Daily Archive for November 7th, 2010

Google Voice sucks at transcribing voicemails from my Mom #4

I love Google Voice but it sucks at speech-to-text translation from my Mom. Of course this is not GV’s fault because most of the time, my Mom is speaking Chinese or maybe Chinglish at best. I really don’t expect it to translate twice! Here’s one example:

8/29/10 6:18 PM
Alright. Hello. Bye, hey hello, hello hey Yeah, Yeah, hello hello.

Note: I don’t know what my Mom was doing when she called me, but at first it sounded like she was talking to someone else. But then she did say “Hello, Jocelyn. Hello?” Google Voice has not gotten my name right yet.
What GV got right: Hello; hello (in italics)
What GV got wrong: Everything else.

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