Google Voice sucks at transcribing voicemails from my Mom #3

I love Google Voice but it sucks at speech-to-text translation from my Mom. Of course this is not GV’s fault because most of the time, my Mom is speaking Chinese or maybe Chinglish at best. I really don’t expect it to translate twice! Here’s one example:

8/18/10 6:57 PM
Hi thinking want to Advanta the Naperville that. Yeah on my dancing at staple, and I won’t be bugging out the out if you have a holler at you with that and Give me a call, okay bye bye and we will meet you know what way that with you. Bye bye, okay bye bye.

Note: Message left mostly in Chinese, some English words.
What GV got right: okay bye bye (in italics)
What GV got wrong: Everything else.

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