PIC: This was the dog (miniature schnauzer?) we found on Friday night…

We picked up this little dude past midnight Friday night on our way back from our friend’s place. Our friend lives in the hills and there are no outdoor dogs in the area because of coyotes.

This guy (who was very dirty and has no manners + wants to hump everything) was running around the street with no tags but had a chain (not broken, just not attached to anything) dragging behind him. We looked around for 15 minutes and didn’t see any sign of anyone even awake in the area.

We brought him back and he got the spa treatment and since he’s not housebroken either, we spent the night on the kitchen floor. He wouldn’t stop barking if I left him alone so consequently, I slept less than an hour straight that night, hanging out on the kitchen floor near him. He was obviously someone’s dog.

Good news! Our timing was perfect when we took him to the shelter in the morning.

He was not chipped and they were just about the intake him and the family looking for him came in and saw him before he got caged. They had pictures of him and Animal Control gave them a warning for not chipping the dog. When we drove off, we saw him happily walking off with his family.

I am so happy because the shelter is a kill shelter and I was freaking out about taking him there. But it was also the closest to where we found him and the most likely place his owners would go looking for him. Whew!

Despite the sleepiness night, accident on the floor, random barking and attempted humping, I’m gonna miss the little dude, because, hell… he’s a cute little dog! What’s not to like?!

In all seriousness, just was sooo happy to see him reunited and happy with his family (even though I don’t think they listened to Animal Control who advised them to chip him then and there for only $20. Oh and the dude hasn’t been fixed, either). The next time the little escape artist gets out, there might not be a nice hotel service to take care of him or take him to the shelter.

Also: learned something new… The shelter is open 24/7 for intakes. Didn’t know that!!!

Our kitchen floor
Los Angeles area, CA

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