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My 2017 bowl of #ozoni! 

Shared it with Baby, who had more of it than I did! #HappyNewYear

Happy 2017!

Hello from chilly Silicon Valley! It’s my (almost) annual New Year’s post and picture, but I’m going to change it up a little bit for 2017.

There were some big changes in our lives in the last couple of years which didn’t get documented on this blog since it was broken for the last half of 2015 and most of 2016.

The biggest news, which people are still finding out about, is that we have a baby! He is actually already walking, so I guess that actually makes him a toddler, but in December of 2015, he showed up in our lives and nothing has been the same since.

Unfortunately, just a few months after the baby’s arrival, we were shocked and saddened by the unexpected passing of Yoshi’s Dad. I remember when my Dad passed away 10 years ago, how difficult that first year without him was. All the milestones he missed felt especially difficult the first time through.

This past year has been a year of milestones in two ways: the first time for everything with our son, but at the same time, the first time without Yoshi’s Dad.

Although we did our best to see and visit with Yoshi’s parents year round, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day has special significance for Japanese American families and over the years we created our own special traditions together.

The one that I think I’ll personally miss most is waking up early to drive out to Half Moon Bay on New Year’s Eve to pick up fresh crab from the boats in the harbor. That’s where I would take my annual photo before we went to have brunch/lunch at Ketch Joanne’s and then we would head back home where we would spend the evening helping prepare crab for New Year’s Day. Dinner on New Year’s Eve was fresh crab, with sourdough bread. Sometimes we would pop some sake or champagne at midnight.

Since we always had fresh crab for dinner on New Year’s Eve, I would never actually have crab on New Year’s Day and instead, we would have a huge spread of osechi-ryori at both Yoshi’s mom’s (in San Leandro) and dad’s (in Sacramento) sides of the family. New Year’s Day would be a day full of driving, eating, family, more driving, more eating, more family, and then more driving.

Last year, we spent New Year’s in Los Angeles with the baby, but this year, I didn’t know what to expect… except that it would be different without Yoshi’s Dad.

We had thought about bringing the baby out to Half Moon Bay for lunch (no crab this year), but unfortunately, Yoshi’s Mom came down with a bug, so we ended up staying in and helping her out with the New Year’s cooking. It was pretty quiet, except for our noisy baby running around the house!

I’m going to stay up until midnight and give Yoshi a kiss, but the baby is sleeping so I’d better sleep while I have the chance!

HAPPY 2017!

Here are the annual New Year’s photos from over the years:
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