Thinking of Dad… 6 years after his passing…

Last year, my cousin Superha surprised us by emailing a scan of an old snapshot of my Dad, her Dad and my Mom from the 1980s taken at their old home in El Monte. I cropped the photo so it would just be of my Dad, but in the original photo, all 3 of them are looking off-camera at… something… Since I couldn’t tell what they were looking at, I asked Superha if she had any idea when the photo was taken, and she said, "We used to have parties there all the time. This was that open porch area that my father created between the main house and the garage that he turned into their home office/master bedroom. We had backyard barbecues with my mom’s famous marinated chicken drumsticks. Good times. I know my parents really enjoyed the company of both your parents." Thanks to her for sending this picture and reminding me of the family parties and barbecues our families used to have together.

Speaking of those parties, I saw Superha’s parents over the weekend at my other Auntie & Uncle’s “4th of July on June 30th Party,” and they invited us over to their home on the 4th to celebrate.

Although my Mom, my brother & I are all here in the L.A. area, we are a bit off our normal schedule since my Mom had a spill the other night and is nursing a (hopefully not major) knee injury. Mom is not a good patient and she is extremely stubborn; refusing to use a wheelchair or a cane, despite the fact that her entire leg was swollen. Knowing that Mom is going to refuse to stay seated, I’m thinking that we’re going to take it easy and celebrate quietly.

One of the hardest parts of losing Dad is not having him around for the celebrations, big and small. I miss him daily.

From last year (2011):
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From three years ago (2009):…

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1 Response to “Thinking of Dad… 6 years after his passing…”

  • I pray that your mom’s knee heals completely and soon. If I ever come across any more photos with your parents, I’ll try to pass it on. Hugs, Cuz. We will miss you on the 4th. Love to you, Auntie, and your bro.

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