Sunday night dinner was Shabu Shabu (Thx @Groupon!)

I had a Groupon (paid $15 for $30 of food) for Tokyo Shabu Shabu. They have locations in Rowland Heights and Monterey Park.

@TheOtherYoshi and I got nervous when we saw the not-so-great reviews on Yelp but it ended up being ok.

Yoshi had the regular Shabu Shabu broth with Angus Beef. I tried one of their "Fusion" broths– spicy tomato(!) with Kurabota pork; that’s what’s pictured here.

Spicy Tomato w/ Pork $15.99
Shabu w/ Angus Beef $13.99
Tax $2.92
Subtotal $32.90
Groupon -$30.00
Total bill $2.90
Tip $5.10
Total paid tonight $8.00

*Total paid for our meals: $15 (Groupon) + $8 = $23.00*

$23 for two people to have Shabu Shabu?! Heck yeah! (Oh yeah! They didn’t complain when I wanted to charge my $8 to a credit card! In this hood, it’s usually cash for a small amount like that!)

Tokyo Shabu Shabu
141 N Atlantic Blvd #1008
Monterey Park, CA

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

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