Racist Camera hits the Chinese-language newspapers…

Move over, Time Magazine… My Auntie called my Mom and says she saw the Racist Camera in the Chinese Daily News/World Journal (世界新聞網).

2010-01-22 - World Journal - Racist Camera - CLIPPING

Now I’m legit, says Mom. Haha. Thus began my evening of looking for the article for Mom. Of course, they didn’t print the picture, so I actually had to do a little bit of “reading” to find it.

Anyway, I found it, so here it is in Chinese:
相機臉像檢測 功能涉歧視
by 編譯中心綜合紐約22日電
01.22.10 – 11:00 pm
科技日新月異的今日,許多數位相機已具備「臉像檢測」(face detection)功能。此種科技的目的在使攝影更加容易,阻止拍下主體眨眼的不佳畫面,或幫助攝影者捕捉主體微笑的剎那。但是,消費者發現此種功能不盡理想,甚至有「種族歧視」。

時代雜誌報導,來自台灣的王姓女子去年買了一台Nikon Coolpix S630數位相機,作為母親節禮物,卻在每次拍人像照時,顯示幕上出現:「有人在眨眼嗎?」的警告。但她的弟弟後來對相機瞪大眼睛,警告訊號即告消失。又好氣又好笑的王姓女子在部落格上寫道:「這台相機有種族歧視。我根本沒有眨眼,我只不過是亞裔。」


臉像檢測功能甚至運用到視訊會議攝影機(webcam),而且發生同樣問題。上個月,德州汽車經銷商一名白人女性員工把拍下的短片送上YouTube供大家觀賞:一名非洲裔同事想用他的惠普HP Pavillion手提電腦的內建視訊攝影機檢測他的臉部、追蹤他的行動。結果是,攝影機湊近拍攝這名白人女子,對非洲裔毫無反應。短片的標題是「惠普電腦是種族歧視者」,點擊率將近200萬人次,迫使惠普公司迅速回應,強調提供高科技功能是為所有族裔服務。
© worldjournal.com 2010.

But even better is if you run that through a translator, and you get this gobbledygook:

Translated by Google Translate:

Camera Face Detection-related discrimination, as
by compiling Center Syndicated news, New York, 22nd —
01.22.10 – 11:00 pm
The advancement of technology today, many digital cameras already have “a face like a test” (face detection) function. The purpose of this technology to make photography easier, to stop the bad photographed subject blinking screen, or to help photographers capture the moment the main smile. However, consumers found that such features are not ideal, and even “racial discrimination.”

Time magazine reported last year from Taiwan, Wang Xing Nvzi bought a Nikon Coolpix S630 digital camera, as a Mother’s Day gift, but each shot portrait photos, the display appears on screen: “Some people in the blink of an eye it?” Warning. But her brother was on the camera staring, warning signals evaporates. Good and also funny, Wang Xing Nvzai gas in the blog, wrote: “This camera were racially discriminatory. I did not blink, I just Asian.”

Experts point out that the camera’s face detection feature, like accidentally “white preference”, a brand more than Nikon and other cameras also appeared the same problem. Reason is not necessarily a computer programmer, but rather they rely on algorithms (algorithm). Computer based on the general development of face recognition as the self-image rules, the rules sometimes conflict with each other, leading to Nikon cameras can not distinguish between Asian eyes and half-open eyes. At that time the light may also be affected.

Face detection and even as applied to video-conferencing camera (webcam), but also witnessed the same problem. Last month, Texas car dealer a white female employees to send video captured on YouTube for all to watch: an African-American colleagues who wish to Hewlett-Packard HP Pavillion with his laptop computer’s built-detection video camera in his face Department, to track his movements. As a result, the camera shooting the whites woman leaned on the African-American no response. Short film entitled “HP’s computer is racial discrimination,” click-through rate of nearly 2 million passengers, forcing the company to respond quickly to Hewlett-Packard, emphasis on providing high-tech features are services for all ethnic groups.

Translated by Bablefish:

The camera face measuring ability fords likely discriminates against the by translation center to synthesize today which New York on 22nd 01.22.10 – 11:00 pm science and technology changes with each new day, many several cameras have had “the face to examine (face detection) likely” the function. This kind of science’s and technology’s goal is making the photography to be easier, the impediment pats not the good picture which the main body blinks, or helps the cameramen to catch the main body smile 剎 that. But, the consumer discovered that this kind of function is not ideal, even has “the racial discrimination”. The time magazine reported that female has bought Nikon Coolpix last year from Taiwan’s Wang Xing the S630 several cameras, takes Mother’s Day the gift, actually when each time is patting the photograph according to, demonstrated that on the curtain appears: “some people are blinking?”Warning. But her younger brother afterward stared the big eye to the camera, the alarm signal namely considers vanishing. Also the good gas funny Wang Xing the female wrote in the tribe standard: “this camera has the racial discrimination. I simply have not blinked, I just am Asian.” The expert pointed out that camera’s face likely measuring ability accidentally “by chance Caucasian”, not only a Nikon brand, other cameras also have the similar problem. The reason leaves not necessarily in the computer programmer, but lies in calculating method (algorithm) which they rely on. The computer basis common face draws up the identification phantom rule voluntarily likely, sometimes the rule mutually 牴 touches, causes the Nikon camera to be unable the eye which distinguishes the Asian eye and partly opens. Optical fiber then also possible influential. The face measuring ability even utilizes video conference camera (webcam) likely, moreover gives rise to the similar problem. The previous month, a Texas car dealer Caucasian feminine staff the short film which pats delivers YouTube for everybody watching: An African lineage colleague wants to use his HP HP Pavillion portable computer’s to construct the video camera to examine his face, to trace his motion. The result is, the camera approaches photographs this Caucasian female, did not respond to the African lineage. The short film title is “HP computer is the racial discrimination”, the click rate the nearly 2,000,000 people, will force HP Corporation to respond rapidly, stressed that provides the high tech function is serves for all ancestors.

Actually, I’m just playing a game my cousin LL was playing when she was running Chinese-language articles about her brother through the translator and was getting crazy stuff back.

As I said on her secret blog, “Why bother learning to read Chinese? I think I’ll just run everything through that translator– life would be much more interesting that way!”

Make sure to always “stared the big eye to the camera!!!”

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