Random. This photo was my first ever post on Flickr, back in 2004

Glass head!

It’s a photo of a glass head, which I recall Mike Doss had a thing for, so I remember taking a picture and posting it on buzznet and flickr for him.

Remember buzznet? (It was founded by my old buddy Marc Brown). I’m not shocked that it’s still around, but I AM shocked that my stuff there still lives on. See my buzznet profile?!

Buzznet makes me think of the earliest days of “moblogging” (mobile blogging) and “cameraphones.” Looking back, the quality of the images are so terrible by today’s standards… well, it HAS been over 10 years now. I remember I had one of the first “cameraphones,” in the pre-iPhone days. It was a Sony Ericsson phone which had a CAMERA ATTACHMENT, which I occasionally wore on a chain around my neck so I could attach it and snap a picture. Getting the picture off the phone was a different issue– cellular data was kind of pricey back then and extremely limited on a monthly basis. I had to be pretty selective about the pictures I posted (or even emailed) directly from my phone.

I think the earliest mobile phone pictures I posted were on buzznet, using that Sony Ericsson. At some point, I got a magenta-colored Motorola RAZR phone and did a bit of mobile posting with that, too.

But this glass head picture was taken with a digital camera (metadata says it was my “Olympus / Stylus 400”) and then uploaded to buzznet and flickr.

This picture raises all kinds of questions for me…

I wonder if I even have all those digital images from buzznet stored anywhere else?

And who would have thought that I’d still be using Flickr as a place to post my blog pictures after 11 years?!

Most importantly, does Mike Doss still have a thing for glass heads?

Original Flickr post here:

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