Daily Archive for March 7th, 2010

Crab Claw Attacks Joz!

I was looking at some pictures I finally downloaded off my camera from this past New Year’s and this one made Yoshi laugh.

It has become a New Year’s Eve tradition for me, Yoshi and Yoshi’s Dad to go to Half Moon Bay and get fresh Dungeness crab. Yoshi’s parents spend most of New Year’s Eve cooking– either crab or tradition osechi dishes (Japanese New Years foods). Yoshi and I try to help out, too. But we’re less help with the cooking part and more help with the taste-testing and eating part
of things.

New Year’s Eve dinner is usually fresh crab with sourdough bread. It’s sooo good that I pretty much don’t have crab any other time of year because it always pales in comparison.

Here’s me with part of my crabby New Year’s Eve friend dinner. (Shortly after this picture got taken Yoshi told me to “stop playing with my food.” Playing?! I was only trying to defend myself and have the photos to prove it!)

Yoshi’s parents place
San Jose, CA

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