Daily Archive for September 21st, 2010

Reason #468377 to be a season subscriber at @EWPlayers: ticket replacement at the box office

Last Wednesday night was Opening Night for East West Players’ 45th Anniversary Season. I was surprised that I hadn’t received my tickets for the season in the mail yet. I figured I might have checked a box on the order form that said "Hold at Will Call" so I didn’t worry about it. I also knew my guests and I would be fine because one of the many benefits of being a season subscriber is that they offer free ticket replacement!

Well a few days later, the mystery of my season tickets has been solved– my ticket package (which had been sent out more than a week before Opening Night) was chewed up by a hungry USPS machine. Also lucky for me– it was just the envelope that got mangled; most of the contents were fine.

Nonetheless, happy to be a subscriber so that I don’t have to worry about tickets!


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