 5 minutes of watching CNN together, my dad turned to me and said in Chinese, "You know, the Taiwanese knew about it first."


My dad continues, "I was reading the Taiwanese news website and they had the story online first."

I shit you not, my dad actually said this.

"What?!" I yelled at him in Chinese. "Are you kidding? You just happened to be reading a Taiwanese site and they posted the story while you were on the site. Just because you saw it there first doesn't mean they broke the story."

Dad: "Taiwan knew first."

Fine, then I definitely have a bone to pick with NASA. What the hell is the point of having Mission Control and all those people working so hard on a multi-billion dollar space program, when all you need is a Taiwanese journalist to tell you what the hell is going on? They knew first. As for the AP, CNN, United Press International? Watch out... those Taiwanese reporters are going to scoop you every time. They're psychic, you know.

At lunchtime, I told my mom and brother what Dad said & Mom laughed so hard, she started choking on her own spit. Bro and I couldn't stop chortling and making sarcastic comments about those psychic Taiwanese people.

(My painfully clueless) Dad, repeatedly asked my poor choking Mom: "What are you laughing at?"

If there is a merciful god, please, please don't let me be like this when I'm older. Please.
P.S.- For the record, I did not wash my hair on New Year's Day. You may refer to me as "GreasyHead" for one day only.

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