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PIC: Hotel room BEFORE. Desk facing wall opposite window.

Las Vegas,NV

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PIC: Hotel room AFTER. If I have to work, I’d rather re-arrange my room so I can enjoy the view.

Las Vegas, NV

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PIC: Stupid things seen in the @SkyMall catalog– CarLashes.

Las Vegas, NV

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PIC: Remnants of Joz’s first haircut of 2012.

Thanks to Yoshi for going with me to the new place.

Los Angeles, CA

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PIC from @EWPlayers Night of Mahalo… Mango shave ice with condensed milk!

Los Angeles, CA

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I’ll be speaking at #UNITY12 on a panel featuring @lfung @jozjozjoz @angryasianman @originalspin

From Tiger Mom to Jeremy Lin (AAJA)
Session 1143
Room: Breaker C

The emergence of blogs like 8Asians and Angry Asian Man underscores the
ever-expanding trade of covering Asian-American popular culture. The buzz
around Asian-American culture and perceptions reached a new apex recently
with the debate over the so-called “Tiger Mom” phenomenon and the rise of
cross-cultural icon Jeremy Lin. We talk to some of the nation’s top Asian
pop culture bloggers to discuss the latest trends among Asian Americans,
what new stereotypes might be emerging and how they keep track of it all.

Jeff Yang (Moderator)
Lisa Fung
Jocelyn "Joz" Wang
Phil Yu

Jeff Yang writes the column Tao Jones for the Wall Street Journal Online
and is Pop & Politics correspondent for New York’s NPR station, WNYC. His
latest book, the graphic novel Shattered, will be published by the New
Press this fall.

Lisa Fung is executive editor of The Wrap, an entertainment news site.
During her 24 years at the Los Angeles Times, she served as an Arts &
Entertainment editor, Business Editor and Metro/Suburban Editor. Lisa is
the founding editor of Culture Monster, one of the first newspaper sites
devoted solely to arts and culture news and features.

Jocelyn “Joz” Wang is a writer who embraced blogging at its onset. Known
for her blog jozjozjoz.com, she’s also a Co-Editor of 8Asians.com and a
contributor to blogging.la (flagship site of the massive local journalism
project, Metblogs). She acquired and runs the 50+ international sites of
the Metroblogging.com network as its Publisher & CEO.

Phil Yu is the blogger behind Angry Asian Man, a popular Asian American
news/culture blog. In real life, he is not that angry.

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