Joz & her souvenir “Sue Sylvester Barf Bag” given to her by a Cheerio at #GleeLive tonight – @GleeOnFOX [+blog post]

Even though I may have lost my voice from all the screaming/singing I did
and the fact that I’ll probably be deaf for a week–I had the best time at
the Glee Live show tonight at Universal / Gibson Amphitheatre tonight!

It started out with a jaw-dropping set by TheLXD, including a crowd-pleasing
number by Harry Shum Jr/"Elliott Hoo" and his magical dancing shoes.

During intermission, some Cheerios enterted the crowd and started handing
out William McKinley HS barf bags! Then as the show started, Sue Sylvester
was on the screen talking about how awful the show was going to be which is
why her Cheerios were handing out "Sue’s Barf Bags." Will Shuester got on
the screen to try and got the show going.

It was non-stop music and dancing. Great numbers from the show and surprise
appearance by Jesse St James and Vocal Adrenaline. There were pyrotechnics
and props and COSTUMES (Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance!!!). For a great write up
of the show, see Rachel’s at GleeHab’s recap:

I thought the same thing after I saw Mika and Lady Gaga live, but now that
I’ve gone to see Glee Live- it only confirms that I have the musical taste
of either a gay boy or a 13 year old girl.

After the concert ended, we ske-daddled as quickly as we could to escape the
crowds. I needed to use the restroom, but when we got to the one near the
parking structure, there was a mass of people in front of the door and so
then I decided to hold it. As we were driving on the freeway and we were
getting stuck in traffic, @ramengrrl said "You should have just gone to the
restroom." And I said, "But there was a giant line there." And she said
"No, actually there was no line, those girls were just standing around in
front of the door." (beat) Me: "Fuckin’ bitches!"

We decided to grab a bite to eat at Suehiro in Little Tokyo and saw the
folks at East West Players leaving for the night. The picture of me and the
barf bag was taken at Suehiro. But the food at Suehiro is yummy and does
not necessitate a barf bag!!!

After dinner, I realized the Jennifer Paz was there with her friend and so I
took on my stalker mode and went up to talk to her and get my program and
postcard from "Road to Saigon" autographed (I still had it in my purse from
Opening Night on Wednesday). I told her as soon as I got there that I
actually hadn’t seen her show tonight because I was at Glee and she was like
"WHAT?! They have a live show in L.A.!?" Turns out she loves Glee as

I gleeked out a bit and I congratulated her again on the amazing performance
I saw the other night, as well as for the rave review and CRITIC’S CHOICE
pick in the LA Times today:…

Anyway, my ears are still ringing so I’d better try to get to bed and see if
I’ve regained any of my hearing in the morning.

Suehiro Cafe
Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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  • Do you know how I can get one of these bags? I collect them (really, see Please let me know if you are willing to send me one of these bags.


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