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Did someone blink? (I got in trouble for spending an hr in the bathroom taking pix)

It’s what Yoshi gets for drawing racist faces on the bathroom mirror
with my purple eyeliner.

Going to bed for realz this time, Moye. Really.

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The Chinese “Verne Troyer & Genevieve Gallen”

I am ONLY posting this because people keep sending me links to these photos of these Chinese newlyweds where the groom is a little person and the bride is an average sized woman. The messages keep referring to China’s “Verne & Genevieve,” so I am repeating it just so people know that yes, I have seen these photos… please stop sending them to me!

Here is a photo of the Chinese couple:

Here is an old photo of Verne & Genevieve:
Genevieve and Verne in a limo!

(I really hope this post doesn’t make my old friend Genevieve sad. She’s such a good person and totally deserves a happy ending to her fairy tale!)

Dinner at J&J / Jin Jian Restaurant on Valley Blvd

San Gabriel, CA

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WTF is this?! (Found in my grandma’s cupboard)

The first guess was doggie dookie, but the box hints that it’s tea.

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Life is Weird: Bistro Employee Accused of Stabbing Coworker (I know the owners of this Bistro!)

Yoshi was in the northeast last weekend and was supposed to meet up with some friends on Sunday. Well, those plans were quashed because of a stabbing at our friends’ restaurant. Thankfully, it sounds like everyone is ok, but one of the owners was at the hospital with the victim and his family. And of course, someone had to deal with the insurance and other stuff… like which kind of insurance pays for something like this? The business insurance, the accident insurance, health or something else? I’m guessing you don’t get a specific kind of insurance to pay for an employee stabbing another employee.

(Also, I especially liked the graphic used in the news article.)

Bistro Employee Accused of Stabbing Coworker
Updated 6:02 PM EDT, Mon, Sep 21, 2009

The owner of Metro Bis, a popular eatery in Simsbury, is talking about a stabbing at his restaurant Saturday night that left one employee hospitalized and another charged with attempted murder.

Chris Prosperi says the two were long-time employees – and friends – so he really doesn’t know what led to the scuffle that occurred in the kitchen shortly before 8pm. “It happened so quick and so fast and it was just shocking to all of us”, Prosperi said.

Now, 22-year-old Tawfik Atik of New Britain has been charged with attempted murder because, investigators say, the stabbing was intentional. But the suspect’s attorney claims Atik, who has no criminal record, was acting in self-defense.

The victim, who was stabbed in the stomach with a large knife, was rushed to the hospital but his injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

The circumstances surrounding the stabbing are unclear because there were no direct witnesses and neither the suspect nor the victim speak English.

Prosperi says even though the incident occurred during the dinner hour, diners were largely unaware that anything out of the ordinary had happened because almost all the police activity was limited to the kitchen.

In addition to the attempted murder charge, Atik is charged with first degree assault and tampering with evidence. He remains jailed on $350,000 bond.
Copyright Associated Press / NBC Connecticut
First Published: Sep 21, 2009 5:41 AM EDT

Oh holy crap this is a lot of food for 2 people!

Oh holy crap this is a lot of food for 2 people!

At Village Pizzeria in Larchmont Village.

18″ neopolitan pizza, 2 pasta dishes, a bakers dozen of garlic rolls,
antipasto salad. And a meatball that didn’t make it to picture time.

Larchmont Village
Los Angeles, CA

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Joz on a conference call in @MackReed’s office

Co-working is awesome.

Los Angeles, CA

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Loquat lychee on top. Blueberry triple sec on bottom.


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Dinner box at FuRaiBo

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Me & @itsmecoffeegirl having “Tim Dang Banger” drinks @ewplayers Opening Night of ART!

Such a funny and enjoyable production! Another wonderful evening with

Check it out!

East West Players
Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, CA

Japanese Show Demonstrates: Rise & Shine in Five Minutes

Over at Bicoastal Bitchin, I caught the above segment and found it too useful entertaining not to share. Assuming I haven’t stayed up all night due to insomnia, I usually have a hard time waking up and getting ready for work in the morning. This Japanese guy practically has it down to a science. In five minutes, he somehow manages to get up, brush his teeth, make & have breakfast, get dressed and get out the door. Damn, that’s less than one punch of the snooze button for me. Anyway, in all fairness, I will point out that this guy doesn’t use the facilities in the 5 minutes, nor does he brush his hair. And since he’s not a girl, no make-up, either.

But another reason this post caught my eye is this line from Bicoastal Bitchin:

Although, I’ve totally already mastered the 7-second food-face-cram at 3:24. Oh, and the 2-second flash disrobing at 0:20. Except I call it the “Hellooo Daniel Liu“.

Ha. I love that my cousin has a “stripper move” named after him now. Awesome.

Dinner w Mom & Yoshi @ Mama’s Lu Dumpling House


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Yoshi found an injured predatory bird; what do we do?!

I’m literally 3 yards away from it.

Looks like its left wing is injured. Are we supposed to call someone?!


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Big winner! Three whole dollah!

Post-dinner poker game with bro & two cousins. $1 buy in for 100 chips
(a penny a piece)

After 2 hours, I beat the boys and won my $3 fair and square! A bit
less than minimum wage but a lot more fun.

I think I’ll keep my day job.

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Lobster Tail and Garlic Mash at The Derby

For my Mom’s birthday.


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Behind The Scenes with the Ladies of Disgrasian: Jen & Diana

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet up with Disgrasian gals for a late lunch. Even though we’re all in L.A., this is the first time we’ve had a chance to meet, sit and talk. While admittedly a lot of the conversation did indeed revolve around my cousin Daniel, the rest of the conversation was typical “getting to know each other” kind of chatter.

Sad you weren’t there? Thanks to Steve Nguyen, you can get to know Jen & Diana a little better via a fun behind-the-scenes video & interview he produced. (Check out his YouTube Channel for some of the other amazing Asian American folks he’s interviewed, as well!)

Seriously though, Jen and Diana are awesome and I can’t wait to meet up with them again so that maybe some of their coolness will rub off me. (I can hope, can’t I?!)

Not your typical eye chart at the eye doctor’s office

It’s from Juicy Couture. PINK!

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