Joz meets Connie Chung at the #AAJA Convention Opening Reception. (I didn’t faint!)

Living in L.A., seeing famous people is fairly commonplace, so I really
don’t get "starstruck" very often. But Connie Chung isn’t just a
"celebrity," she’s a journalist who inspired me and countless other Asian
American women to become journalists. While my career path diverged from
journalism after college, blogging has provided me an outlet back in– so it
was great to be included in the mix at this year’s Asian American
Journalists Association (AAJA) National Convention.

I don’t know when I first got the idea that I wanted to get into journalism
or broadcasting, but I remember watching Connie Chung on the evening news
with my Dad. I specifically remember that my cousin Nina had an autographed
8×10 of Connie Chung’s headshot under the glass surface of her desk and I
remember how envious I was that she had that. (Back then, I didn’t know you
could just write in for a SASE and get an autographed picture.)

This year’s AAJA National Convention was held in Los Angeles and themed
"Back to the Future," a nod to the fact that AAJA was founded in L.A.. The
Opening Reception brought many of Asian American pioneer journalists
on-stage and although there were some people I’d never heard of until that
night, there was no doubt that everyone there knew who Connie Chung was!

If Connie Chung ever needs an ego boost, all she has to do is go to an AAJA
Convention and she’ll find herself surrounded by young Asian American women
who were inspired by her. To be more accurate, she will find herself
surrounded by a mob of women who will push, shove, and in some cases, kick
their way through a crowd to get a photo with her. If I ever doubted the
tenacity and persistence of a female Asian American journalist (not that I
ever did), then I was reminded that night when I got caught in the
photograph melee with @GilAsakawa.

I wasn’t prepared to get a photo when I saw her after I had wandered into
the VIP room prior to the program. When I first saw Connie Chung, I did
indeed get a little starstruck and thought I was going to faint. But I
managed to hold it together and after the program was over, I was next to
her when a mob started crowding her for photos near the stage– many of
these people didn’t make it into the VIP room afterwards.

This photo is a total coup for me. Not only do I have a picture of myself
with Connie Chung– an icon and inspiration– but I also escaped getting a
black eye or scratch marks to mar the photo.

2010 AAJA National Convention Opening Reception
VIP Room @ The Highlands
Hollywood, CA
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4 Responses to “Joz meets Connie Chung at the #AAJA Convention Opening Reception. (I didn’t faint!)”

  • “But Connie Chung isn’t just a “celebrity,” she’s a journalist who inspired me and countless other Asian American women to become journalists.”

    Technically, you are not currently a journalist… unless you switched jobs recently?

  • Two beautiful, intelligent, and talented women.

  • Joz is a journalist in my book. She’s well-read in the current multi-media platform that people in news need to be these days. She writes about current events and effects change in action and thought. Go, Joz!

  • Cool, Joz! (and I second that Joz is a journalist, perhaps not a newspaper columnist but you definitely have your finger on the new media pulse!)

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