(Part of) Dinner at Noodle King

(Part of) Dinner at Noodle King, originally uploaded by @jozjozjoz.

The Bro, Yoshi and I had some comfort food tonight. Yeah we were hungry.

#2 – Extra large beef noodle soup (almost gone) $8.50
#29 – Green Onion Pan Cake (only one piece left) $1.75
#41 – Pan fried dumplings (8) $5.50
#69 – Pan fried oyster with egg (already gone) $4.25

Total including tip $25 (We were going to tip $1 more but the lady grabbed our cash before we were done. Oh well.)

Noodle King
1265 E Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

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