What is the BANANA 2: Asian American Bloggers Conference?

I keep getting asked about the BANANA2 Conference

Are you going? [Yes]
Are you an organizer? [Yes]
Is it going to be fun? [Yes]
Can I be on a panel? [Maybe, but most of them are full already.]

Keith Kamisugi wrote up a press release with most of the salient details, so here it is:

Asian American bloggers from across the country will participate in BANANA 2 on February 26, 2011, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the back lot of CBS Studios in Studio City, Calif. The official reception/party for conference attendees follows immediately after the conference on the CBS "New York Street" lot of CSI:NY.

BANANA 2 is a follow-up to the inaugural convening in Nov. 2009 co-hosted by Lac Su, author of "I Love Yous Are For White People," and Steve Nguyen, a television/film producer and head of the ChannelAPA.com’s Los Angeles division, who enlisted the help of a small group of other bloggers, community activists and creatives to produce an event highlighting and amplifying the online voices of Asian Americans.

The first gathering featured bloggers from Angry Asian Man, Minority Militant, 8Asians, Neaato (Network of Entertaining Asian American Talent), Hyphen Magazine, Mochi Magazine, Channel APA, Bicoastal Bitchin’, AArising, Antisocial Ladder, Nikkei View, VisualizAsian, Kimchi Mamas, Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, DVAN (Diasporic Vietnamese American Network), big wowo, and Sepia Mutiny.

BANANA 2, co-chaired by Su and Craig Tomiyoshi of IW Group, Inc., will provide an opportunity for bloggers and their readers to build a stronger community by beginning conversations and building relationships beyond the conference. Conference panels will include topics on using blogs and social media to create meaningful social change, working with businesses and corporations and defining the role of Asian American bloggers.

Conference admission is $20 per person. Participants will be able to register online at banana-2.com starting Dec. 15, 2010. A complete schedule of panels and presenters will be announced in early Jan. 2011.

A list of articles, posts, photos and video related to last year’s gathering is available at www.delicious.com/bananaconf and you can connect with BANANA 2 at facebook.com/banana2.event and at twitter.com/banana2_event.

In addition to Su, Nguyen and Tomiyoshi, the BANANA 2 planning committee includes: Kate Agathon, Gil Asakawa, Yulree Chun, Edward Hong, Keith Kamisugi, Jason Ng, Arthur Vong and Joz Wang.

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