Daily Archive for December 12th, 2011

PIC: I KNOW it wasn’t either @Dypiangco or @PatrickEpino who stuck this @NatFilmSociety sticker on my car at the David Ono party, RIGHT?!

(I love those guys, but Yoshi was not happy to see anything on the pristine bumper of my car.)

I like how it took me 2 days– and Yoshi to point it out to me– to realize it was there.

Los Angeles, CA

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for typos!

PIC & VID: @jozjozjoz is interviewed on the red carpet at the @KoreAm Gala by @3somenightly


Thanks to Skylar Song of
www.ThreesomeNightly.com for
making me come back and walk the red carpet a second time so we could do
this! (That’s The Kinjaz are behind me on the red carpet.)

2011 KoreAm Unforgettable Gala

Park Plaza Hotel
Los Angeles, CA

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