Daily Archive for August 31st, 2009

Coffee at breakfast (from Sunday morning) @ The Griddle Cafe on Sunset (WeHo)

Even though I didn’t go to bed until about 3:30am on Saturday night, I woke
up at 6:30 on Sunday morning so I could be ready to go to breakfast with
Yoshi, YoshiDad, and YoshiMom in the morning. We ended up at The Griddle
Cafe, where I’d never been before.

I’m not usually a coffee drinker, but the week’s worth of major sleep
deprivation (worse than usual) caught up with me. I liked how their coffee
is served via French press!

Speaking of coffee, I got called out by a client on Friday after completing
an early morning conference call/presentation I’d made. "No more coffee for
you!" he teased. (He says I’m way too perky and am going way too fast for
these early morning calls, knowing that I’m 3 hours behind on the West
Coast.) The funny thing is that I hadn’t even HAD coffee prior to any of
the calls I’d made with him. "Ok, no coffee this weekend," I promised,
totally intending to keep it. Who knew I was going to need coffee to stay
awake on a Sunday (versus during the week after all those sleepness

(I had attempted to moblog this while waiting for our breakfast to be served
but then something happened to my phone and everything I had pecked out
disappeared… doh!)

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