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Far*East Movement’s ‘Like A G6’ Hits #1 on iTunes; Internet Asks “What Does Like a G6 Mean?”

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Congrats to Far*East Movement whose single Like A G6 hit #1 on the US iTunes singles charts and #10 on the Billboard charts, making Far*East Movement the first Asian American group to break into the iTunes and Billboard top 10 list. Like a G6 has been getting a ton of airplay.

Since they’re based in LA, I’ve seen FM perform many times over the years so it’s really great to hear them on the radio and see them find such huge success! Whenever I hear this song being played in a public place– like a store or a restaurant– I say loudly to whoever is near me “Did you know this song is by Far*East Movement? They’re Asian American!” Sometimes I get dirty looks for doing this, but most of the time, it sparks a conversation with strangers who say things like, “Wow! I’ve heard this song and didn’t know the group was Asian American.”

But most often people say, “What is a G6*?” Evidently, people are using the Internet (to try) to find out, and here is a sampling of what they would find online:

  • Over at ChaCha, some said “The phrase “Like a G6″ is most likely referring to a car, the Pontiac G6” to which other people responded “Wrong.”
  • Someone else said, “Yeah, I dont think anyone would be saying a Pontiac G6 is “fly”. While its an ok car for the average older woman, someone with a lot of money to spend probably wouldn’t buy it. Especially when the Pontiac G8 is so much faster and harder to get. If you’ve ever hung around people with real money, they don’t talk about cars as much as people without money do. They tend to talk about jets, yachts, and planes. ”
  • Some people think G6 refers to a musical chord
  • “G x 6” (i.e. “Gangsta x 6” or “Gay x 6”) is another popular belief
  • Some idiot honestly gave a Yahoo Answer of: “The G6 (Group of Six) in the European Union is an unofficial group of the interior ministers of the six European Union member states”
  • But the consensus online seems to be that G6 stands for Gulfstream G650, a really expensive jet

In other words, if you want to know the answer to a question, don’t ask the Internet. Instead, I say you should consult the nearest 3 year-old, as per Ford H’s comment on a Facebook thread: “My 3 year old hears and sings the chorus based on his own interest: “Like a cheese stick, like a cheese stick.”


Mmmm! I could use some string cheese about now! (But wait! Am I sure it’s string cheese? Maybe I need to ask “What is a cheese stick?“)

*According to one of the song’s co-writers, “G6” is open to interpretation.

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