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RIP: My Old Voicemail #310-288-6516

I’ve had the phone # above for well over 15 years. Cellular phones were crazy expensive back then; they were unaffordable for a college student like me– only business executives and hookers had them at that time. I got the 310-288-6516 number as a “voicemail only” account when I was a freshman in college and I had to share my landline with two roommates who pretty much hated me because every time the phone rang, it was for me. I started giving out my voicemail # so that I could check messages at my leisure and so my roommates didn’t have to bother taking messages for me. I paid $1.99/month for this service– waaay cheaper than having a cell phone. I kept this number even after I moved out of that apartment and went back home to Orange County for the summer so people could leave messages for me without having to call my parents’ home.

A few years later, during the Pleistocene Era, I had something that was called a pager. It was also known as a beeper. That’s because when someone called your number, your pager would “beep.” Awesome, right?! Although doctors had been using this advanced technology for years, this pager stuff was very high-tech for the consumer market in the mid-late 1990s. THAT WAS A WHOLE OTHER CENTURY AGO, PEOPLE! When I was a junior, I spent over $100 on a cranberry colored pager. I had it for about 2 months when I lost it at a pay phone(!) at UCLA when I was calling someone back who had paged me. I went through a number of pagers and finally decided that I didn’t need a pager, so I went back to voicemail only service.

Around my senior year of college, cell phones began to become affordable to consumers and I went to a Pacific Bell Wireless store to get my first mobile phone. This was back in the days before number porting, so I had to get a new cell phone number– I decided to retain my voicemail service on the side, even though I had voicemail service on my cell phone. And oh yes, you could send “pages” on the cell phone, too! I could have gotten rid of the voicemail # at this time, but I’d already had that # for a few years and I had gotten attached to it. The price had gone up a couple of bucks a month, but it was still very affordable. I kept both numbers.

Fast forward a decade and I have had gone through a whole host of cell phones and seen the Internet and technologies advance at a mind-numbingly fast pace, but I kept holding on to that voicemail # even though I didn’t really need it. But this year, I decided to cut the cord because of Google Voice. Even though the monthly fee for my voicemail # was only $7.99/month, I decided that I couldn’t justify paying *anything* for a number that I rarely used, especially because Google Voice is free and has many, many more features!

So sadly, my 310-288-6516 # is no more. If anyone from the last 15 years of my life is Googling that number looking for me, I thought I’d put this little PSA out there that I am pretty easy to reach online (see my contact page for the preferred methods!). And if you’d rather call me instead of finding me online– what do you think this is? The Jurassic Period? Come join this millennium, whydoncha?!

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