This is what ~100 postcards from NYC looks like. Did you get yours?!

People think that since I’m a blogger/social media fiend that I’m one
of those "digital only" people. Actually, it couldn’t be farther from
the truth. I love pens, paper, and getting/sending things via snail
mail. (Thanks to my friends who send me postcards on their travels,

So when I travel, I take the time, energy, and money to go buy
postcards and postage to send notes out to my family and friends.
Sometimes this can be really expensive– like when we went to Italy,
the cost of postage for each postcard was equivalent to over a dollar
each! Sometimes I have to search far and wide to buy postcards in
bulk; a lot of places don’t sell them anymore– and often people think
I’m crazy when I walk out of a place with over 100 postcards.

In general, I don’t personally believe in mass mailing lists– except
for a small list of my family members, I don’t even keep email lists
myself. (So when you receive an email from me, I personally type your
email address into the message.) And although I do use mailing labels
to speed up the postcard process– I (or Yoshi) personally handwrite
the messages to every postcard recipient. [We HAVE talked about
getting a stamp made for that, though! And we have thought about
using a service like to send out postcards of photos we
took, as well. What do you think? Yay/nay?]

My list of postcard friends tend to be my family, friends, and even
some online folks that I’ve never met in person. Some of these folks
I talk to or see often; some only hear from me when I send postcards–
but if you receive a postcard from me, it means I think you’re

I recently found out that a good number of the folks on my list
HAVEN’T been receiving their postcards because I had their old
addresses, so if you received yours, let me know so that I know your
address is correct. If you don’t want me to send them anymore, let me
know that too. And most importantly, if you’re no longer receiving my
cards, please leave a comment so I can email you back and get your new



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7 Responses to “This is what ~100 postcards from NYC looks like. Did you get yours?!”

  • I LOVE post cards and mail. Who doesn’t? So how does a girl go about getting on that precious list? And please send me your address too. I’d be delighted to send you a post card or two from South Africa.

  • So, how does a girl go about getting on the mailing list?

  • Annika! I can’t believe you’re not already on the list! Sent you an email :)

  • Joz, Jackie and I received our yesterday. I think it’s GREAT that you and Yoshi send these, and give up a little of your vacation to do so. THANKS! Although it did make me a bit homesick for NYC. xo

  • I’ll have to email you with my mailing addy. I totally forgot you LOVE to get post cards too. I knew about snail mail naturally, but forgot about post cards. Plus I need to update you and Yoshi on other stuff going on that I can’t mention on FB just yet. But WOW on getting the 100 post cards. I LOVE getting post cards and finding them too. I actually read this and thought it was some site you were recommending that we could FIND post cards ha ha. I’m running on 3 hours of sleep. I’ll finish glancing around on FB and get into bed. Give my love to all. Tell Yoshi to give you a hug for me please and versa.

  • I got mine! I can’t remember the last time I received a postcard or anything personal in the mail. You are the best.

  • Received! Thanks Joz and Yoshi! Hope you had a lovely trip!

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