Granting wishes. 

1:45am. Little dude is crying & kicking in his sleep. This entire conversation happened while he was still asleep. 
Him: I want it! No, not that one! THAT ONE!
Mama Joz: Which one? This one?
Him: I want the drum! Give me the drum! I want itttttttt!!!
Joz: You can have it you can have it! You can have ten drums if you want!
Him: Noooo! I don’t want a lot of drums! (continues crying and kicking)
Joz: Ok, ok! You can just have one drum, then! Which one do you want? Do you want the big drum?
Him: No! I don’t want that one!
Joz: Oh, ok. How about this one? Do you want the loud drum?
Him: Yes. I want the loud drum! I want the loudest drum!
Joz: Here you go! It is the loudest drum ever!!!
Him: (quiets down and falls back asleep)
I love being able to grant any wish he has in his dreams, but when I fall asleep again, I’m going dream of the best ear plugs ever.

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