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People often send me complaints regarding the lack of an “about” page for jozjozjoz.com.

The reason there hasn’t been one is because I don’t like to write “about” myself. (I know that sounds stupid considering I’ve got a giant blog called “jozjozjoz,” but just go with me on this one.) I’ve resisted having a “bio” since beginning the original incarnation of jozjozjoz.com (est. January 2003) because I would rather people read and draw their own conclusions about me… good or bad.

But the real reason is because I never got around to writing one.

So there you have the truth about the why there’s never been a jozjozjoz “about” page.

Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting some mysterious, enigmatic answer or at least a good story to explain the lack of an “About” page.

After reading the above, you may be wondering why I bothered to write all this when I could’ve just written a bio in that time instead. Well, I have no good answer for that except that I’m procrastinating on an important project… Which I have to get back to momentarily…

So I’ll just leave you with this old and un-updated bio that was written for me by various people who contributed via comments in an old blog post back in November 2004. It was used as my bio for approximately 1-2 years at blogging.la, the Metroblogging.com site for which I am a contributor.

Here ’tis…
jozjozjoz is an asian american gal who lives and blogs underneath the hollywood sign and who doesn’t clean her fishtank unless the fish starts to do the backstroke. she is also able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but cannot stop from bumping into door handles, cabinet doors, and anything else that protrudes or has a sharp edge. she does not run with scissors for this same reason. she can pet the fur off a dog but don’t ask her to go anywhere near a horse. or a moth. or a roach. her dealings with L.A.’s finest (aka the parking violations department) are legend, as are her giant sneezes.

Other than the two too many joz’s, jozjozjoz is a perfectly normal, relatively sane individual who defies the odds, reaches for the stars, and carries moonbeams home in a jar. She’d rather be a fish… but not in her own dirty fishtank.

Too bad all my fish are dead now.

::may 2006::

jozjozjoz is a Co-Editor of 8Asians.com and also contributes to Blogging.LA and UsabilityCounts.com

2 Responses to “about ::jozjozjoz::”

  • I know exactly what you mean about the about. However, you’ve done quite well with it. Please pass the sugar.

    Thank you.

    Miss H

  • Hi Joz,
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    I would like to hear from u? I have been homeless and now living in Arizona grieving over this incident.Plz write back and maybe we can talk and I can fill u in on some matters. Thanks for listening Debbie

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