Daily Archive for July 23rd, 2010

Why @ProfessorEric is a true friend.

A true friend will lend you a hand whenever you need one.

(The post-it above was inspired by this chat from today)

11:26 AM me: Hi baby
Are we ever going to see each other?
12:03 PM Prof: really soon i hope.
or i will cut off my arm and mail it to you.
which won’t help at all… but you know, it is the thought that counts.
12:11 PM me: That’s a very disturbing thought, but thanks for the offer.
12:12 PM Prof: welcome
12:18 PM Prof: i just sent you a photo on your phone.
12:21 PM me: I think I see it downloading
(Joz looks at the photo)
12:30 PM That is disgusting, but thank you.
Prof: welcome.

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