Screenshot: Our 2013 New Year’s Road Trip

This Google Maps screenshot illustrates the insanity of the last few
days. We do a trip like this every year for New Year’s although
usually with a bit less driving (we prefer driving the direct route of
the 5) and sometimes involves one of us driving up earlier/or flying
so it’s not so much driving hell. This year came upon us very
suddenly and although we had arrangements for someone to stay in our
house while we were on our annual trip, we forgot to book our hotel
until the last possible moment before hitting the road(s).

Over the last 80 hours or so (less than 3.5 days), we have driven
approximately 1,260 miles (according to Google Maps). Google Maps
estimates that we have been driving for at least: 21 hours 6 mins. It
was definitely more than that because I didn’t count all the random
little pit stops and side trips for errands that we had to run. I
should note that this year seemed especially chilly, though luckily it
didn’t rain much beyond the downpouring rain when we left LA.

Sunday, 12/30/12 @ 12:30pm: Departed Los Angeles. Crazy
downpouring/rain caused us to abandon the plan of driving over the
Grapevine & instead took us through the Valley and up 101 instead,
adding at least 2 hours to our drive. Arrived around 8pm in San Jose,
dinner with Yoshi’s parents and 3-y.o. nephew, exchanged/opened our
Christmas presents, and then off to the hotel in Saratoga.
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Monday, 12/31/12 @ 8am: Left hotel, picked up Yoshi’s Dad and nephew
from San Jose, drove to Half Moon Bay for our annual crab excursion
(earlier than usual). Brunch in Half Moon Bay, back to San Jose.
Then we went to San Leandro to Yoshi’s Aunt & Uncle’s home to help
with mochi/manju making. We returned to San Jose (after stopping by
the grocery store for a few items) and spent the evening in the
kitchen with the family, cooking, cleaning (emptied the freezer for a
"fun" game of "let’s find the leak in the freezer"), cracking crab,
chasing after the kid. We left San Jose at about 11:15pm and managed
to ring in the New Year in the peaceful quiet of our hotel room with a
bottle of prosecco and mochi.
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Tuesday, 1/1/13 @ 9am: Up and about by 9am, packed up our stuff from
the hotel room and headed back to the house in San Jose. Drove with
Yoshi’s Mom and the nephew (with a trunk full of food, all made the
previous day and that morning) back to San Leandro for New Year’s
Osechi-ryori with Yoshi’s Mom’s side of the family. After a huge
lunch, we packed ourselves into the cars and drove to Sacramento for
New Years with Yoshi’s Dad’s side of the family. After another huge
meal, we piled ourselves into the cars before midnight and made the 2
hour drive back to San Jose where we all promptly passed out.
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Wednesday, 1/2/13 @ 9am: Up and about by 9am. If we hadn’t already
been awake at 8am, the sound of the nephew’s feet running up and down
the hallways would have awakened us. Breakfast (of leftovers from New
Year’s) at home with the family, packing/clean up, an errand to the
library, and then back on the road with a short stop at the outlets in
Gilroy and then down the 5, over the Grapevine, and to Glendale to
drop off a care package (of food) to Yoshi’s cousin. We decided to
have non-Asian dinner in Glendale and treated ourselves to Argentinian
food before making our way back home to do laundry & other random
household chores. And, oh yes, I got curious about how many miles we
drove and so I mapped everything out and made this (what was intended
to be short) post about our driving expeditions.
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Google Maps screenshot

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