Joz’s #AAJA 2010 Convention Slideshow, made by John Sakata

It’s hard to believe that AAJA Convention in Los Angeles was more than 2 months ago, but it’s true. Last month, AAJA LA Chapter’s webmaster John Sakata put out a call for AAJA Convention photos, so I sent him a bunch. He was nice enough to put together a slideshow and a story for the AAJA-LA website.

It has taken me a month to post this on my own blog, so who knows if I was ever going to get around to posting some of these pix, so a super-huge THANKS to John for publishing this.

The slideshow includes my snapshots of:

THANKS AGAIN to John for putting the slideshow and story together! Here’s the story…

SLIDESHOW: Time machine back to the AAJA National Convention with “Joz!”

Take a four-day look back at the AAJA National Convention through the eyes of AAJA-LA board member, Jocelyn “Joz” Wang, who runs

Follow Joz as she has her photo taken with former Rolling Stone editor Ben Fong-Torres, and legendary Asian American journalist Connie Chung. Photos from the LA Times Media Access workshop, Convention Gala, which featured keynote speaker Laura Ling, and the Opening Reception are also included.

From August 4-7, more than 700 journalists participated in the 21st Annual AAJA National Convention at the Renaissance Hollywood, the first National Convention to come to Los Angeles in 17 years.

Leave a comment below, and tell us what your most memorable moment from the convention was!

Here is an excerpt from Joz’s personal blog on her unexpected face-to-face encounter with a woman she idolized as a child, Connie Chung:

Living in L.A., seeing famous people is fairly commonplace, so I really don’t get “starstruck” very often. But Connie Chung isn’t just a “celebrity,” she’s a journalist who inspired me and countless other Asian American women to become journalists. While my career path diverged from journalism after college, blogging has provided me an outlet back in– so it was great to be included in the mix at this year’s Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) National Convention.

I don’t know when I first got the idea that I wanted to get into journalism or broadcasting, but I remember watching Connie Chung on the evening news with my Dad. I specifically remember that my cousin Nina had an autographed 8×10 of Connie Chung’s headshot under the glass surface of her desk and I remember how envious I was that she had that. (Back then, I didn’t know you could just write in for a SASE and get an autographed picture.)

This year’s AAJA National Convention was held in Los Angeles and themed “Back to the Future,” a nod to the fact that AAJA was founded in L.A.. The Opening Reception brought many of Asian American pioneer journalists on-stage and although there were some people I’d never heard of until that night, there was no doubt that everyone there knew who Connie Chung was!

If Connie Chung ever needs an ego boost, all she has to do is go to an AAJA Convention and she’ll find herself surrounded by young Asian American women who were inspired by her. To be more accurate, she will find herself surrounded by a mob of women who will push, shove, and in some cases, kick their way through a crowd to get a photo with her. If I ever doubted the
tenacity and persistence of a female Asian American journalist (not that I ever did), then I was reminded that night when I got caught in the photograph melee with @GilAsakawa.

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