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Joz in the Taiwan Daily News (Sunday, 7/25/2010 Edition)

This past weekend I was an invited speaker at Rosemead City Hall for a TACL
(Taiwanese American Citizen’s League)/TUF (Taiwanese United Fund) writing
salon called "Voices of Taiwanese America." I was honored to sit alongside
George T. Wu, author of "The Formosa Furies" as well as Chi-Hung (Luke)
Hsieh (謝奇宏), who published his autobiography "Unicorn, You Taught Me How to
Fly" at the age of 25, on the panel.

Here is the article in Sunday’s Taiwan Daily News. I sent this off to my
Aunties & Uncles who read Chinese. (My Mom is mad at me because I didn’t go
get a stack of paper copies of this.) If you’re curious about the article,
basically it reported that I was one of 3 speakers + it listed the names of
all the high school kids who got scholarships from the TACL.

I was asked about future writing projects and I told the audience that I
am currently researching a book about my (maternal) grandmother Huang
Yu-Jiau (黃玉嬌). A lot of the people (1st generation) there told me
afterwards that they remembered either Grandma or my father, or both.

Text article (no image):

Image at: news.taiwandaily.net/JPG/7/A08.jpg (link expires in a week)


(記者林蓮華/羅斯密市報導) TACL台美公民協會於7月24日(週六)在羅斯密市政府舉辦「2010年台美人社區獎學金頒獎典禮」,今年共有21 名應屆高中畢業生榮獲每名500元獎學金,及獎牌一面。當天並邀請三位台美人作家George Wu、Jocelyn Wang、謝奇宏以「台美人之聲」為題,主講他們從事寫作的心路歷程及提供寫作的訣竅。當天市議員勞朱嘉儀及洛僑主任簡許邦皆主席頒獎。

三位台美人作家,前總統府資政吳澧涪之子George Wu著作「The Formosa Furies Fight for Freedom」以童話故事,描寫台美人如何為台灣自由與民主的信念奮戰不懈的艱辛之路;Jocelyn Wang是一位台美最知名的網路作家,她以「8Asians」道盡亞裔在美國生存的酸甜苦辣;謝奇宏身為特殊殘障人士,以其「不向命運低頭」的努力寫下「獨角獸你教我怎麼飛」。他們親身演講,在場學子紛紛表示收獲良多,並對台美人士更深切了解。


獎學金得獎名單分別為阿罕布拉高中Michelle Ruan、Rayond Yang、Stephanie Wang、Zerena Diaz;亞凱迪亞高中Lily Yin;鑽石吧高中Frederick Peng、Pu Fang Hung 藝術高中(HS of Art)Sharon Jan;Los Altos 高中Amy Lee;馬凱勃高中Benjanmin Lee、Patricia Song;聖蓋博高中Charles Le、Carrie Ho;聖瑪利諾高中Jonathan Lin;南方高中Nicole Lee;南丘高中Alan Chen、Michelle Kung;天普高中Kimberly Luu、Veronia Lin;喜瑞都高中Christopher Lai;南艾爾地高中Daphne Chien。

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