Nine years ago today…

…my life changed forever.

Incidentally, I just looked back in my archives in 2013 and 2014 and I didn’t make a blog post like this for the last two years. (I may have tweeted something out, though… who knows?) I know the reason for this is because for those two years, I was in the throes of putting on V3con (V3con 2012 was in August).

V3con 2015 is coming up this weekend and it will be the fourth one… and the first that I am not in charge of. I am grateful for the team of new leaders who I worked with for the previous two years and who stepped up to organize it and allow me to (finally!) retire from conference planning. I’m so proud of what they’ve accomplished for this year’s event and put together for what will surely be another memorable weekend! (Randall Park! Joe Zee! Dao Nguyen! And that’s just Friday night!) More importantly, their leadership allows me to have time to do things like sleep and write the occasional blog post.

Coincidentally, I happened to have pulled an all-nighter last night, but (mostly) not because of V3con, for once!

I just have a lot on my plate, a lot in my calendar (upcoming business travel ahead), and then a lot to deal with unexpectedly.

Last night (Tuesday), I went to a special screening of Awesome Asian Bad Guys (in celebration of their digital release) at East West Players in Little Tokyo. Around the corner at JANM, the V3con team was busy with their last planning meeting before the big day. I had planned to stop by after the screening to drop off some stuff/equipment for the event and then leave to join all the revelers at the AABG afterparty at Far Bar.

Anyway, when I got to JANM, Bel saw my new-ish Hello Kitty iPhone5 case and she took my phones (yes, I carry two) AND THEN PROCEEDED TO DROP IT HARD FACE DOWN ON THE TILE FLOOR. At first I wasn’t worried about it because the screen looked fine and I was able to power the phone on and off, but it wasn’t until later that I realized the home button was broken!

What I haven’t mentioned is that my iPhone5 had been out of my possession and at the “iPhone Hospital” (that’s what I call it, but it’s really the home of my friend Jenny, who does mobile device repair) for 3 days because we were waiting for parts to come in to repair my power button and back camera. I swear, my iPhone5 should be renamed “Frankenphone” because I don’t know what’s left that’s an original part!

Anyway, I had just gone on Monday night to get my newly repaired phone back from Jenny and I didn’t even have my phone back from 24 hours from the iPhone Hospital when Bel tried to kill Hello Kitty and killed my home button instead! The phone was stuck in text messaging mode, so I texted Jenny who happened to be home and up late so she said “Come over and I’ll fix it for free.” And she did. The cost to me was my time and one highly anticipated AABG afterparty. But thankfully for Jenny and her generosity, now my iPhone is now back in working order and staying far, far away from Bel.

I wanted to share a humorous anecdote because I also have some heavy news, not for me personally, but for a close friend I consider family: Todd. This past weekend was Father’s Day (see my post about my Grandpa, if you missed it), which has been tough for me ever since Dad died because Father’s Day 2006 was actually the last time we were all together as a family. I wasn’t really online all weekend so it wasn’t until Monday that I found out that Todd’s Dad passed away on Friday night. Todd and I met around the time that my Dad died and even though I’d just met him, he was a huge support to me at the time and has been since.

So on a day that I’m remembering what it was like to lose my Dad suddenly and unexpected, my heart aches for Todd, who is living it now. Sending him lots of love and support, whether or not he knows I’m writing this.

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