PIC & Brief Audio Interview by @TedNguyenUSA at #banana2 with @JacquelineWu & more

I don’t know if I have it in me to make a nice & thorough blog post about BANANA2— frankly, after months of helping plan and organize the conference, I’m a little banana-ed out. So until I get around to it (which may be never), I’ll try to post some stuff up, mostly based on things that other people post. That is, I’m rampantly going to borrow from what’s already being written online.

This one is thanks to Ted Nguyen, who was interviewing people like mad at the conference.

Ted did an audio interview which included Edi Dai, Justin Balagtas, Jacqueline Wu, and me, because I happened to wander by his interview while he was talking to these other awesome folks. I come in on the tail-end of the interview at around the 8:40 mark.


Thanks to Jacqueline Wu & Ted Nguyen

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1 Response to “PIC & Brief Audio Interview by @TedNguyenUSA at #banana2 with @JacquelineWu & more”

  • We were the lucky ones to be interviewed with you! :)

    “Banana-ed out” could be the name of a panel/workshop for the next conference, heh. Thanks for putting together a great conference and I believe I speak on behalf of the attendees when I say that we all learned something or were affected that day by being around so many inspirational bloggers. Go Joz!

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