Daily Archive for November 16th, 2010

It’s @Steve_Nguyen @SnapItStudio @bakerythings @ItsMeCoffeeGirl and @jozjozjoz after the@AudreyMagazine event in Sept

Taken by Steve with his front-facing camera on his iPhone4 after the Audrey Night Out Event.

It’s like a Jacqueline Flower– she’s the center and we’re her petals.

Steve had texted it to me but it never got to me. A couple months later I was texting him and realized I’d never received it and he was kind enough to email it. And now it’s going on my blog/Facebook/Twitter.

Audrey’s Night Out 2010
Petersen Automotive Museum Parking Lot
Los Angeles, CA

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

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