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“Trick-or-Treat Goodies (our way)” – Year Eight (is Great!)

Long time readers of this blog will remember the original version of “Trick-or-Treat Goodies (our way)” post made in 2004. This story received an update in 2008, but it remains the unedited (save for some formatting corrections) for Year Eight (2011).

This has been such a crazy busy year, that I can’t remember what I did for a costume in 2010 (did I even get dressed up last year?!). This year, I recycled that ugly red dress I originally wore to the first Blogger Prom and added a few more red pieces to be Jozzy Red Riding Hood. (Or in Ernie’s words “Jozzy Joz Riding Joz.”) I wore this redtastic getup to work even though I had a in-person/video conference presentation at 9am.

At lunchtime, a group of us took a trip to the Disney Studio Lot to check out costumes and watch a bit of the Halloween Costume Contest (judged by Bob Iger, Anne Sweeney and other big time Disney execs.) Before getting to the fun and games, however, my passengers and I had a small adventure in the parking structure where we had to squeeze into a teeny tiny parking spot because other people don’t know how to park. The short version is that with the help of @unpoete, I was able to get my car into a parking spot where the car was literally TOUCHING a concrete post (but not scraping). Even more amazing, we were able to dislodge the car without any damage… it was magic via teamwork! (Unfortunately, this entire situation apparently caused a bit of stress during lunch for @microhan who, along with @unpoete and S, seemed way more concerned about my car than I was.)

What else? Since another Blogger Prom hasn’t happened yet, I’m still the reigning Blogger Prom Queen. On the homefront, we have decidedly less annoying neighbors– so less #neighborhooddrama or #neighborhooddorama to report. On the downside, we continue to live out of boxes and I still have no idea where the vast majority of my stuff is.

2011 has been NON-STOP for me… off the top of my head, major extracurricular activities I helped organize/produce included: Banana2 Conference, IWMF International Conference of Women Media Leaders in DC, Passport DC’s Around the World Embassy Tour, AAJA LA’s 30th Anniversary Trivia Bowl, IWMF’s Courage in Journalism Awards show in Beverly Hills… all this in addition to my responsibilities as Co-Editor of 8Asians, Secretary of the Boards of East West Players and the Asian American Journalists Association (Los Angeles Chapter)… and oh yeah, a day job that actually pays the bills.

Ack, I’m tired just thinking about it. Anyway, here’s my annual Halloween story posted in honor my Mom, who is in Taiwan (again) this fall. I hope you enjoy it (again or for the first time).

Happy Halloween.

Joz at the pumpkin patch in 1984.  I like how my eyes are closed in this shot.  (How did 20 years go by so quickly?!)When my brother and I were kids, we learned about most American traditions for the first time either on television or in school. Since our parents had come from Taiwan to the United States only a couple of years before I was born, they pretty much learned about American holidays at the same time my brother and I did… and that was usually when I came home from school talking about something I’d learned in class.

Of all the various American holidays we’d learned about, Halloween was especially exciting because my Mom had fun with “dressing us up.” Although she claimed that she didn’t know how to sew, she always came up with costumes for us… like the year my brother was a cowboy with a little red cowboy hat and matching vest, and I was an Indian squaw complete with feathers in my hair. Having costumes meant that we were sufficiently prepared to go trick-or-treating and to come home with a bag full of candy that we weren’t actually allowed to eat, since it would “rot our teeth out of our mouths.”

My mother has a background in medicine, having gone to medical school in Japan and then becoming a pharmacist in Taiwan. Although she liked getting us in costumes and taking us trick-or-treating, she never allowed us to eat the candy we brought home because it was full of sugar and artificial flavors and colors. Since we weren’t allowed to eat the candy, the strategy was to take us out early & to give away the candy that we had received earlier in the evening. We didn’t mind having our candy passed back out again; Mom had scared us about the dangers of sugary treats and really, the candy wasn’t important to us… we just loved the costumes and going door-to-door.

One year, my Mom informed us that our cousins were planning to come to our neighborhood so we could all go trick-or-treating together. We would be going at later time than our usual “early shift.” Since our cousins actually kept their candy, Mom decided that rather than re-distributing the candy my brother and I got via our front door, instead, our lucky cousins would go home with a double-bounty of candy, theirs AND ours! That also meant that Mom would actually have to prepare treats in advance for Dad to pass out while we were trick-or-treating.

And since I was starting to have neighbor kids in the same classes with me, I started becoming concerned about exactly what candy was being given away at our front door. I still remember the day Mom returned from the supermarket, proudly announcing that she had purchased “the BEST trick-or-treat goodies” for the neighborhood kids. My brother and I excitedly went through the grocery bags but we didn’t find any Smarties, M&Ms, little Snickers bars, or even candy corn.

“Mom?” I asked, combing through the groceries. “Where are the treats?”
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PIC: Happy Halloween from Jozzy Red Riding Hood!

Yes, I found another way to re-use that horrible red dress.

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