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Happy twenty-seexth* birthday to me!


Hey, what do you know? Another year has passed and I’m still twenty-seex… how’d that happen?*

Unlike previous years, when I celebrated my birthday for the entire month of November, this year, I started late and only began a few days ago.

My “birthday celebration preview” event was Indian food on Friday night, followed by a visit to the bakery to pick up a sweet treat… I chose a birthday cake cookie, but I haven’t had it yet. You see, I’m avoiding birthday cakes like the Croc above, so I don’t get a year older, despite the seven white hairs that were pulled from my head in the last 48 hours. (I blame that on stress, not on age!)

Over the weekend, my family took me out to have vegetarian food at Happy Family Restaurant in Monterey Park (see my Yelp review here), then dinner at Mccormick & Schmick’s (see my Yelp review here). On Sunday, after we both had to work during the day, EB took me to a Michael Buble concert in Anaheim, at The Pond/Honda Center (aka “The Honda Ponda”).

Today was my actual birthday and I got lots of birthday phone calls, emails, IMs, text messages, tweets and Facebook messages… did I get all the different ways people reached out? It made my day to hear from people I haven’t heard from in a while (that is, since my last birthday, when Facebook reminded them all I am still alive and still on their friends lists).

This morning started out super-early for an appointment and then a big surprise: Taiwanese breakfast! Yoshi can’t stand having Taiwanese breakfast, so since I pretty much get whatever I want on my birthday, I asked for Taiwanese breakfast and Yoshi didn’t refuse! I was so excited that I ordered too much and I had to have Taiwanese breakfast for lunch, too.

Oh right, today, President Obama came to Los Angeles for a fundraiser at Magic Johnson’s house. It was really nice of Obama to visit LA for my birthday, but alas, my birthday schedule was already booked so I couldn’t visit with our dear Commander in Chief. Next time, his people will have to request time with my people sooner.

However, as a result of the President visiting, traffic was really messed up, EB asked if he should order the helicopter. I said, “No, it’s my birthday. I want to go via flying unicorn.” EB and Yoshi’s combined response was all, “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A FLYING UNICORN! jeez. it’s either a unicorn or a pegasus.” Duh, I know the difference between a unicorn and a pegasus and I WANT THEM BOTH! Rather than being wasteful by asking for both a unicorn and a pegasus, all I asked for is a flying unicorn to fly me around for my birthday. Instead, they took me out for AYCE KBBQ, which was almost as good as rides on a flying unicorn. Almost.

Since I started celebrating my birthday late, I’ve decided to celebrate my birthday through Christmas this year, which is a month from today. EB says I’m doing it wrong because I’m only celebrating my birthday for a month, when I should really just be celebrating THE YEAR OF JOZ until this day next year. Maybe I’ll try that. And then when I get bored of that, I’ll start celebrating the THE DECADE OF JOZ after that. Not sure if that’s going overboard, but I should probably try it to find out. Regardless, of how long I’m celebrating, I’m pretty sure I will stay twenty-seex for a long, long time to come.

In other creepy news, Google knew it was my birthday today:


Actually, I don’t know why I’m the one over-celebrating my birthday, when it was my Mom that did all the work 26* years ago. Thanks, Mom!!!

*It’s called denial. But for the record, I am definitely not forty.

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