Daily Archive for July 12th, 2015

PIC: Today, @TheOtherYoshi made fun of my fashion choice to wear socks + high heels w/ my sweat pants in public.

In my defense, I had not packed an extra pair of pants and the ones I wore yesterday got contaminated with cat hair (ah-choo!).

I wisely put those into the laundry bag but was left with my sweat pants (or suit pants) to wear. Since we mostly going to be on the road and weren’t planning on going anywhere else (except to a restaurant for lunch), I asked Yoshi if I was OK to wear sweat pants all day.

Yoshi later said, "If I had known you didn’t have a more appropriate pair of shoes, I might not have OK’d the sweatpants."

Yoshi’s dad came to my defense and said, "It doesn’t look that bad!"

I said that I was starting a new fashion trend. "When you see it on the runways, you’ll know I wore it first!"

Taken while pumping gas
Lost Hills, CA

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for typos!

PIC: Annual @jozjozjoz + Timtwigg81 sighting just became bi-annual. Cheese! *snap*

Sacramento, CA

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for typos!

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