The Chinese “Verne Troyer & Genevieve Gallen”

I am ONLY posting this because people keep sending me links to these photos of these Chinese newlyweds where the groom is a little person and the bride is an average sized woman. The messages keep referring to China’s “Verne & Genevieve,” so I am repeating it just so people know that yes, I have seen these photos… please stop sending them to me!

Here is a photo of the Chinese couple:

Here is an old photo of Verne & Genevieve:
Genevieve and Verne in a limo!

(I really hope this post doesn’t make my old friend Genevieve sad. She’s such a good person and totally deserves a happy ending to her fairy tale!)

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4 Responses to “The Chinese “Verne Troyer & Genevieve Gallen””

  • Well I, for one, have never seen any of these photos before. =) I went to the link, and I did a whole bunch of “awwww”ing. LOL! It’s SO sweet…

    Just goes to show that true love conquers all, and that there’s someone out there for everyone. <3 =]

  • I hope they get to enjoy their lives together, and I am glad to see another couple showing that my Marriage to Verne…just brought out the prejudice and ignorance still held in society. Coming from a yogic and activist background, I had been warned that living outside the ashram, “in the storm of life” remaining a yogini would be the test, and with my background, and when my life was at the height of a dream come true, and I found his deadly problem with alcohol again covered up, as we have seen prior to me, and after me flus, dehydration, I can bet there is still an appendix in there, as small as it may be.

    My life was on full speed ahead, but it was like slowing to see a car wreck on a deserted two way highway…and realizing the moment I found him locked in a “surgical recovery ward”…fallen fro a raised bed, his head bleeding, and sheets and clothes soiled, full of vomit and him trying rip out iv’s seeing snakes, and all the visions while going through dt’s were REAL fear in his mind, and therefore i battled off the imaginary threats, for 15 hours or so until he finally calmed, in sheets I had changed, and I laid next to him as he slept on my chest, and I held him….realizing in the metaphor of the car wreck,…that if I did not put my life on hold, and his life and well being first, that there was no one else coming to save this wreck, and i needed stop and turn around no matter HOW….it affected my life, that is

    1. if he wanted to be free of living (in my opinion a victim of stockholm syndrome) kept “protected” in the garage of his managers estate…with all his dealings having pass her first. It was not I that diagnosed that situation as unhealthy and enabling to his dis-ease and potential death.

    2. if he wished to get sober. I grew up educating myself in ALANON as to how to help a parent, and love her, but hate the disease that caused her to suffer. The second time I tried alcohol, apple martini’s…on an empty stomach….I got a DUI and hope to do more work for MADD, as well was educated from the addicts perspective, which as a rape survivor from Detroit….which then led to trying to eat less, take less from the world, eat more pure, for i felt “so dirty inside”…I was a survivor of anorexia. Something I am not ashamed of, and like alcoholism, something that during the 2 years of divorce…I really had to make sure I did not lose one thing people CANT TAKE AWAY…NO MATTER HOW MUCH DURESS….AND THAT IS ONE’S RECOVERY.

    It was like reverse discrimination I faced in Detroit, as a minority in highschool, but all over again where I received the hate, and it was PC not to fight for the “oppressed, the underdog, those assumed lived through hard times….or had physical challenges. No one realized that a commercial model, blonde, white, American…tan…may have grown up harassed for my pale skin, and acne, braces, or just standing out, where many felt I did not belong. But as some would twist me becomming a product of my environment…ha ha…aren’t we all in some, way shape or form. Think i was a man hater and alcoholic manipulater…I heard it all….and yes,…those words that people write to celebs…we sometimes read it, or hear through our publicists, or are shocked during interviews what people have said online. It does hurt, and I didn’t want to grow a “thick skin”. It is an artists duty, in my opinon to feel, and not numb oneself, for how could an actor express feelings on screen, if they did not feel both the good and the bad. I always say we cant rid certain emotions, or “shelf” them as “drama” stored away, any more than we can chose what colors we prefer to see in the spectrum of colors in the rainbow and world.

    And after years as a Peta activist in detroit, working with ALF to find homes for lab animals, frostbitten turkeys, canvassing for green peace, talking about global warming over 20 years ago, and that we need to go vegan, I got tired of fighting to prove myself. Similar to how I FEEL TODAY. “That I CAN ONLY RID WITHIN MYSELF AND MY LIVING ATMOSPHERE, THE PREJUDICE AND HATRED, THE IGNORANCE I WISHED TO RID IN THE WORLD”. It seemed I was making no difference, as one…

    But when the same reverse discrimination and hatred, all my “ulterior motives” were suggested, and that one night at his bedside…turning into the first article of slander that would follow for another 7 years, along with every other type of malicious act you could imagine. I cant say or point fingers, but i know know the fear that kept him in the garage, for it was the same fear that allowed me to give up “my Self”, to prove my love to him and others…

    and as my guru finally warned, instead of choosing to give up all material attachments….standing as a yogini in the “storm of life, when I faced this dark creature,….dark as I was light, I would have to adhere to what I had learned was good and the right thing to do….and I may not have the choice, for I learned PEOPLE ARE AS DANGEROUS AS THEIR LEVELS OF FEAR…and I clung onto faith, for there are only 2 decisions I feel we ever have to decide, am I standing by his side out of fear, or faith…and I stood by our love out of faith, and I stood up to sick behaviors, and secrets….not realizing that people will in fact do whatever they needed, when all they held, was in thier status, and how they appeared in the media, and what they had done for little people, and all their riches stashed away….as though always in fear it would be taken, and always in greed for more, ….

    My guru said that i would not have a choice when the world came and ripped all material attachment from me, and that would be the true test…of being a yogini in the world. I just never realized that my “online reputation” (easily manipulated removing my wiki first, and I saw every pic on wire-image taken down, then all links of my notoriety in my own career, and past, all removed as someone later told me there were ex google employees that for $25, could “break links” or add tags unliked by Google’s search engines….and just as a journalist can write about all ones great qulaities…there was a company called that would take down any link that made one look bad in their “online precense”, and therefore, I imagine, there were those, that could break similarly all true, non slanderous links….as the ones you had written, so that they no longer show when my name is put into a search engine. Just like in the relationship, “I”…who I am….now, and before I lost myself, is reflectively being erased and lost, over 7 years time.)

    Forget the 3 day notice to vacate my home, and being put in court on December 20th, my birthday that Verne and I would fly home annually to see my family for christmas eve, and his family for christmas day. His father had a gorgeous large home, and verne had helped in buying him a tractor. We would sit in the basement and watch sports on their large screen tv, or go to his lovely sister deborahs house. But….christmas of 2006, I was technically homeless and held in court, and I lost my grandfather….Verne will remember our engagment party in 2003 christmas….and he was sober throughout…and i introduced him to my grandfather that had worked at the slaughter house…but later gained respect for my adherence to my lifestyle….and during the engagment party he recieved and heirloom from them…handed down over generations….It was that winter I lost him to cancer, and could not say goodbye. Losing my home, losing my name on all the lists to parties, I was a guest of prior to him…all of that was loss of material attachment, and also ability to control my life, ablity to gain work, for people would not wish to associate with people not on lists in fear they would be kicked out of “networking parties” genuinely where people do get the work. And I would not take the offers of men with much more worldly affluence or noteriety…mansions with 15 guest rooms offered, but everyone knows that it would appear, I was unfaithful to the vow which was very special to Verne sober. And to my entire family….each time i felt I got a little bit stronger, it was as though someone would be hired…police called it “a coincidence” that I was attacked or all the people named in a 600 page deposition, just “were too busy to talk and would call me back later”. people who were dear friends for years.

    And as my goomi, my beloved chihuahua and I slept in the back of my car for a few months, still making it to test shoots, and showering at the gym to try to keep my chin up, with integrity….I found myself having to move 8 times in 4 years….feeling loss of home, of ‘safty” and learned the only security I truly ever had, came from within. And when all was taken away, children still saw worth in me, and in my care in listening, when I found shelter for goomi and I in the compton/crenshaw area. Some of my best work,…was actually shot….I feel, while going through these times, for I was so vulnerable and raw…

    just as verne was when he put faith in me…and entrusted me with all his personal “deamons” fears and secrets, and I don’t regret the two years, which started off as a two month leave of absence from school to take him into my home with a celebrity sober coaching program….that i felt was…”sabotaged” several times…but I dont regret that it took 2 years, and I hold no feelings of hate or anger to him. My only regret….is that we were not given a face to face chance to ever say goodbye.

    I also regret that, since, I have heard a lot of rumors, and even fabricated evidence created, to show to him, that he will hate me. And I know why he owes the government…and that it is a way to keep him from calling me, for we spoke secretly until Valentiines of 2008. I do regret that our marriage, was not a GIANT LEAP….IN HOLLYWOOD FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE MOVEMENT, AND ALL THE PHOTOS, AND A LARGE MARRAIGE, EVEN MY DRESS HE PICKED OUT….remembering my favorite designer…that took 2 months to alter….was perfect…I regret that that was not shared, as well as the day we took photos to share our engagement and announce at the SAG awards in 2003 for those with disabilities.

    I regret that I allowed people to cover up my voice, for I have PTSD, which is my own sort of “disability”, but the only times Verne and I had problems, was when a third person, would come in the way. And even though he would know what was right and decent, even after it took 1 1/2 years to prove this person WAS THE SOURCE OF THE SLANDER THAT CAUSED ME TO LOSE ALL STOCK PHOTO WORK AS A COMMERCIAL MODEL, AND no longer be the girl next door, but the gold digger, the “dwarf fooker”, “maybe you can model for mini cooper” he he. or mini waffles, he he. He would know, but the fear would make him turn on me in an instant when drinking, and that disloyalty was what hurt….the pictures laid out low enough for me to see (yes, I saw them verne and forgave you for you were set up and had relapsed) and high enough for him NOT to see…I ignored knowing it was to spur my jealousy, and try to separate us.

    They say anger or regret, is the final stage to healing. If i had been disfigured, or fugly, or given a chance for people to know more about me…and the fun times, and ways we bridged our lives together, always finding new things we could do was exciting, and NO….i did not GO AND TALK ABOUT OUR SEXLIFE TO THE TABLOIDS. i said I was emotionally satisfied. You will see they put all the stuff that is scandalous, and borderliine lies, in bold print to please the masses who want sensation, but that NOT IN BOLD…IS USUALLY WHAT I DID SAY….and always with love. Even after I have been given every reason to hate this man. My heart for whatever reason, has not felt it. And i know, that I will be used as the scapegoat for years to come, for I have tried to just life SAFELY….goomi….sadly after that article was printed saying he was a sex addict….(taken totally out of context, and the article nearly dropped for I wouldn’t talk about our intimacy, or show photos or videos to exploit him. ) I was with him for years….not months. And I don’t believe that all publicity, is “good publicity”.

    But the last, I my life to lose…was my dog goomi,….just after that interview, his organs gave out as though he was poisoned??? each giving out one at a time, and he bled from the inside out. I still have photos of Verne and goomi sleeping aside my pillow, goomi over his head. (Verne will laugh if he reads that)….that was the last time I saw God reflected back to me in the eyes of a sentient being….a 10 year old “child” to me…for he had been through the good, and endured 5 years of hardship, though I made sure no matter what to put him first…for it meant a lot to me to be a good mother. And with Verne and Goomi…in our own “little” way….that we had a family. And after the marriage, with him sober, I looked forward to going back to modeling, and him aspiring to get those leading male roles, he aspired to make a change in Hollywood as how dwarves, or “little people” are typecast.

    I’ve been called all week, in reference to a girl, beautiful, named Yvette, that fears for her life, and put out a restraining order on Verne. Yes, I have said “he was prom king, his parents didn’t treat him just like his sisters and brothers, they saved to pay his way through college, where they had to work, his brother join the military to go through college and he told me he partied it away in texas and bought a house. He was raised in an Amish town, named Colon, and we used to joke about it, due to my colon having atrophied from years of anorexia…now 11 years of recovery (thank God), and I would say he came out the wrong orifice…and that’s why he was a little piece of shiiiiet. lol. after he told me I was like a “trucker” in the bathroom…thanks. We had that ability to joke, for we knew neither ever meant harm to the other.”.

    But he does play victim when he needs to, and appears it due to his size, but I believe if this girl is serious, that she really should have put a restraining order on all members of what is called his “camp”, and those hired legally and illegally to perform malicious acts of harm. Again, I am not pointing any fingers. I am not saying that anyone in his camp is responsable for the many various forms of attacks….

    by the way joz…my own site ( was hijacked and on macs, and most browsers listed as a “phishing site” aka a site that is out to “gold dig” you for financial info. lol. I have to laugh for i am tired of crying. it has been down since I did that interview in january….around goomi’s death, and whomever has emailed me, someone else has access. Someone else hacked into my emails, and set up a FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, TO GAIN INFORMATION…because it appears my social security number, mothers maiden, birth date, where i was born….is not enough to precisely keep finding and harming me. Again,…It could just be a random stalker, or as police say “coincidental”. But Joz…that was the last of my voice…other than YOU….

    So…if you have time to edit my long winded GG mails….and perhaps take a peep into why my site was even attacked and since I am paying for it, how I can get back into it….that would be lovely….for I keep plugging up holes, and moving on….til I may get a chance to be known for me again. Not the hacked off and dismissed ex wife, living in the shadow of a 2’8 man. When we were together…I was pleased to step to the side…or be at his side, and support his independence, health, happiness and well being. But now…He chose to let people do what they did. He chose to allow me to go through what I did. He chose, to leave it up to others to handle, and for that…I know inside he just doesn’t want to know, for it would hurt him. I genuinely believe that, from the conversations we have sneaked….over the past years.

    And finally….if he is to read this…I warned him that when a certain person was done with him…they would add fuel to the fire, by putting him close to all the party spots, with one of his womanizing, club hopping, drug and alcohol influencial friends, for I have already caused enough fuss if he was left to die without intervention in that back garage make shift guest house. I also ask him to think of the term “Life’s too short”, as to have a dual meaning of his height…and to please make sure….that his LIFE DOES NOT END UP BEING TOO SHORT. My motto is “It is not how many years I achieve to live in life, but what I achieve and am able to leave to help those during my lifetime”. Please be safe, “tweet”. You were blessed to be born with all organs in proportion, so that you can lead and live a long life. And your not typecast as just the “underdog to all guys that never got the hot chicks, money and fame”. When you talked about Heath…people Liked to see that you…care. There is not enough caring in Hollywood, I tried to put an ounce more there…but as I was an activist back in the Midwest…I am only on person. Be well, if we don’t get a chance to say goodbye. I do have reasons I fear for my life, and they are not…”coincidental”. Nor paranoia, nor the TMZ plug that I am “on drugs, homeless, in a mental asylum”…I believe that was set up to prep the media, if something does…happen to me.

    So, once again….as the photo I did for her 5 years back said….after all the phonecalls about this women’s restraining orders (and yes….people forget that verne was trained to shoot, and skin rabbits growing up) and that the gun is called the “equalizer for a reason”. Do I think he would kill. No. Do i think this woman, if serious about her claims has reason to fear for her life, especially if she has recieved such threats. Yes. And I was called a hooker too. When one proves they are not a hooker, not after a dwarfs money, not after his fame, the only thing left the general public will understand in the pairing is that “i must just be crazy”. And the word “crazy” is the BEST WAY TO DISMISS A PERSON THAT IS TELLING THE TRUTH. TO MAKE PEOPLE NOT READ THIS LONG ENTRY….

    Joz….feel free to edit. I miss you, and I am glad that this couple will live many long years together….It makes me feel happy to see the link, and no…it did not hurt me. And as past loyalty…you get the scooop, free. I’m working hard….and healing and becoming more beautiful from the inside outward. After being told there was “no place to fall but up” i must have been hit down at least 20 more times, and feeling the pain of the falls, but also the strength of climbing those stairs, and in knowing never…to let go of my SELF…again. I should not have to prove myself. But…the media lifts one up, to rip them down…politics, and gossip, like highschool all over again, but with the whole world commenting on things that really hurt one’s heart. If one still feels.

    All my Love….say hello to people for me. “I’ll be back”! ;)

  • Joz, i dont have your contact anymore. and my email is all hacked. my website, hijacked, i can’t get in. And it’s invisible on most macs since jan.

    puhleez…feel free to edit…above, to make sure i have worded things as my personal opinion and free from slander. points are direct,..i tend to ramble and get on tangents. You are going to be gifted soon, for i have two books that are getting released, whether people try to “off” me for what I know. (misfortune of getting too “in”to hollywood, where people like to write the scripts of their own life dramas, thinking they are a “mini”chapter, cough….of the Sopranos a la Mafia style. It’s sick. And I am so happy to be away, though away means, moving 9 times in 4 years. Yikes. Not because I enjoy to move. ;) I say no more, for my own self preservation, and in an ironic way. The fear for one’s personal life, makes one appreciate life more, or so I have heard. ;) Therefore it has been ironically a complete CURE to depression, and a reason to FIGHT FOR LIFE and security…peace of mind can not be purchased!It is a life’s blessing people take for granted, until they have it torn from them, again, and again. Or so I have heard from a wise person. For the record, as to the TMZ convenient “plug” while on the day Voce Wireless (my cell phone company at that time, went out of business, warned non of its clientele, I missed out on my Prada phone. ;( ha ha, but I thought I was just “out of reception area”.) I come back to 300 emails, on my personal email asking if I am ok, and me wondering why? Of course! And see they plugged me as “suicidal, from a mental asylum…lol…do those still exist? on drugs…yes, Effexor is a drug, and all my herbal supplements from Whole Foods, basic vitamins, antioxidants, Holy Basil, (Jaya Tulsi), vegan digestive enzymes…and…liquid L-carnitine. (by Jarrow), I guess in a pill box, they would appear like a ton of “drugs” to those who never lived around health food junkies. Though I do still have the darn diet pepsi Addiction, and that….Is the only thing…I feel toxic, and a need to truly give up. 5th year resolution. I do drink double the amount of water than diet pepsi now. ugh.And eat 80% organic raw again. ;) Live is Never Too Short, when you have Gratitude for every moment, and appreciate all little to amazonian gifts like your withstanding friendship. )

    Point, I read very few of the comments made, and realized that the Paparazzi thought he was helping me out saying I was “poor, homeless, on drugs, in a mental asylum”. Someone must have given him words, in my defense, for he knows me from Venice, we were neighbors, and I’d of sued for slander, if I did not always see the intent before the action, and his intent was from a pure place, knowing that I was left, blacklisted and as a lawyer later told me “led to the legal slaughter”. As well other metaphorical forms of slaughter. Which again…after tangents brings me to my point that If for some reason, I go through more media bashing

    Tangent:(note to self, and women like the crazy “you Tube woman” divorcing the mega rich.) in future hire the best publicist, and an honest attorney. Make sure the attorney you hire, represents you, not the person he/she uses to do their paperwork. (I’m not suggesting this is what happened to me, I am just saying, their is a hierarchy in the legal system, and if you pay for the top tier, you should assume the top tier will go with you to court depositions, make sure the other side goes through a deposition…these sorts of things make sense to the common person…when they don’t rely on faith in our judicial system and actually think for themselves. Again…just something I’ve pondered, not necessarily experienced, legally speaking).

    Back to point: So IF I end up an “accidental suicide” or even “on purpose” due to..hmm…my 600 page sealed depo accidentally being sold off from a storage center…and oh I am so embarrassed that I am a survivor of gang rape…and having 11 years recovery from anorexia, that I can’t take people knowing the “real me”, and while everyone is directed to look at me, they say “didn’t that gold digging slut, a hacked off appendage to mini me kill herself like…when Verne was “harassed” at the (“Genevieve, you are not allowed to take Verne to the Ivy, his last girlfriend Darci did this knowing she would get paparazzi attention to fuel her career. They feed off that place and he is not allowed there!” Some rules, I don’t forget.) Ivy.

    Though I am not angry at Verne, and understand first hand his fears now. He has a responsibility to find out the real truth, and stop believing what is “convenient”, or drinking knowing what is really being done to this Yvette gal, that came out saying her life was threatened, or to anyone else. And whomever said “be a man, just stick with the light stuff like beer, you can control your drinking”. I say, they are not educated. On Howard Stern he said Robert D. Jr.was the influence that helped him “moderate his drinking”, and that an X…triggered it. No….an X was the one who actually cared enough to speak out and get you help. Therefore, an X tried her hardest to keep it a “secret” for he feared the words “little people are known for committing suicide or drinking themselves to death” and holding that social stigma, while an X stood by his side taking on the social stigma of dating an alcoholic dwarf (called much worse behind my back and to my face.) An X, X-ed from all the lists he was on so that people feared her as though she has social leprosy, and affiliation would get them X-ed was properly X-communicated from “networking”. And with a love for children and animals…for they are so pure, and honest, and in this way healing to be around, when an X was no longer able to be a commercial model due to social prejudice toward dwarves, and this lingering lie that she fabricated an annulment for her own financial greed….and of course a 2 foot 8 man falls into the public’s increasing level of superficially based judgements, he appeared the victim (which in my eyes, makes no sense portraying the little person as immediately the victim, for…that means that they are not as powerful as the average human being, even with hired associates, unlimited funds to spend in court, connections to people kind of outside the yoga ashram…so to say. Stand tall and be empowered. Verne was trained to hunt, with a gun….and skin bunny rabbits as a child. The gun is called an equalizer for a reason. An X never even held a real life gun with real life bullets in her hand, nor will she. Even though police recently coaxed her for her own safety to get one?!? This world is strange. I believe in something way more powerful protecting me, and from all the preaching I have seen in recent quotes made by his manager, i mean supposed ex manager, i mean made by Verne himself! He has a strong faith in God, and on….)

    Point: an X took a part time job as a nanny, to find she was nanny #2 to wife #2 (who was nanny #1…Lol). Yes, my life is NEVER plain. And after Wife #2 did a bunch of digging, which with google “editing” took under 30 seconds, his X could not even keep a job as a nanny for people are so ignorant, they suggested I must be attracted to “small children” if I fell truly in love with a little person, I must be some sick pedophile (barf! gross, how far can one demean my already disturbed reputation!). And his X was fired from even a job taking care of sweet children. With the father a pilot, I was there at 5am on the dot, every morning for 3 weeks, helped get the kids ready for school, (picking out the clothes was so much fun) making vegan yummy healthy lunches (good thing peanut butter was in the house) ha ha. I was not paid for the last 2 weeks, because “the nanny probably stole my jewelry, from what I have read/aka slander online!”. Of course, it was not true, I was never questioned, no police or social workers called, just part having a whole life aside from being one’s X, and having it whittled down to being nothing more than the X of a alcoholic dwarf, with publicity one CANNOT CONTROL.

    The consolation prize, was that the father asked me out on Valentines day, and told me I could have the 24 roses he bought nanny #1, wife #2, and eat at the 5 star restaurant he booked since we would both (his assumption) “be alone” on Valentine’s Day/night. I declined telling him that he would have to find a nanny #3, to take care of his sweet children, and that he had two little valentines of his own to watch a Disney movie with. He wasn’t alone. He had just forgotten that children, warm our hearts in a different way, and probably needed their dad’s love, WAY MORE THAN I DID NOT WANT IT! ha ha! Life…is amusing if one can take moments to step back and just be “watchful”.

    Congrats again to the couple!

    And I’m glad the blog helped me touch base with the jozjozjozjozjozjozjoz! (Don’t be surprised if this link floats to the top of Google search engines and disappears off in searching “Genevieve Gallen”. or Verne Troyer/mini me married, etc…). (feel free to paste that photo I did for ya, saying “dont read….”) Bye! (for now)

  • Wow, so fascinating to hear your side of the story Genevieve. I believe you and I’m sad that you’ve had so much dumped on you. You’ll come back though, you have a big spirit. :)

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